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  1. Exactly what Salaam said. Add to that, because we gave our rivals so many points, several of them are no longer our rivals. The wrongers kept saying we''re only 2 points off tenth but we never got those 2 points. Now were 12 points off tenth. .
  2. Everybody is saying we now have a fighting chance, not it''s the end of the world. Our last Champs campaign was fun because we''d come up from League 1, so it was a step in the RIGHT direction. Besides, we also earned automatic promotion on the first try so obviously it was fun having lots of wins and draws. Dropping from the Prem means a huge loss in our global profile and most importantly, it means I can''t see the games on tv. .
  3. Did you not watch the game today, especially the second half? We imposed ourselves all over this game. Another week of proper training and we may be ready to do sameaway from home, too. .
  4. KK, the happy clapped never surrendered, they just smiled politely in their deckchairs as the ship sank.
  5. Gutsy play til the final whistle, and with teams maybe on early vacation when we play them, we should get some more points this season, but will that be enough? So sad we waited until April to change manager and approach. .
  6. Who will they be thrown at this time?
  7. Remember when we were 2 points off 10th with nothing to worry about as CH will see us through. Now everyone else is getting points and were miles away from 10th place. Who couldn''t see (or refused to see) this coming months ago? Ifs and buts, we should''ve made the change when there was a real opportunity to end the malaise. Now it''s up to Adams to perform emergency room surgery on our barely alive gun shot-riddled body. .
  8. Americans giving lessons in manners. First sign of the apocalypse. BBB getting it all wrong. Par for the course. It was about bullying, not manners.
  9. Maybe if you read the thread title, each of you might not have been so quick to trash the relatively quiet OP.
  10. We''ve broken a lot of streaks this season, losing games to teams that hadn''t won or scored much in their preceding several matches. Maybe tomorrow we can end another streak. Also, remember how absolute cr@p we were when ManU came to town and we manhandled them and oh so very nearly avoided relegation with a string of good results after that. Until Fulham. But the point is, we can get something tomorrow. .
  11. Oh look, a group of grown men arguing like children. Bless. - EM HAH! ^^^^ .
  12. Auto correct turned Grange into Range. Yes, as you said. Nothing left but name calling. :) .
  13. If all you have is name calling, you may want to go re-enlist at Range Hill, Jenkins. Middle school is about your level now, so small steps becoming a big boy.
  14. You implied something not there, Tucker. The error is all yours. I really hate these "you can''t say what would have happened"s. While there is obviously no 100% certainty things would end up differently, there is an almost 100% certainty in the "how we got there" being different. It was already on display last week when we didn''t close up shop after going down 1 at a team that''s made us their red-headed step-child time after time. It''s on display again as Adams is calling out Liverpool'' s weaknesses in an effort to put doubt in their minds. If we get anything tomorrow, it will be because of the belief instilled by the manager. If we show up ready to fight, it will be because of the manager. If you think any of thid would have happened at this point under CH, you''re only fooling yourself (and the wrongers who refuse to get off their broken down bandwagon). .
  15. So you think fans should boo if we''re losing to Liverpool eh Houston, what a jerk! - Jenkins No, I didn''t say or imply that. If we''re losing and fighting hard, what kind of fool would boo that? .
  16. Yes of course not. The true fans sat quietly and happy clapped when told to as the HMS Canary foundered.
  17. You tell great half thru the, ldc. You claimed all you did was report a betting line, but you did much more than that. It was the "more than that" for which you''ve been ridiculed by plenty of others. I didnt say who I would pick because I don''t know enough about most of the candidates to offer a legitimate opinion. There are a few I wouldn''t be automatically opposed to like Sherwood and Warnock (although I despised him when he was at Sheffield). And why don''t you trash the people of Norfolk who ridicule you the way you trash Americans? My guess is you thought you''d start a populist bandwagon of ignorant anti-Americanism but that failed, and you''re too gutless to hold the fine people of Norfolk to the same low standard because you won''t get any support and certainly a much more vitriolic response. What say you, old man? .
  18. And while it was stupid it is rather pointless because who actually believes in reincarnation? Uhmmmm, about a billion Hindus? .
  19. The last time we got anything from Liverpool, DM, we attacked them as much as they attacked us. An amazing last second save by Ruddy preserved the point, but we never played for a tie or to avoid a beating, and we took them to the limit.
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