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  1. I  have just  been told ,, and I have no reason to disbelieve it from this person ,, that Hoolihan has just pulled out of a deal invoving a" tangible fixed asset ", a deal which I had some input into initiating I  will add at this point , and therefore now have something to lose . Apparently  ,, a head turning offer has been made and he likes  the  sound of it . I for one am not so bothered if it is true , however , the same person in passing conversation , as he does not have too much  sporting interest in Ncfc, also told me that as far as he is concerned , he will  be disposing of a certain strikers house in Hethersett  shortly . The same person told me about the  fallout , and almost exactly the same wording used during the fallout  with  Mc Nally , as the agent  from hell used , a week before it became public knowledge. Just  saying.
  2. [quote user="Indy"] Unlike the media, I’m not happy with being knocked out by Italy in the quarter finals! Is that the mark of a successful tournament, if that is than Hodgson is not the man for the job!   Reasons I believe we lost and had a poor tournament are as follows.   1, we let them have all the time on the ball, never pressing the man (Lazy by Young, Rooney and Wellbeck).   2, Dropped so deep and allowed Italians to pick up the ball between the two banks of defenders! Why the hell did we not push up the field compress the area of play allowing the midfield to press for the ball!   3, Playing players out of form, Young was poor in all three games, no pace, no guile and no idea. Was like playing with 10 men for four games.   4, When we got a formation which looked like we could win matched with in the Sweden game, we changed back to cater for a tired and poor Rooney, The guy was totally unfit, from the 10th minute onwards looked like he was going to collapse. There is no way on this earth he is WORLD CLASS, just a good pro.   5, Fitness levels were very poor, compared to all the teams we played we looked lethargic, second best, only for the last 30 minutes against Sweden did we look good.   6, A negative manager with a prefixed system and players, even if they didn’t perform were still preferred to attacking options.   7, English players are just not world class but solid also-rans, the same the Czech Republic, Sweden, Poland and other Europeans teams. We are never in the same league as the Germans, Italians and Spanish!   I don’t find it easy to accept being soundly beaten by one of the poorest Italian sides (just because they didn’t score doesn’t mean we weren’t soundly beaten). Why can’t we look to the Germans, they look good, mixture of youth and experience, combined with drive determination and expectation to win……..Klinsmann was almost laughing at just how poor we were last night!   Sad, sad times, I could have accepted going out giving it a good go, like we  did in 1990, 1996 but to go out on a whimper!!!!! Hodgson out, Harry in! [/quote] WELL I AGREE ! BESIDES ,,, NOTHING NCFC TO TALK ABOUT ...............IS THERE ?
  3. [quote user="Wes Hoolahan the giant"]Wat a boring gme dat spain gme was[/quote]   Si Si ...muy  gracioso ! estaba pensando que tu  no eres tan tonto ... pero  pienso que tu  humor es perdido en las mas de la gente aqui !
  4. I think we should keep him ... why sell him for around £ 500,000 which is a figure suggested somewhere , I think he will rise to the challenge if given a fair crack . If he doesn''t make it , sell him in January .
  5. He is currently assistant coach at Ajax ...........pretty full time ....and often a stepping stone ..and I agree maybe he is in line to the arsenal Throne ?
  6. Being reported on MSN now , that assistant coach at Ajax , is considering taking the managers job ! Bit of Kudos there if it happens !
  7. !00% agree..........as did nearly every body I spoke with about the game ........if you couldn''t see it you were and are in denial !
  8. Brings to mind the saying " show me a good loser ... and I will show you  a LOSER ! "
  9. relegation struggle .....foreign manager ........Roberto Martinez did a pretty  good job I seem to remember ! Also think that the manager is not the one who finds the  unpolished diamonds necessarily ... probably more a scout and coach . Having said that ...........I would prefer a British Manager.
