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  1. Where is this backed up? I''m good friends with Kevin''s cousin and was talking yesterday and he said he was set to move to MK Dons... Now I don''t want to be seen as a "I have a source" person, BECAUSE I DON''T REGARDING NCFC! Just incidental that I know Lisbie''s cousin. But it would be hilarious seeing rich old Ipsh*t sign Kevin Lisbie!
  2. [quote user="The Lord"] clyde are playing great yarmouth in a pre-season friendly, so norwich have probably agreed to put them up for a few days and let them use their facilities whilst they''re down here, nothing more then that probably [/quote] http://new.edp24.co.uk/content/sport/norwichcity/story.aspx?brand=EDPOnline&category=SportNorwich&tBrand=edponline&tCategory=SportNorwich&itemid=NOED09%20Jul%202008%2009%3A52%3A21%3A427
  3. Interesting as these sort of warm up games are very rare these days, the article (on the EDP24 website may I add) also goes on to say how managers will be able to halt proceedings as and when they like. Does anyone know whether there will be a result from this game or is it merely two teams training intensely against each other?  
  4. I think it was, definately not banning fans til Aug 14th thats for sure!
  5. I''d take him back, cant be an expensive purchase, he''d want to come back, gives us a bit more depth, yeah I know we''re covered for left back but that way we also have cover for Hoolihan in Bertrand.
  6. Spot on sir, we need to move forward and look to future success, otherwise as you say, we will be trapped in the past.
  7. [quote user="spudgfsh"]He''s yellow, He''s Green The support is always keen <name of player here> [/quote] oh...DEAR!
  8. I still feel he is missed, no one here at the moment can thread a pass through like he did, shame he left the way he did though...  
  9. I think they will play a part in the pre season campaign, maybe go off with the squad to Sweden, I think it''s Barul (the one from Blackburn anyway!) who has a knee injury at present, so nothing immediate will be announced about him until he''s well over that (out for a week, apparently).
  10. Indeed, your sentiments are correct, roll on August 9th
  11. Yep, as an early birthday present I am going to go to Carrow Road and have my picture taken with the first team squad, can''t wait! (Especially now there might be a squad to have my picture taken with!) I was just wondering if anyone else has or knows anyone who has had their pic taken with the squad and what the day''s like, what you do and what not. Any info will be great, cheers.
  12. Am I the only one who opened this thread with caution having read the title?
  13. Seems to have been long forgotten by lots of us, he seemed to make an impact towards the end of his loan spell. Who would have him back for a season long loan?
  14. A Beccles pub or at Colney on a Sunday morning in your underpants?
  15. [quote user="jedi"]no i wouldt sell for 1.5 million, in the past we''ve sold players  and invested poorly hold on to the decent players build around them.[/quote] Who are you? Yesterday you were a binner with 4 posts. Now you''re a binner pretending not to be a binner with one post. Reveal your identity at once.
  16. I dont think we''d have a hope in hell of signing him permanantly, he''s a good, young prospect and he his held in high regard at Chelsea, a year long loan should be no problem though, he seemed to enjoy his time here.
  17. The reason I ask is because this message board is pretty much evenly divided, there seems to be three ways us supporters are veering towards. Glenn provided us safety last term, beyond most of our expectations, he hardly broke the bank to do it, and he seems to have a good long term vision for our Club starting from this pre-season. Yes, the Huckerby saga was a mistake in a lot of people''s minds, mine included, but I also believe that he wouldn''t have taken such a risk had he not something up his sleeve to replace or dare I say it better Hucks. We''re being linked with various players, some good, some that will cause opinions to clash, but I can put my hand on my heart and say I trust Glenn a hell of a lot more than I did with Peter Grant and signings, and a few before him, I think he knows what he''s doing. So what corner are you in? 1) Backing Roeder to make the right moves and a firm believer that he will benefit NCFC; 2) A believer that what Glenn is and has been doing is wrong and cannot be good for the club or; 3) Completely undecided at this stage. As you might have guessed, I''m a number one, no I haven''t got my head up my arse, I think he''s going to be able to pull this off, he seems to be confident in what he does and 20,000 supporters wouldnt have renewed their season tickets if they didn''t think similarly.
  18. [quote user="Ginger Pele"]Since you all want me back i think i can manage it, and Jordan you don''t know me. I will also try to check my posts before i post them. [/quote] See what you did? You dragged him back, we all know he was going to do a "Wiz" and return all in good time!
  19. Wouldnt sell him for anything under £2m, he''s one of the few in our squad who have a genuine passion for our club. Plus he''s a decent centre mid, needed.
  20. [quote user="jedi"]whats your answer to our little problem of shit league position then, bill gates! prick.[/quote] A well thought through argument, I can''t see how many people can take people like this seriously, its a message board, opinions are welcome, but instant insults like that aren''t. Grow up, mate.
  21. Certainly a lot more winnable now, will still be a tricky game but as far as morale is concerned they have certainly suffered a blow.
  22. And now, me being a muppet, I have realised there is a thread about this already, ignore me, it''s late!
  23. Having watched the Roeder interview over the weekend, I remember him saying how none of his targets had been snapped up by other clubs or were no longer available to purchase, and then I also recall him stating that City had tried to persuade the young Northern Irish lad Paddy McCourt to join before Celtic had captured his signature. Surely this means that McCourt WAS a target who''s now been signed by someone else? Or am I going crazy?
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