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  1. [quote user="singupcarrowroad"]I''d like to see them suffer the humiliation of getting relegation to League One and fail to get up at first attempt, taking a good three or four seasons to get promoted again (preferably losing in the play-off semi finals for three consecutive seasons), then winning promotion back to the Championship but by finishing 2nd (so without the glory of a league winners medal and without the pleasant experience of a play-off final at Wembley), and then I''d like to see them come up with plenty of optimism that they would be able to "do a norwich" before reverting straight back to the type (spend millions every year on finishing in the bottom third of the table). I feel that the misery of League One would be suitable justice for the attitude that their fans, local papers, and club executives had when mocking us upon relegation. I''d draw the line at anything more severe such as complete obliteration or a Luton style slide into non-league, because I''d fear that many of there pathetic neanderthalic fans would start attending Carrow Road, and that wouldn''t be a good thing. It is quiet enough as it is, for a start, and most of them smell funny.[/quote]   YES! This :)
  2. [quote user="AJ"]Agreed, he looks like he really has something to prove. Big, strong and very fast by the looks of things! Also very impressed with Becchio today, we didn''t really miss Holt at all - in fact I''d start Becchio next game whether Holt is fit or not[/quote] Didn''t miss holt ? Impressed with Becchio ? are you taking something ?.......must have been watching a different game to me .
  3. from the way that you describe your emotions ...its no different to my own reactions .I have been supporting  city from the barclay since 1969..season ticket holder for 12 years . So in my opinion you are a loyal fan , who chooses not to go down to Carra Rud
  4. [quote user="Nick"]Clubs are relectuant to sell their players in january, understandably. If you think the board left any stone unturned then i think you''re undermining them.[/quote] Well I guess I must be then ! So ,, please tell ,, how do you know how many stones were being turned ? Do you have some inside knowledge ?
  5. [quote user="Jim Smith"]I run my own business (although its just me). I''m suspect, however, there are very few of us who own businesses where some third party gives us £45m a year for providing no direct service and where that same third party has promised to up that money to £70m next year just for maintaining the same level of service. If they had i suspect most of us would be doing absolutely everything in our power to ensure we maintain that same level of service, including poaching staff where necessary![/quote]   Yes I do ..and I agree with Jim... I think a dreadful amount of complacentcy has been shown  by NCFC is failing to mke any significant effort to strengthen the squad .
  6. [quote user="IrishCelt67"][quote user="SYG"]Good. I don''t want Hooper, very overrated! I read people are moaning about us signing Beccio and wanting us to sign Hooper, but LB has scored 19 goals in a league that is on average far better than the SPL[/quote] Um, Hooper scored 19 in the Championship before signing for us. [/quote] Yes paddy  ...he may  well have done ...in a whole season ...not half a season !
  7. [quote user="Mellow Yellow"]What an absolute Numpty he is....''worst team in premier league history''...on the basis of one game...LMAO...what depths he will plummet to get people to phone in and boost Talk Sport coffers. Had to switch off...did anyone bite? [/quote]   But  did you hear the so called city fan "mark" who called in to agree with the pr*t ?? If there is a bigger To*ser than durham this was him ! What a total (unt
  8. I dont see ..and have never seen anything to convince me that david fox is anymore than a decent  League one player ,, saturday did nothing to change my  mind. To compare him with Carrick ..or even Barcelona players ... deluded is all that now comes to mind !
  9. Gus Poyet would have been mine too..but was quite pleased with Hughton ... how things can change !
  10. [quote user="Gingerpele"]OVER-reaction isn''t a good thing. A reaction fine, not expecting anyone to be happy with today. It was shocking, like I already said. Its the OVER reaction I don''t like, hence the use of OVER. Everyone has a right to be really pissed off after that, I am. My point was some fans just are making it worse for me.[/quote]   Oh! Sorry ............Poor Fuc*ing you  !!!
  11. Well I  am down at Morrrisons !! come on you others !
  12. And lets not forget that the twice that we played them last year ...they gave us a right  fuc*ing spanking !!.....NO WAIT !!!!!
