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  1. based on consistent performance, goal contribution and man of the match appearances it has to be Michael Spillane
  2. good point, Hoolahan wasn''t big enough a few weeks ago. Last season we coulndn''t play with two wingers, now we play Bell and Croft wide in a five man midfield.          Our youngsters aren''t yet ready, then he appoints a 28year old coach ( lots of experience and knowledge of the game there ). the man is a complete arse
  3. He doesn''t want to say who will play, then puts forward Sibierski, Russel and Lupolli. 2 midfielders and a left winger as our strikeforce. Cort must have spoken out of turn! The man''s a complete nut.Resign now Roeder and avoid the sack.
  4. last year when we lost to Stoke Roeder promised he would be looking for big 6 footers for the future. How many of his signings fit that criterior. At the end of the season he told us that he/we had put in lots of hard work and had identified targets, he also suggested that he was such a good judge of character that he could tell a players commitment the instant he looked them in the eye! What has he given us? He signed Lupoli, and said he would get the goals for us. Now he has decided he''s not big enough to play championship football.He signed Koroma saying exciting player with big future. Now he''s dissappeared He signed Sibierski as a target man, which clearly he isn''t. He signed Henville, on a reccomendation, now dcided he''s not up to it. He claims to have the best fullback pairing in this league. Just look at our league position and goals conceded! He''s.had no money his defenders will cry. What little money we did have has been wasted . If the players he has signed are  ''''in betweenies''''  with too much ability for this league as Roeder claims, then they are clearly being badly coached by the ''''best coaching team'''' he has ever worked with. The man is plainly dillusional and unfit to do the job and should resign now!
  5. Roeders only mistake? did somebody else suggest to him that Lupoli was a 90 minute player, yet to last longer than an hour. Kennedy the best centre half he''s ever worked with, the best fullback pairing in the league. Hoolahan the new hero? Sibierski the final piece of the jigsaw? Put Eagle on the payroll. Perhaps the Troy AH mistake was his only one that week.
  6. I think he was the last real character to play for this club. who in the current squad has any relationship with the fans?
  7. Trevor Hockey. What this club needs more than anything right now is someone with balls.[:D]
  8. Yes Loose to Swansea tomorrow, traditional Sky TV lash up next week, then Palace at home ! What chance the old White Carthorse fans leaving Carrow Road on Dec 7th chanting " bottom of the league at Carrow Road "
  9. Just 10,000 season tickets ? But how much revenue has that created? We had much lower crowds, not pre Worthy but pre Delia who introduced a pricing policy to draw in the fans. Would all the " give us your money Delia" crowd be prepared to pay a higher price for their season tickets in order to finance the revolution they demand, although I doubt whether most of those whingers ever step inside Carrow Road.
  10. There are teams in this league with ambition that are spending. They can''t all be bad players? We seem to be after teenagers on loan, not too high a wage demand there, in the hope that they will come off. Some clubs in this league do have ambition whilst we scrape around looking at bargain options in the hope that we can get out of this league. Not prudence with ambition but prudence with hope.   HOPE DOES NOT EQUATE TO AMBITION
  11. maybe the 7m we got for Ashton is the same as the 1m euros we paid for Strihavka. Doncaster never tells the whole story
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