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  1. [quote user="1st Wizard"] [quote user="Attack Barclay 2nd Half FFS"] Why is it you think this is down to the board? I''d really love to know why so many people are so ignorant on this. [/quote] Or indeed why you are so gullable![:|] [/quote] yawn, another completely unfounded swipe at the board when roeder has said publicly that he wont pay 1m for him. only suprise is that you didn''t pull out the old "prudence with ambition" quote. some people on this board need to change the record...
  2. [quote user="jas the barclay king"][quote user="ricardo"][quote user="jas the barclay king"] yes 1. he wont come back as he never wanted to be here in the first place. and 2. he wont solve the problem.. he misses more chances than Jamie cureton! we need someone who can score with whaty could be the only chance they get in a game.. not after 15 chances ala Earnie jas :) [/quote] I think I would prefer the "genuine" Earnshaw to the "poor mans Earnshaw" Also, I don''t recall him ever saying he didn''t want to play for us. He simply said he had ambitions to play in the Prem. Who can fault him for that? If Earnie had been playing this season we would have a lot more than 27 in the "goals for" column. [/quote] no he didnt say it Ricardo.. but he negotiated a buyout clause into his contract.. Hence making himself open to offers from Day 1.. if he had wanted to play for us that would never of existed and he would of been "sad to leave".... also.. somone Tipped Derby off to the fact  he had this clause.. Remember an interview with Earnshaw saying he had met Billy Davies at the Millenium stadium after a wales game...   I''ll leave u to do the maths jas :) [/quote] i dont think any of his performaces were ever demonstrating a lack of commitment. i appreciate what you say about the buyout clause, but they are unfortunately a reality of the modern game. im not against the board but i do believe it was somewhat stupid not insisting the buy out fee be higher than the initial transfer fee. it will never happen but i would certainly welcome back a player of earnshaws quality back with open eyes, none of our strikers touch him at this level.
  3. i dont fully understand what you expect glenn or anyone to more about this? we seem to have improved rapidly from some of the away performances under worthy especially but footballers and teams will always have off days, especially in a league where everyone can beat everyone. its just the way games go sometimes, especially if one of the team gets an early goal. sir alex ferguson is one of the best managers in the game but they still lost 2-0 to us in the premiership season and they are an absolute golf apart. more recently just look at newcastle loosing 6-0 at man utd.
  4. [quote user="jas the barclay king"] yes 1. he wont come back as he never wanted to be here in the first place. and 2. he wont solve the problem.. he misses more chances than Jamie cureton! we need someone who can score with whaty could be the only chance they get in a game.. not after 15 chances ala Earnie jas :) [/quote] is point 2 a joke? Earnshaw didn''t make himself too many friends around these parts when he left but it would be stupid to deny he was a quality striker. His record speaks for itself. He is in a completely different league to Cureton and as previously mentioned we would have almost certainly gone down without his goals. He also would have probably been the divisions top scorer if he had avoided injury, in a team much worse than our present crop.
  5. think it is a great shame after all he has done for the club but i have to agree. he has shown he can still be effective if used as an impact player from the bench (probably not enough to justify him being a top earner at the club) but has generally been poor when starting games. huckerby has always unbalanced the midfield but he has always justified selection by performances, argueably he is no longer doing that. any thoughts who you would like to see play down the left? no one presently at the club does it for me.
  6. [quote user="canaries"]what is going at norwich first we sell players without replacements then doncaster tells us our signings we pay not as much as first thought then our finance director leaves whats going on probelem is doncaster still here.[/quote] to be fair i think replacements are imminent, just clearing players of the wage bill. cant imagine a man of roeders experience would let so many players go within a couple of days, without anyone coming in shortly. in terms of Shaun O''Hara, official website is saying he is leaving to take up a new job at Redox Biofuels. not sure it is something Doncaster can be blamed for, despite it being fashionable on here to do so.
  7. [quote user="Smudger"] It was a crucial game on the back of Lappins last minute winner at Luton last season and could prove to be just as critical this year. Will we come away from Oakwell with another unexpected but fantastic display and welcome victory this time around??? [/quote] Not sure it would be fully unexpected, although they have a fairly decent home record this season. The boys should be up for it though, bit of a point to prove after the Bury performance. Almost feel the game has come a bit early though, get the feeling Roeder has got some signings up his sleeve in the coming days.
  8. I might just be being cynical but does anyone else think we were never going to sign Iliev? As previously said in another post, Roeder must have realised that he wouldnt be likely to get a work permit. Plus Roeder said on Strihavka leaving, "It''s disapointing that it hasn''t worked out but it''s always a gamble when signing players from abroad". Surely it would make more sense to sign Taylor, given he has already demonstrated he can do a job. I wouldnt be suprised if the club were just trying to send out a message to Karen Brady that we are prepared to look elsewhere and not about to up our offer for Taylor. Given the fact QPR are no longer in the race to sign him, are we trying to scare them into selling for £750,000? Any thoughts? Interesting to note Birmingham have put Taylor back into the squad for this weekend...
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