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  1. Gingerpele "Yeah Leeds and ipsh*t will be far too easy, they might as well not turn up.... We''ll have won the league before the end of January..." haha!
  2. paul moy "You could argue that those teams are above us because we haven''t played them yet or that they have not played the better sides. We can only beat what is put in front of us and as an optimist I will not be worrying about future opposition, as we are capable of beating any of these teams on our day." Sure I take that on board. But I guess we can''t deny that QPR, Burnley, Cardiff are 3 of the strongest teams in the division, not to mention Reading. Anyhow as someone just pointed out maybe we shouldn''t pay much attention to the table till Christmas. I guess I am thinking it''s a little early for people to be talking of promotion as we haven''t played all the best teams yet :)
  3. [quote user="Colchester Canary"]How about the following 2 games after the ones you mentioned? Leeds and Ipswich at home, suppose they will be easy too? [/quote] Nope. But I fancy us to beat both of them :)
  4. I hope some of these fickle fans get what they want with Grayson getting sacked. How dare he get them promoted from league 1 and give them an otherwise respectable start to life in the Championship! Hopefully the board will bring in Roeder as his replacement! :)
  5. Firstly, great win tonight! Well chuffed we''re upto 3rd! This season is going better than I could have possibly hoped! Anyhow I''ve just looked at our up coming matches and QPR (away), Cardiff (away), Burnley (home), Millwall (away, we lost here last season) and Reading (away) feature in our next 8 games. Anyone fancy us getting anything against them? They will certainly be a test. Our other 3 games from those 8 are Bristol City (away), Crystal Palace (home) and Middlesboro (home) and I fancy us to get wins against them. Just wanted to put some perpective on things as so far we have played Leicester, Hull, Preston, Barnsley, Doncaster, Notts Forest, Swansea, Scunthorpe and Watford. Swansea are arguably the best team of the bunch and are the only one bar Watford who are in the top 10 in the current league table. It''s definately encouraging we have beaten Swansea, not to mention us putting in a class performance against Forest away. But lets not lose sight of the face that we havent played a many top teams yet. And I am a little concerned we shipped 3 goals against Leicester tonight. I''m not trying to put a tint on our current top 3 position, but we are playing 4 teams from the current top 6 teams in the next 8 games, so this is the moment we will be truly tested. Obviously I hope we can maintain our position and I''m reasonably confident we can match Cardiff, Reading, Burnley and Millwall if we are on the top of our game. We''ll have to see about QPR though as they are on fire. This is such a tight league that a few bad results and we can end up mid table, so these games will be telling. Anyhow, congratulations to Paul Lambert and the team on this terrific start. Can we stay in the top 6? I bloody hope so. Bring them all on! OTBC!
  6. raz[quote user="First Wizard"][quote user="Jim Smith"] Expressing the view a player is not good enough for the championship is not picking on them. I am not booing the guy. I am not hurling abuse at him. I will support him when he is on the pitch but this board is for people to express their opinions about Norwich City and its players and it just dismays me to see a player with such limited pace/ability in our team this season. I am genuinely worried that if he stays there then we will get caught out time and time again by teams at championship level. As someone commented below, Gillingham could have had 3 or 4 last night. There were many games last season where the same could be said. We got away with it because they are lower league and did not take their chances. Every team at champ level has more clinical strikers or strikers with pace. They will not be so forgiving. [/quote]So in fact, you don''t trust Lamberts judgement.[/quote]Crazy talk FirstWizard.Lambert is the man for the job but as other people have just pointed out that doesn''t make him void of criticism. Lets take it a stage further. I''m sure Alex Ferguson has the support of the ManU fans, but many ManU fans don''t agree with the signing of Dimitar Berbatov and Ferguson''s insistance on playing him. Therefore Ferguson will occasionally get criticism from the fans but at no point will the majority of the fans want him out, their trust in him will remain.Personally I think Lambert is the best thing to happen to this club in years, but I personally don''t like R.Martin, Nelson or Ruddy (jury still out I guess). I think they are ok players but not good enough for the Championship. Just my opinion. This doesn''t mean that I don''t trust Lambert''s judgement, if I did I''d want him out. Maybe it''s that Lambert can''t find the right defenders for the right price to replace them due to his hands being a bit tied financially. Or maybe they are good in training but yet to transfer that ability to a competive match. Who knows! They''re there for whatever reason but as a fan I can voice my opinions on them as I want this team to improve always. As someone has already said, Lambert is a quick learner so I trust him to put the defence right if he can.
  7. Anyone here think he might go on to play for England? He''s the type of player we need to play off Rooney. He reminds me a bit of Ashton or Sheringham as other posters have pointed out. I''ve always thought he has had the ability but never the attitude. He seems to have sorted his attitude out so who knows what he could achieve if he continues to work hard at his game. I wouldnt want us to sell him for anything less than 4mil if he has a good season for us.
  8. This country isn''t always that great, perhaps you should judge Lewis Hamilton after you''ve experienced the large scale press intrusion into his private life like he has. Britain is notorious for it, such is our trend to be Americanised. I certainly wouldn''t put up with it being a private person myself. Lewis is a family orientated man who spends time with his family at his home, and he has said he finds the press intruding a little overwhelming. I personally don''t blame him for seeking a quieter life and avoiding being ripped off by our government. Lewis has worked very hard to get where he has, with his help with his father surviving on peanuts, so why give 40% of what he earns to the government? 20% maybe, but not 40%. I also dissagree with comments made about him being up his own backside, he comes accross as a nice, grounded chap with his head screwed on. Perhaps Lewis and his Dad are just really enjoying reaching the top from their modest background. On a lighter note, that was a fantastic victory today! Go Lewis..... .
  9. Yeh yeh :P (us poor newbies). Apparantly I need to develop a thick skin too, and watch out for Wizzards! ;)
  10. "Clingon, take a shot, Clingon Clingon take a shot! He might score, but he probably will not. He''s our Clingon, but thank god he don''t look like Lescott!" Thats my best effort. If a player ever looked like a clingon, it''s definately Lescott!
  11. Looking forward to seeing this lad play, can''t argue if he''s a freebie, and I trust Roaders'' judgement.   Just a thought, this could make the Hoolihan signing more likely if there''s another Irishman at the club, thats if we havn''t tied up the Hooly deal yet. We can hope at least! Maybe Worthy has been singing our praises at the Northern Ireland camp to these guys.
  12. I agree with most of that, but if we beat Hull, which I think we will, then that would mean 70 points. I reckon we could get wins away to Coventry and Sheffield Wednesday aswell seeing as they''re struggling! Would be tough though as they will be fighting for their lives, but 74 points if we managed it. Wishfull thinking perhaps, but who knows :)  
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