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  1. Ruddy Martin Bassong Turner Unsure (Not Garrido - don''t think he''s good enough) Johnson Bridcutt Snodgrass Maloney Redmond Van Wolfswinkel I think that''s a pretty good team. Not sure if the signings I''ve made are realistic or not though because I am unsure how much Maloney in particular would cost.
  2. Please - just because I have ten posts to my name doesn''t mean I can''t post my opinion? I don''t have enough time to post as much as I would like, but please don''t hold it against me. As for the whole ''finance thing'' I''m no genius but you don''t have to be to realise that less outflows and more inflows (greater ticket revenue once we expand) = a bigger profit. And FYI, I''ve been to my fair share of AGM''s, so don''t say things before you know my situation. And the whole ''pat on the head'' thing? Really? Don''t patronise me.
  3. Anyone who thinks our manager, Chris Hughton, should be sacked this summer, has got a serious lack of any football knowledge/common sense in general. Here''s why... a) Hughton has managed to keep us up! Our main goal at the start of this season was to stay in the league, and he has done it. Sure, it wasn''t as comfortable as it was looking like it was going to be at Christmas time, but still, we are up, and that''s all that matters. b) He has kept the club in a very good situation financially. We have hardly spent any money compared to other teams such as Q.P.R who have probably spent 10x what we have, and they have still been relegated. As a result of our low spending, debts will be cut, a expansion of Carrow Road will probably take place. This has such a massive impact on our long term future, the bigger picture. No debt and a bigger ground will benefit our football club so much, I don''t think anyone realises it. If we done a Q.P.R, even if we stayed up, we would have no long term plans, and eventually things would turn very sour. c) There are no better managers to replace him. I could understand some people calling for his head if some managerial God was waiting for the call to manage us, but there is nobody. Martin o''Niell? Passed it. Steve Bruce? No thanks. Iain Dowie, don''t even mention it. There is literally nobody better than Hughton to take over. Mark Hughes? Just look at what he done to QPR, do you want that to be us? So yes, he doesn''t play the best football in the league, but he has our football clubs interests at heart, and he still gets the job done. Next year, we''ll have van whats his face, and hopefully a couple of others. (I would love Shaun Maloney personally, if Wigan go down) Ruddy will be back. Things will be sitting pretty. So please, moaners of our football team, give the guy a break and get a bit of common sense.
  4. On these forums everyone bangs on about making new signings.. If you want to make new signings the money has to come from somewhere - and when you haven''t got big foreign investors ploughing cash into the club the fans have to do their bit. I''m sure the thousand+ on the waiting list will be happy to take your seat if you don''t want it
  5. Yes, that is pretty impressive but taht is when we needed the fans to gte behind the team, and after 1 game to protest for the manager out is bad. They had the right to protest, no doubt about it, but to protest for the manager out is going 2 far.
  6. I was at the game on Saturday and I was appualed that 100''s of fans protested after the game! Every team has 1 bad game every season... and that was ours. Fair enough, the people who did protest obviously want Gunn out. But after the first game of the season you can''t just how the season is going to go. You cant judge him after 1 game in league one. Anyway, the last time we lost 7-1 (against Blackburn in the 92/93 season) we finished 3rd in the premier league! If you have the time and money to buy a seasson ticket. Then what''s the point of protesting after 1 game? How many loyal fans do we have? How many fans will stay with us when were down? After Saturday, my guess... is not very many.
  7. [:(]Are the season tickets going down in price or what. I thought that this would be a good time to get a season ticket because we will be playing in a bad standard of football next season. But, I looked and they haven''t gone down. Why??? [:(]
  8. Why cant we play like we did at Barnsley every week, if we had a great squad of 16 we could be a great team, our scouts are crap!! I could do a better job than them, they dont seem to care that we need  a centre back, they get paid and dont seem to care about ncfc. this is a message to glenn roeder... BUY SOME SCOUTS!!!
  9. Why? We have a good enough team to be in the top half of the table, if we could perfom  every week then we would be up there 1 solution... WE NEED SOMEONE TALL UP FRONT!! We dont need players like Ryan Jarvis and Simon Lappin, they are rubbish!!! We could sell them for £1m for both of them, then we could not worry about getting loans just buy them we arent going to be able to loan Ched Evens every week!!! then buy a tall skillful striker who can score goals!   NCFC FOREVER
  10. Why could we not beat a league 2 team? At our standards we should be able to beat a team that are in league 2, bury had 53% pos and we had 47% and we took the best player on the pitch of at half time!! (Chris Martin)
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