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  1. [quote user="timncfc"]lets not get on his back yet hes not even kicked a ball for us yet. i for one cant wait to see him play was gutted he missed mondays game[/quote] This is attitude that needs to be widened to people such as the muppet who started this damn thread! KB
  2. Because it''s common knowledge that Roeder is waiting for Newcastle to drop their valuation, which they inevitably will as the window closure draws nearer. I reckon we''re going to snap him up for nearer to £1.5m. In Roeder I trust. KB
  3. You''re completely wrong - we''re shorter in numbers but better in quality. Where are you basing your thoughts upon? Would be interesting to see where your point of view is coming from. KB
  4. Go away you stupid Binner, come back when you have something constructive to say. KB
  5. Sounds odd, doesn''t it? http://www.skysports.com/story/0,19528,11709_3890406,00.html Me no lie. KB
  6. Legend! That would make for an amzing, yet slightly bizarre goal celebration! KB
  7. Sorry Dale but our only real competition this pre season has been Spurs (no disrespect to other teams), Spurs are one of the top teams in the country, so we can''t really mock any of our play until we play teams on our level such as Coventry next week.
  8. [quote user="C.T "]I''m playing......... in a friendly for my local mens team [:P] if I score I''ll let you know! [/quote] Mate, don''t let us know, let Glenn know, we''re short of forwards ;) KB
  9. Definately a case of one or the other, just feel sorry for the Peterborough no. 2, his name is beyond me but he came out and declared his desire to come to Norwich, he seems to have just been ignored somewhat! KB
  10. [quote user="Mr. Bump"]It looks like he has quietly fixed it King Beef.[/quote] Thanks SDP!
  11. I also hope he will play a part, an exciting prospect and he needs to get some game minutes under his belt before the big kick off next week. KB
  12. I am now top of the league =] C''MON AAA FC! KB
  13. Glenn told the media on Monday night after the Spurs game that he would let Nelson know after the Colchester game regarding the contract. KB
  14. It is indeed, cannot wait! (Doing the Canary Experience, gonna be in the first team squad pic!)
  15. [quote user="grimreaper"]answer my question wheres the talent,.[/quote] There''s no talent in your opinions.
  16. I think the silence speaks a thousand words Bump, I hope he doesn''t jump off a cliff or something, these things can be resolved!!
  17. On the homepage the date for the Colchester game is wrong, just thought I''d let you know because I got confused and thought it was on Friday for a minute!! How picky do I sound?! KB
  18. Having studied Media Studies for a few years I believe a theory known as the "hypodermic syringe theory" has proved to be very significant in recent years, especially after such inventions as the internet. For those who are not aware of this theory (don''t worry, you''re not alone!) it basically means the media are using stories, rumours, facts, pictures, all sorts to inject ideas and views into the viewer/reader/general reciever. The amount of media the human being is surrounded by day in, day out makes it impossible to avoid. Some people enjoy having ideas and views injected into them, it creates opinion and debate, sometimes for good, sometimes for bad. Maybe we shouldnt let the third parties influence us but as I said earlier, in this day and age it is impossible to avoid. Interesting topic though mate!
  19. One problem with that mate, Chris Eagles is in fact a midfielder. The man Glenn said he was signing was a six-foot striker and a "beautiful mover". Don''t know about the latter but he sure isn''t a six-foot striker.
  20. Cheers ncfcstar, was going to close the league down seeing as there''s other ones but someone has entered the league so I''ll keep it open for now, may get enough to have some good competition. League ID: 2310 Cheers, KB
  21. By the by folks, the link is: http://fantasy.football-league.co.uk/Index.aspx Cheers, KB
  22. Hey all, have just set up a league on the Championship version of Fantasy Football, looks very impressive. Below is the League ID you need to join the Pink''un league so sign up, build a squad and we''ll have a laugh! League ID: 2310 Cheers, KB
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