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  1. It was on tal sport around 11.45 today... talking with someone who  had played for villa ..was now an agent possibly  ..he was asked if he thought  OGS would end up manager ...and he replied yes ... 110% sure he would .   Maybe only  his opinion ,, but that was what he said . Sorry I have no idea who it was !
  2. [quote user="Jakesacanary"]Ole Gunnar Solskaer, this comes from a very reliable source who informs me he will take control from 1st June.... You heard it here first......[;)] [/quote]   I have the same "reliable source " !!!!! I  was listening  to banter on talk sport too !!!!!   Oh my  word .......
  3. Well said ... I think yours is the best and most relevant post so far .....out of all the hundreds so far !!
  4.     [quote user="Grantham Canary"]Really glad to hear this he got no end of stick at times of some but showed passion and always tried his hardest, Infact i dont think people could mention a single game he played in that he wasnt running his socks off. Will be great for everyone to give him a proper send off[/quote] I seem to remeber a certain Andy Hughes who also used to  "run his socks off "   
  5. I dont know about the rest  ,, but  I  am also convinced that the black eye story is true, told exactly the same by  a person who plays golf with the players .
  6. I  accept that Morty ... subjective matter............but  I think my  feeling is the same .... much worse than Dean Ashton going ....   feel he is  Judas if the money story is true .................hey  ho !  Only a job for him .... not a life long obsession like it is for a  fan Hey ?
  7. well excuse me !!!! I must remember wrong the distress it caused !! or was it just were the judas went ?? :)
  8. Seems we have another  hero  who doesn''t  give a toss about  NCFC ...!
  9. Also I find hard to beieve the " looking for a new house in Carlisle in April" as they just bought new house in hethersett in february/march .
  10. roberto martinez is now better thought of ..because he managed to keep wigan in the epl.....so lambert can increase his value by doing the same .....does not look the same risk as going to Villa and failing .
  11. Or maybe it''s trying  to post on this site !!!! Nothing seems to work right ...........My other comment was I cannot think of a manager ..someone to work a continuing magic as it were ..............................anyway ......off to cook my supper ...stop looking on here !
  12. yes Aggy ......sound reasoning ..................maybe its all the negativity around on here today thats done it to me :)
  13. obviously ...I hope that you are right .. I am normally a pretty optomistic person... but for some reason .. right now I fear the worst over this . I cannot think of a manager ...who is likely to come to us if asked .... who I fancy too much .
  14. Actually I had thought of this and wondered if it had already been  done ...including  Mc nally ....until yesterday :(  
  15. Not wishing  to be a prophet of doom or any thing , but has it crossed others minds as it  did mine , that the reason  that  Lambert  has not  signed up some of the  better players on new contracts , is so that he can poach them for  next to nothing at his new club ??? [quote user="BroadstairsR"] I too would prefer McNally although I consider our dramatic and unequalled rise down to a few positives coming together at once:   A remarkable upsurge in support which meant that even as a L1 club we had larger attendaces than most of the Championship  and some of the Premiership teams. Mc Nally''s appointment (+ Bowkett) Did Donky resign? I was abroad at the time. Lambert''s appointment. Grant Holt. Delia getting off the wagon  [:D]   Yes, I put the fans first as without that support neither Mac nor Lambert would have been interested. They have both said as much. Yes I include Holty, our most inspirational player ever IMO.   If Lambo leaves, then the rest of the cogs are still in place, plus a more than decent squad of player''s who have proven themselves at Premiership level. The sum of the parts, and all that.   My glass is half full today, literally.  [/quote]
  16. so called "best team " .................can''t win their own league !!!   Now Leave it !
  17. Apparently ...... our  team fielded for the match at White Hart Lane was the first team made up of 11 players all  born in the UK sine the 2005/2006 premiership season !!   Surely this deserves more of a mention in the media ,,, ? As we seem to struggle to produce an England squad , possibly due to so many  foreign players in the EPL ?
  18. scored an og  a  2/3 weeks back ......................are you including that one ? [quote user="paul moy"] [quote user="Mister Chops"][quote user="paul moy"]I still reckon selling Cody was a mistake.... just scored again !! [:D][/quote]"Again" implies it''s something he does regularly.[/quote] 2 in 2 after being out injured for a few months. [/quote]
  19. [quote user="calriv"][quote user="NWC"]Authors write long things, journo''s write short things.Its concise, direct and factually correct which is very important. Its good - well done!Have you sent it to anyone?[/quote]   Not anyone massive, but the website it''s on has about 2400 followers on twitter, should I email it to some newspapers? [/quote]
  20. I was thinking exactly the same thing while i listened to canary call tonight . usual  rubbish being talked by  people who dont  seem to have an ounce of passion about the club , just like the sound of their own voices , I wish somebody could bring back Neil !
  21. Jed Steer came back from loan ..because he was injured ..I believe he still is
  22. Thanks for that Ginger , I really enjoy discussion about "our " team ..... wouldn''t last long if we all agreed with each other though ! Likewise , I fully appreciate the way you put your points , I don''t just dismiss others opinions either , I will be prepared to accept it if I see that I am wrong . I agree about Pilks , I am thinking he can be our star ,, in my opinion missing since the demise of DH ........ I guess thats another subject of debate !
  23. I am enjoying reading the very reasoned responses to my points , I am quite prepared to admit when i am wrong about a fact , you are right , I have not read the stats on the passing , but I do know stats can be made to read a "different truth " I know what i see . I also agree with ginger that we watch a different aspect of different players , I for one would like to see Surman given a chance to do the same job as hoolahan , I wonder if stats wouls show a similar pass completion count ...I am sure it would .
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