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  1. I hope Rodgers hasn''t identified any of our weaknesses......MY HAH! ↑↑↑↑ Big laugh from me on that one, Mellow.
  2. Give it up Houston as Lakey is always right and anybody daring to have a different slant on things to him is then subjected to him having the last word in a desperate attempt to post you into submission. [:D][:P][;) HAH! ↑↑↑↑↑ :-D
  3. You have not answered about your selective xenophobia. Where are your stereotypes about the people of Norfolk who belittle your idiocy? Change your diapers, old man. .
  4. Are you on meds? Or did you forget to take them? Your response is pure fantasy. I called YOU a loser, not everyone. Why don''t you cry about the Norfolkization of the thread? There are plenty of people there who say harsher things about you than I do. You''ve never even been to the Lake District. That''s what I think. (Rolls eyes) .
  5. Are you drunk, LDC? Show me where I''m wanting kudos. I hoped against hope that CH would succeed. When it became obvious this was not going to happen, I took no pleasure in that. The only one I see wanting to be proven anything is you. Your selective xenophobic comments are amusing to the sober and literate. Are you blind to similar critiques of your bullsht from your fellow countrymen? Why don''t you attack them with ignorant stereotypes about Norfolk the way you try to do with me, you sad,sad man? .
  6. Football is played in the head, not on the pitch? What the heck am I paying for? .
  7. No words. He will extend his arm and slowly turn it with a "thumbs down" gesture. The visiting fans will roar their approval. Let the games begin. .
  8. My mistake! As I was typing my comment, LDC was busy claiming Hughton still was the man despite our accelerating decline. He wants to think back to the ManC and Spurs games. In those 4 games we earned 4 points and a -8 goal difference. And that''s his highlight!?!?!? How about the Fulham and Cardiff games, too? 1 point out of a possible 12 plus a humiliating cup exit.
  9. I agree with C1. All the wrongers (formerly inners) said the change, if it was going to be made, would happen in the off-season. Oops! They also said the board knows what it''s doing, and yet they seem to have set Adams up for failure when a much earlier change would hsve given him, or anyone, time to rid the team of the bad habits and loser mentality, and to implement and practice a better strategy. They also insisted CH was the best man for the job although now their comments suggest he wasn''t getting the job done. The most surprising thing about ldc''s post is that his favorite to take over ISN''T Chris Hughton.
  10. Hooper crushed it vs The Spammers.
  11. Then he followed it up with an attack on Seattle. Was he being ''American''? If so, why? .
  12. Yawn. YYYYAAAAAWWWWWWWNNNN. For a cartoonist stereotype of the lilly-livered old Englishman, look no further than your mirror, limpdick canary. .
  13. Maybe I''m looking at this far too positively but... we have a number of talented youngsters getting to the age where they need to play league football. I think they would ultimately have had a few sub appearances in the Premiership while we buy players from abroad before moving to a Championship side to make up for lost time. If we are in the Championship for a few seasons they will have far more chance to make the breakthrough and the talent would not be wasted. The blind panic to survive in the Premiership really hampers natural progression as short-term-ism prevails. Would Derby have been able to bed in their youth players if they were scrapping it out to stay in the Premiership for example. - hertfordyellow Maybe?!?!?! How do Prem mainstays manage to get their up-and-comers some playing time without shooting themselves in the foot? By loading them out. As we already do. Declan Rudd, anybody? Jiminy Jesus Christ, you can''t seriously think relegation is the answer! .
  14. Wow! Palace obviously wasn''t the only, or even the main thing Seattle (a Norwich lad displaced, not a Yank, so calm the resentment down, pants wetters) (HAH!, the irony!) got right. He stood his ground and got hammered for it by the know-nothing know-it-all''s so give him the pat on the back he deserves. He''s always been articulate and classy about it, not the blowhard you whingers try to make him out to be. .
  15. Maybe, nust maybe, he has more than 1 car. .
  16. Seattle, it''s refreshingly funny to watch you make legitimate and articulate reminders of your past comments that were dumped on by the omniscient and then see them become the pants wetters they accused you of being. They seem blinded and made more simple by this. Keep up the good work. .
  17. And yet you wanted CH to stay on as manager months after he should have been removed, making your opinion worthless to this discussion. Add to that the fact we hsd 3, not 2, amazing seasons with Lambert at the helm. We had almost 2 very disappointing seasons with the guy you knew would be here until at least season''s end, at which point if we avoided relegation (if? HA HA) he would be welcomed to stick around for another year of frustration, and boredom. But I don''t know anything about the game.
  18. You are absolutely right, he. That is pretty intimidating of them to be immediately lasar-focused on their next task at hand mere seconds after winning such a huge game.
  19. Nothing to worry about. We''re overdue for our obligatory dead cat bounce. The rest is academic.
  20. Being mid table and playrrs showing up for games regularly and lined up aporopriately hardly seems delusions of grandeur.
  21. Way to kill the positive vibe of the op, MSP Of the 4 remaining games, arsenal seems our most likely to get something. However, if we play to win like wd did today and did under Lambert, upsets are much more likely so maybe we can squeeze a point out of ManU or Liverpool too.
  22. Selhurst Park is rocking every time I see Palace on tv. They look like they''re having fun, win or lose.
  23. You''re sorry you''re a Fulham fan? I can see that. .
  24. Maybe, maybe not, but he is the face of the board.
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