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  1. Okay, no one knows who''s playing, we''ll find out all the finer details later I''m sure, but if anyone has any updates score wise (and scorer) then stick it in this thread! Cheers.
  2. Interesting stuff, odd though how Linfield have said they are unwilling to do business with anyone until after tonights game (his last, apparently.) Maybe he requested to sit out?
  3. Those who look at Football Manager when debating how good a potential player is will be wetting themselves with excitement! In all seriousness though, this guy would take this league by STORM with the right motivation. Mmmmmmm, Lupoli and Ameobi... *Wakes up* Damn, Martin and Cureton...
  4. [quote user="Duffman"][quote user="King Beef"]I think both would become valuable members of the squad, but I think we should try and make it a triple capture, getting Tony Warner as back up to David Marshall.[/quote] Go on the BBC sport site, Hull City news and then go D''oh [/quote] Just read it, I''ll be getting my coat...!
  5. This should be an inspiration for any young talent who is knocked back with a serious injury. All you need to do is keep working harder and harder and the reward is there - I''m thrilled for Kris and am looking forward to maybe seeing him in action in pre-season.
  6. I think both would become valuable members of the squad, but I think we should try and make it a triple capture, getting Tony Warner as back up to David Marshall.
  7. Come on Wiz, I think ANOTHER apology is on the cards
  8. Peterborough number two Mark Tyler has said he''d love to come back to Carrow Road as an understudy to David Marshall. He''s 31, was on loan to Hull towards the end of last season, I don''t believe he played but he did enough to extend his loan deal there from one month to three. Would he fit the bill?    
  9. Forgive me, too early for me! (despite being nearly 1pm..)
  10. As unreliable website as it is, I think he''d do alright for us, there are indeed better strikers out there, but at the same times I can think of many worse!
  11. ...Coventry have secured the signing of Freddy Eastwood from Wolves, I think he would have been a good signing for us, not hugely expensive, yes, he failed to impress at Wolves but I think Cov will get the best out of him, dreading playing them at their place on Aug 9th even more now!
  12. He would be a solid signing, he''s big, strong and good in the air. A big improvement at the back if we could snap him up.
  13. Before all the Cullum talk, there was a tiny bit of optimism on this board about the coming season, no, we weren''t looking for a top two spot but people were starting to think that we could mount a genuine top six challenge. Yes, I am aware we have only made three signings thus far, one of which on loan, but I don''t think anyone can say anything other than they are benefitial and good purchases. Bertrand is potentially ours for the season, Clingan and Hoolihan are definately of first XI status. Our man Roeder, he did the impossible last season, he restored team spirit and has PROMISED us a new look team, three in so far, many to come I''m sure. Glenn seems the kind you can look in the eye and trust, and I believe that now the takeover talk is all gone (for now, at least) he can now be sure of his budget and bring in the players he may well have had on hold in case he did have a few more pennies. The board: well my personal stance is that their time is up, and their decision to not take Cullum''s deal up is not benefitial to this club. If there is a way of us fans getting our strong views to them and not effecting Glenn or the team then it is, indeed, a neccessity. But one thing is a must: if we all support City then we must continue to do just that: support the team, and keep doing that to the very death. NCFC is in our blood, we need to back the team and remain positive at games, not sing "Delia Out!" for 90 mins on the first home game of the season - keep the protests away from the team, despite this mess of a forum (at times!) we all want one thing (maybe apart from our frind from Wolverhampton..) and that is for Norwich City Football Club to be the best it can be, so let''s try and bring the positivity we had back and forget about Cullum''s wallet for a while, back Glenn, back the squad and OTBC.
  14. Apparently the end of Delia''s reign has been going on for years now, she''ll be here til she''s being pushed around in her wheelchair by Doncaster - I just don''t know when the end will be anymore, there will be few better chances for her to go with dignity and respect in the next few years, such a shame. I get the feeling she''s going to be pushed out by the fans who support the club she saved. I feel it is definately time for her to go, but it would have been nice for her and MWJ to stand down with their heads held high.
  15. Can''t see him featuring in this season anyway, shame, I always thought he was alright to be honest, a very good squad filler!
  16. I hope so! Again, would be an immense signing at this level, and affordable (yet lack of investment.)
  17. 1: Should this not be in the songs and chants section? and 2: Bored?
  18. Nah we only need six, a keeper, a couple of centre backs, a right back and two strikers, three of them will be on loan I reckon, we need the permanents in by Aug 9th though, thats for sure.  
  19. [quote user="Shangri-La"] [quote user="Loan City Fc "]They are also linked with a Greek striker for £2.5 million though , we at the moment are desperate for at least 2 strikers and are linked to nobody . [/quote]   Charistaeas (or something like that) according to the beeb gossip column... [/quote] Hate to say it, but would be an absolutely immense signing at this level, just hope they opt for Lisbie...
  20. [quote user="can u sit down please"] http://www.skysports.com/story/0,19528,12874_3796909,00.html http://wwww.clubfanzine.com/ipswich_town/v2.showNews.php?id=11835 http://colchesterunited.myfootballwriter.com/full_article.asp?i=3677 [/quote] Thanks, Sky Sports seems to be reliable nine times out of ten, so if it''s true...LOL @ BINNERS!
  21. If we sold Shacks we could sign two solid centre backs for that money, or definately sign Martin Taylor if that was still on the cards, bad business in my book.
  22. [quote user="Mook"] [quote user="1st Wizard"]No shame, utter relief!.[/quote] And lo, it is proven that you know bu**er all about football. [/quote] Seconded, yet I think it was proven a while back, mate!
  23. As much as I am unfamiliar with a 2:1 result and have no idea what it means, may I be the first to congratulate you on your results and I also hope anyone else recieving their results today achieved what they set out to.
  24. Joe wouldn''t be ready for a Premiership team just yet, I think if a team like Birmingham or Reading snapped him up this season and gave him a few first team opportunities, that would do him the world of good, only time will tell.
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