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  1. Mr Wright, you really are like a broken record, in fact you are just as bad as WIZ and Smudger in the predictability of your posts. Can you actually contribute anything without banging on about the paupers down the road yeah you may enjoy their predicament but I should think they are enjoying themselves, not doing them much harm at the moment is it..how many championship clubs can splash out 2million pounds on a player, over priced or not? Without Mr Evans they would probably be going into admin and hurtling towards League One...the fact that they appear to be heading in the opposite direction makes me wonder if your persistant ramblings about the ''binners'' are in fact just a bit of bitter jealousy whatever the moral regard to their circumstances
  2. ermmm, I''m sure it''s Otsemobor actually!! I''ve never seem one person''s name spelt or pronounced incorrectly so many times, it''s really not that difficult is it?
  3. Seeing as some of you at Norwich are so interested in events down the A140 I''d thought i''d show an article from the Guardian which gives an unbiased and essentially pretty accurate of the details regarding the takeover.: From todays Guardian Blog: http://blogs.guardian.co.uk/sport/2008/01/09/from_bust_to_boom_a_12m_gamble.htmlhute payments."
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