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  1. [quote user="Ginger Pele"]The only bad thing is he smokes, that will make the little Norwich fans want to smoke as well :( [/quote]   and??
  2. Exactly. Just seems that the Linfield board are totally arsing the Stockport board by the comments of "how well Stockport have conducted themselves". We''ll up our bid, this will happen.
  3. Roeder get on the phone to Wolves and accept Shackells offer now!!
  4. ["Worst Wizard"]An attacking goalkeeper might prove a handy addition to our squad. Hegetta  The Columbian Scorpian or could be that Chilean or Paraguan who took free kicks in 98/02 World cups (cant remember his name)!! Or even Mart Poom who scored the best Salmon Leap ever for Derby!! Sign them and one of them will out score Shacks and Docs (not hard though)
  5. I look at this site once a day to get some potential news, but dont get time and cant be arsed to post. You get people who''ve made thousands of posts say " we should go after Kazim-Richards cos his contract is up at Galatasaray (a) his contract is not up (b) he plays for someone else (c) he''s playing champions  league football  (d) he''s just had a blinder at the euros & (e) if he did come back to England it would be mid table premo upwards. It shouldnt be how much you say on here, what you say, too many people with too much time on there hands Alot of people who post 24/7 make up utter crap (not all of you cos some very good posts on here most days), where only about 5% of transfer romours are even close to being real. Though those people who tip us off on transfers and get it right, big respect!!  
  6. A Decent player who cannot tackle, header, dribble and is probably the slowest player we have (that includes Docs and Dublin). He has got a good left foot, good first touch (but so do alot of ameatures) and is handy at set pieces, but has far too many weakness'' to hang on to. He''s found his level in Scotland, substitute in a side outside the top 2!!
  7. we8wba you say were being short changed? Your the team thats only signing this month was Kevin Kyle!! I''d rather get a load of loans than donkeys like that.  Also wheres this 32 million pound your chairman is supposed to invest, cos he bought Wolves for nothing (was still over priced). Just admit because you realise you manager is a journeyman who signs former Sunderland rejects (from there record low points total in the premiership) and your from a s*** place, with s*** fans, s*** manager, lying chairman, and to cap it off you have Kevin Kyle up front, GUTTED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh yeah and WBA are going up too.
  8.  The bench was looking a tad weak at the weekend, not a good sign should a couple of injuries or suspensions kick in. The Bench that consists of Hucks (on his day best player in championship) & Cuerton last seasons championships leading scorer, doesn''t sound weak to me. Pattinson was suspended and will be at least on the bench tonight. Drury/Chadwick may be out for most of the season but still on the wage bill. As soon as Murray & Lappin goes it frees up more wages and if Roeder gets the 4 players in that he would like, we will have a very strong squad, remember there are alot of players who are comfortable in more than 1 positions (ie Hucks, Bertrand, Pattinson, Dublin, Russell). I think Roeder is doing an excellent job and there are too may people think that are squad is weak and the board can waste loads of money on wages (which we cant), 2-4  good new additions to the squad (Taylor and a good forward minimum) and we will be very strong believe me and hard to beat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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