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  1. [quote user="blahblahblah"][quote user="barclay seats "]The name is very apt ...it seems all the posters have serious issues ![/quote] It''s a usability experiment that escaped from the lab. [/quote] I was going to question whether it was from inside some kind of institution for the criminally insane .......just look at some of todays topics ! I am actually laughing to my self as I write this .......................OH!
  2. [quote user="paul moy"]I''ve pm''d you a couple of ideas !![/quote] Thanks ...I just tried ITV ..it is geographically blocked !
  3. if its like the bbc site s they seem to block them if you are in certain countries .....like here ! But thanks and i will try it.
  4. The name is very apt ...it seems all the posters have serious issues !
  5. helo and how are you :)  yes I have my laptop ......i have tried a couple of links i used previously but they dont seem to be showing it !
  6. I am marooned in florida ....does anyone know how  i can watch it from here ? Please?
  7. I am in Florida and still don''t know where I can watch it !!
  8. Not asking for favorite  but most celebrated I undersatand ?  Only one really ..........Jerry Goss against the mighty Bayern Munich..................we are the only english team EVER to beat them at the olympic Stadium................surely this has to be most celebrated ?
  9. I think it was 16  ...in less games than Dion scored 12 and about the same number as ched who also scored 12........not too bad  in my opinion
  10. Francome is injured and out for a while according to Lambert today
  11. I suspect that the delusion is purely on your part you poor thing ...even Grayson admitted you were second best. Now be a good chap and go and tend to your pigeons ...whippets whatever you do up there
  12. [quote user="Gingerpele"][quote user="H4H"]I''m not convinced! A good shot stopper but his distribution is very poor!! I prefer Rudd.[/quote] his distribution is not poor, that was Marshall, it was one bad kick, he has only done it once, on the whole its fairly good..... [/quote] sorry but I have to agree his disreibution is terrible so are the majority of his kicks .................I much prefer Rudd in goal
  13. [quote user="Nexus_Canary"]Yeh i skipped around, bleeding typical it was right after the Bristol Rovers game.... you try watching it on mute with half an eye. Nice reaction from Hoolahoop though and great to see such unselfish play from Cody Mac given the time hes spent on the bench others *cough* Curo *cough* would have toe punted it at goal.... saying that Curo wouldnt have bothered with the tackle in the first place [/quote] Blimey mate !! are you phsycic ?
  14. I find it all highly amusing :) Obviously its far too depressing being a scum supporter these days, so they have to come onto this forum to raise their dampened spirits :)
  15. [quote user="cosmos67"] [quote user="Barclayman"][quote user="SBLANL"]i have just noticed that Elliott Omozusi was released by Fulham in the summer and is available on a free. I would pick the lad up to fill the current void that we have and could be a good replacement for semi (if semi is not going to fill the potential that we all know he has) would you have him back?[/quote] Are you insane? Omozusi was the worst of the loanee''s from last season. Absolute joke of a player. Hence he''s been released. [/quote]   Behave mate, he wasn''t that bad!   There was worstm for example David carney, adrian leijer!   i dont think he would be that bad [/quote] I find it amazing that some one can post that  reply ..........You cannot have seen him play ...he was our "worst"loanee by a long way !
  16. [quote user="The Butler"][quote user="nutty nigel"][quote user="The Butler"][quote user="nutty nigel"] Well eventually clubs will fold. Whether it''s any of these three or others in the future. It will happen because the money that used to circulate around the clubs through transfer fees now leaves the game in the pockets of players and their agents. At the end of the day football clubs have to sustain themselves. Most of the benefactors don''t really finance them they just increase the debt. yet still posters on this board are envious of those clubs and say Delia''s an utter disgrace. Back in the 80''s and early 90''s this club had great success as a selling club. We sold players and replaced them with two or three new ones. We concentrated on our academy to bring in youngsters from all over the country and sold them to finance the football club. I started a thread a few weeks ago about how football has changed and how it''s so difficult for us to replicate that succes but some of the usual suspects on here refused to entertain it making out I had some sort of agenda. It''s all very well benchmarking days gone by and setting targets for where each club should be based on how they performed in a totally different set of circumstances. But it''s quite another thing getting the outside finance needed to get there. Despite what some would have you believe very few rich people hand over their fortunes to give us fans a succesfull football club. All you Marcus Evans lovers out there need to realise that Delia Smith is one of the few football club owners who genuinely does care for their club and it''s supporters.   [/quote] Lets have a rousing three cheers for Delia and her magnanimous sponsorship of our entertainment. Hip Hip No? God it really does not get much worse. The debt stands at 20+million we are in the third division and still.................. Carry on Nutty you just missed mentioning Worthy then to have had a full hand! [/quote] So would you prefer we''d been like Hull as suggested by others on here?   [/quote] I don''t want us to be like anybody else. DO DIFFERENT that''s the Norfolk way. Before Hull it was Charlton and look where that got us, with them in Div 3. I would like us to be the ones held up as the pinnacle and the model to follow. To lead not flounder along on someone elses coat tails. OK I can dream  can''t I? [/quote]   I for one totally agree with the butler !
  17. Whaley and Nelson  !! why are you ignoring me ??????? :)
  18. It ruins my weekend if we lose , even more so when we play badly, I agree with another poster that after the colchester game , actually during it as well, I was just numb....later to have a real feeling of depression .....until Gunn was sacked . I am beginning to get the feeling that i had the year we got promoted to the Prem., as in belief ! I hope that we are on our way back ,,, but I enjoy the wins where ever we are playing.
  19. to be quite serious about this , it would be normal for PL to owe Colchester the same amount as he was to be paid on his 1 year contract, however , it would seem that there were ( as is also quite normal ) caveats in the contract, making it less than cut and dried as to how much is actually owed, I would think its these conditions that are holding up negotiations rather than just the amount , as for the figure .......we don''t have any money so anything is too much ! ( you can have Whaley and Nelson instead of money  :) )
  20. [quote user="NottsCanary"]when my posts get deleted, I usually get an email why.[/quote] I also had one deleted recently ....no expanation given
  21. [quote user="Camuldonum"]I definitely think Doherty should be replaced by Nelson.[/quote] Why ?????? Because we are about to catch and pass your team in the league ?? There can be no other reason ,,,,Nelson is utterly incompetent.....don;t tell  me ai must be missing something , I have aseason ticket , Barclay, 3 rows back from the right centreback position, I am able to watch very closely just how bad he is !!!!!!!!!!!!!
  22. [quote user="Mister Chops"][quote user="nutty nigel"] If we replace him with a defender who fouls less we won''t win much. [/quote] Come on now, we all know if we replace Doc with Nelson we''ll win the league. [/quote] PLEASE ! ! Tell me you are joking ????
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