  13. [quote user="Six Pack"][quote user="mrs miggins"] Surely it will be 4-4-2.   -----------------------Ruddy------------------------- Martin-------Bennet-------Bassong-------Garrrido- -Snodgrass------Howson--Tettey-------Pilkington- -------------------Holt-----Hooper-------------------   Howson as  the box to box player instead of having 2 defensive midfielders. Looks good to me [/quote] Ryan Bennett ??? Howson ???? Have we not been spanked enough ?[/quote] EXACTLY !  what I was thinking .... Bennet and Howson are merely passengers ,,, my ar*e still stings from saturdays spanking !
  14. [quote user="Jersey Canary"]Revisit getting Curtis Davies in. We cannot keep a clean sheet without Bassong so maybe Davies is the answer. Send Ryan Bennett to Birmingham on loan for the rest of the season. Also, Birmingham are skint so we might be able to pick him up for less than usual. What do you think?[/quote] YES
  15. Us supporters get left to feel sick all week long ..................I  really  dont like what we are watching of late ...no confidence... no desire... no idea !
  16. [quote user="NCFC4LIFE"][quote user="Truculent Trucker"]I couldn''t care less what he does now - he is part of NCFC history, albeit a highly succesful three years, and nothing to do with the present. We have what looks like a very good successor in Chris Hughton and that''s all that matters to me.[/quote] agree, I feel we have moved on as a club very quickly, which is great testament to CH and the fans. I just cant stand mindless fans coming on here calling him Lambert a tool when he bought us so many memories and accolades. Villa didn''t owe us a penny, Lambert was on a rolling one year contract.... The compensation disagreement was between Lambert and Norwich not Villa and Norwich. It was over the bonus he had in his contract to keep us up, which he did... Therefore was rightfully paid. [/quote]   " Villa didn''t owe us a penny "  more than one tool in this box .
  17. It is always the same when the ground is full of "casual " supporters ... often too embarrassed to sing and the usual leaders of the chanting quite often missing . Wait for saturday , normal service will be resumed ...and as for the poster who said all season has been poor ... including away support  WTF ?? Ever actually  been to a game ???????????   No ! thought  not  .......
  18. Hard to believe wht I am reading here .. the man is a total c*ck and should have a lot  more of his "questionable decisions " dissected before he is made out to  be a saint  !! FFs
  19. [quote user="Mungo Bumpkin"]I''m predicting a crowd of about 22000 for this one (nothing wrong with that) and a final silencing of the clamour to extend the capacity of Carrow Road to 80,000 plus so that Jonny Fairweather can turn up for his one game of the season against Man ttd match and buy a seat in the stand of his choice on the day. I also predict that very, very few of Wigan''s fan will originate from Yarmouth or Thetford (again, a good thing).[/quote]    and you are from ?? Yarmouth ,,, Thetford,,, or,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,P*sswich ??????????
  20. [quote user="Alan_Grey"]There''s nothing more "plastic" than a football fan making him or herself out to be better than another fan. It''s a game, relax.[/quote]   Its not "just a game "  ......................ask Bill Shankley .... binner
  21. [quote user="pablofarmer"]Palace are looking for £20m for Zaha, and surely Austin is the new Rhodes. Not heard as much about him this season.[/quote] Rhodes scored twice for U21''s while the main team struggeled again !
  22. [quote user="BroadstairsR"] [quote user="T"]Is there a news blackout in Norfolk? Why on earth do we keep getting these calls to spend money on a  new striker when the club has aready announced that we are 2m over spent for this season and reliant on obtaining a bank overdraft to survive.[/quote]   There is here, that''s for sure. I have never heard about this and would like further details. I had assumed that, although not flush, we were ''comfortable.'' [/quote]   I wouldn''t worry about it ..I think "T" stands for To**er...............binner ,,obvious
  23. [quote user="kingsway"] Yes, 16465 against one of Englands biggest clubs, about our most local club in the Premeirship was not good and a firm indication that Mcnasty got the prices very wrong however much the few may argue otherwise. Many fans including myself voted with their feet because £30 adult admission price to watch two virtual 2nd string teams play in a cup competition neither club really cares about whether they go through or not was very overpriced!   £20 for adults would of seen a near sell out and a better atmosphere!   Anyway fair play to Mcnasty for admitting he got the pricing wrong on Radio Norfolk last night!   For Villa I would be happy to pay £25 for adults which I feel would attract a near sell out!   Please note David Mcnally!   Idiot !!! It was a full strength Spurs team ....our reserves beat them ! BINNER [/quote]
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