  10. I was told all this a couple of weeks ago... including the  comments which pissed off Holt ( quite understanderbly ) . This is by  aperson who has become quite close to the players through business. I was later told , that after the testimonial,  straight from the horses mouth ....excuse the pun ....(.to the same person)  he had accepted improved terms and was staying . I wonder what happened in the mean time ? I think its entirely  down to  either 1) Lambert Going 2) The agent stirring it up again But who knows ? and to be frank I  am getting fed up with all this now....obviously  evrybody involved is just looking after their own interests, and all us as the fans need is some resolution .  
  11. what  you said   [quote user="Mr Brownstone"]I agreed with everything you wrote up until "good luck". He''s the manager of one of our rivals now, I wouldn''t wish Martinez, Hughes or Allardyce luck and I won''t wish Lambert any.[/quote]
  12. [quote user="Largey24"]Lambert got us playing to the top of our potential. If he gets Villa playing to the top of their potential, they could finish top 7. So yes, they''re a better prospect than us.[/quote]   You  obviously were not at the last game of the season !! They  are barely a top half team playing to  their potential.. I  think we will finish above them again next year .
  13. i totally agree with this post ...and was my thoughts on why he would not leave , not believing him to be a coward , just shows how wrong onne can be !
  14. Pretty sensible and honest  post Cappa.................not that many will feel like  telling you that  right  now . I  for one am a very bd loser, and I feel like we lost . I think that  a lot of people will  find that they did not get what they thought they would get from this , including  both sets of fans , and PL especially . It will be interesting next season ,
  15. [quote user="TRAVIS ASKEW"]Chris Martin????? Please! Nearly as bad as Heskey. Having said that i do like both players but.... C.M wont do it at this level. No way. Heskey, I''ve always liked, but, not now. What do people think about Michael Owen? Still has a lot to offer at this level (imho) showed some real glimpses when came on as a sub a few times for Man.U last season. Actually think he would work well with our midfield and Morrison or Simeon with him. I do feel Morrison or Vaughny will go well alongside Simeon tho for coming season. Think S Jackson has a lot more to offer than most people think! Give him a good run and we''ll see[/quote]   Your post was ridiculous from the first line to the last ! Michael Owen ??? get a grip ..I would rather see chris martin back here....he has a lot more to offer than YOU think .
  16. I was a real youngster at the time he left .. but  I remeber feeling like i  do today ...and the same when Mike Walker betrayed us [quote user="nutty nigel"] He was only at Man City for a season but got them to the League Cup final where they lost to Wolves who had beaten us in the semis. Then he got Villa to Wembley the next season where they beat us! Three finals in three seasons with three different clubs! [/quote]
  17. Really ? Thts not how I remember it !! How the mind deteriates over time :(   [quote user="nutty nigel"] He went via Man City though buddy.     [/quote]
  18. wasn''t it around 40 years when a certain Ron Saunders betrayed us for the same Aston Villa ?
  19. I agree totally  ... I think he is my  first choice .................never Malkay ,,,, he was a legend , let him stay a legend . The other manager I would have some interest in would be Gus poyet ,, he has achieved some success with little or no  money , done his apprenticeship so to speak .
  20. I will boo him, and run up the pitch to the dug out , and throw my last years season ticket at him :)) that will teach him !
  21. Yeah ! Malkay is great !! If you want us to become a hoofball team ............did you watch the Cardiff play off game ? F*** ME !! We have some real footballers here at our club ,,, we need a manager who instills the play out from the back methods. I would have taken issue with Jas a short while ago .. ( but  could not log in for the last couple of days) he suggested that we would all be happy with staying in the EPL , no matter how it was achieved ! I dont believe this is the case with  a majority of fans that I know, and that is why  for me ......Malky .... you''re fired ( obviously hypothetical as he has  not  got the job anyway )
  22. Not Unique !!!! I  am having exactly the same childish thoughts .   More ...or at least as much  because I really  dont get  most of the  team  Woy  selected , I believed him to be a  pretty decent manager/coach, but he  totally  bottled it on this selection .....too many Liverpool.......after maybe their worst season ever ....and not only left out  Holt and Johnson , but  a few others who in my opinion were more deserving of a place in the squad . With a  feeling of resignation I will most likely watch the games , but  feel no excitement whatsoever ...thanks Woy .
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