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  1. Can confirm it is August 5th, as I am going to Carrow Road for the squad photo experience! Can''t wait!
  2. Will we be able to get players on the back of our shirts yet? I know a few days ago they said it was all subject to change but this has never happened this clost to the first game in previous seasons. I''m hoping to get "LUPOLI - 18" on mine but I don''t want to find out he in fact has something different afterwards... Cheers for any help. KB
  3. So seeing as he is set to be unveiled officially tomorrow morning, will he be available for the Spurs game in the evening? KB
  4. So if theyre being sent out today does that mean we should get them for tomorrow? KB
  5. [quote user="AJ"][quote user="King Beef"] Good vibes. [/quote] you worry me! [:|] [/quote] Having reminded myself of the thread title, I understand and share your worry. I can confirm, that this thread is indeed, very bad vibes.
  6. In Bungay over the weekend to catch up with friends and family, popped into The Green Dragon for a drink with my mates and ended up chatting to Joe Lewis no less. He was down seeing friends as well, and it turns out he will not be going to Man Utd this summer, or anywhere else for that matter. He seemed like a really nice chap, I thought he would have turned into a big time Charlie since being in England squads and being linked with United, but he''s exactly what he was like at school, approachable and friendly. Also, I know some people like to know when the first team squad photo call date is, and I can confirm it is Tuesday 5th August. This is because I am going to Carrow Rd on that day for the "Picture Yourself In The Squad" experience. Probablt two useless pieces of info for you all, but at least it isnt a load of old tosh, like from some other posters!     Oh, and by the way, we''re on the verge of clinching the signing of Kaka
  7. Just to clarify, I DID get the joke! Just also saw a lot of contradiction. Good vibes.
  8. But surely you''re contradicting yourself as you have, indeed, started a new thread on the imminent Bell signing?
  9. [quote user="Dave"]shut up king beef.[/quote] Sorry, I should have thought twice before offending binners like you who litter this site with utter crap!  
  10. [quote user="Dave"] [quote user="Largey"]Shut up Dave :)[/quote] shut up largey. your an idiot [/quote] A well balanced argument, backed with facts and quotes, we all believe you now. Please shut up Dave.
  11. [quote user="Dave"] [quote user="baldyboy"]shack, i think thats the first time youve ever agreed with me!!! LOL[/quote]   shut it baldy boy [/quote] Shut up Dave.
  12. http://www.itfc.premiumtv.co.uk/page/NewsDetail/0,,10272~1346932,00.html
  13. camuldonum is the most reliable guy on this forum. Those who have been on here a while will know that, as soon as he said in a post earlier to expect something tonight, I knew it was gonna happen. Good job mate, and keep up the news flow!    
  14. Yep, two excellent signings adding depth to the squad. First one to correctly pronounce the youngsters name wins!
  15. I think anything under £250,000 is a good purchase for a 33 year old. Anything more than that is bad business in my opinion.
  16. Exactly what I was thinking, but then this leads me to wondering when the team will fly off to Sweden, surely they can''t fit in a flight to Sweden, a press conference and time to prepare and get used to the time change in 24 hours? They might be there already for all we know!
  17. [quote user="CanaryKid2k8"] 7-1 just recieved a text from someone thats at the game. [/quote] Great, could you please ask him/her who the scorers were? Cheers.
  18. [quote user="Yella_Forever"][quote user="King Beef"][quote user="Web Team - Pete"] 5-1 Martin, OG, Pattison, Martin, Possibly Martin again (not sure) [/quote] Thanks Pete, good to see Martin is banging them in again this pre-season. [/quote]   be good if he started doing it all season!! wudnt it just!!! [/quote] Indeed, I seem to recall him hitting four past Lowestoft last pre season and he hardly made an impact that campaign, here''s to hoping he can make the step up full time this year!
  19. [quote user="Web Team - Pete"] 5-1 Martin, OG, Pattison, Martin, Possibly Martin again (not sure) [/quote] Thanks Pete, good to see Martin is banging them in again this pre-season.
  20. Oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooh! A guessing game! Meant to be a Norwich City related board so if you have no valuable imput on such threads then go away and insult other people when they make the SLIGHTEST of mistakes! GEEZ!
  21. [quote user="still holding out for new heroes"][quote user="King Beef"] I think that was his idea of a joke... nt meaning "not"?   [/quote] on every other messageboard in the world nt = no text....and he  / is was correct it was 2 nil it''s now 2 -1....have a word with yourselves dullards....remove this thread because were too dumb to understand what nt means geez... [/quote] My deepest apologies to you SHOFNH, I was making a plain guess at what "nt" meant, in today''s day and age it could well have been and IS commonly known as a shortened term for the word "not". If that makes me a "dullard" (nice word) then so be it. Go stick your "every other message board in the world" facts where the sun doesn''t shine!  
  22. I think that was his idea of a joke... nt meaning "not"?  
  23. [quote user="Canaries in Bed"]I reckon that we will win or draw or lose and one of us will score or them or noone.[/quote] Ever considered being a Gillette Soccer Saturday pundit mate?
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