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  1. That is the idea, your should have your 2 full backs getting past the wingers so when they cut inside their is space on the outside to be exploited. Unfortunately our crossing, with the exception of Olsson has been poor and we have not taken advantage of this enough.
  2. Agree with this, every week it is the same and it becomes tiresome and boring. The players need the fans support to get out of this mess and surely all the negativity only adds to this and does nothing to help. The situation is far from ideal but get used to the fact that the manager isnt going to change until the summer, support the team and make the atmosphere one to enjoy.
  3. We are boring to watch and i am firmly in the Hughton out camp (although would make a good director of football) however i dont think anything will happen until the summer. We need more passion, better tactics etc something to entertain the fans and something that the players believe in. Having said that the players need the fans to support them not have a go at them.
  4. These type of posts from our supposed fan base sums up some of what is wrong with our club. Even when things are not going our way Snodgrass is someone who always wants the ball, does he deliver every time, no but then there aren''t many players who do. Delivery of corners is such a fine margin, the idea is do just beat the first man, so those attacking the near post get the header in, it doesnt work every time, get over it. Our so called fans need to get off his back and start supporting him and the team, what is the use in having a go at him and rinsing every last bit of confidence out of him? Pilkington has just recovered from a long term injury so is finding his way back, it isnt his fault the wrong formation was played and therefore didnt see much of the ball. Fans need to stop slating the players and start supporting the team. Those who sang Hoolahan''s name when the argument happened with Snodgrass need to grow up, clearly he doesnt want to play for us at the moment, support those who do. Why boo the decision to take off Hooper and bring on Tettey? What else was he supposed to do, our centre midfielder had just been sent off, that change was a must, any footballing brain could see that. Rant over! Just support the team.
  5. Crab i totally agree with your post, i dont think this was sung last year with any reference to Hillsborough at all but just a general view on as you said ''the whole scouse mentality''. Fans have to be allowed to chant songs to each other to create atmosphere and we mustnt get in the situation were it is all very much a mutual appreciation society. You hear songs every week that are disrespectful in one way or another so people just need to get on with it, i do agree though that direct songs to Hillsborough or the munich air disaster should not be heard. I also agree with the point that the panel wanted to reach the right conclusion, i cannot agree with the view that it was just the police and authorities fault, why were the extra fans there, why did they turn up without tickets??? I would have thought the right conclusion would have been errors on both sides.
  6. i believe it is an offence for away fans or non home fans to be sitting in home areas, i have noticed this season signs that have gone up next to the home turnstiles in the Barclay end that advise this and advise if found out you will be removed. So i would suggest point them out and get them removed!
  7. A further interesting note on the Academy, i had very recently spoken to friends about our failure to bring through some real quality youth players, it was put into perspective last night when we were advised our 90min radius reached a population of just 2.7m people. In comparison Watford and Palace (i think) could reach an estimated 15.5m people which is over 5 times as many people, although as was mentioned there are many more clubs in that area. The new Category 1 academy removes this restriction allowing nationwide recruitment, this has to be a massive positive.
  8. Couldnt agree more snakepit ric people just come on here to moan about things and when someone suggests something it is shot down. I think the cant get enough song is brilliant and adds to the atmosphere, we cant continue just to sing ''On the Ball City'' it becomes a joke! It is a celtic song but it isnt a song that is recognise and attributed to Celtic, anyone can sing it as long as it improves the atmosphere.
  9. Yes he has made an error but i cant think of any other goals that we have conceded that we his fault? We were far too open last night and got punished for it for their 2nd and 3rd goals. A confident Ruddy is a good keeper, good shot stopper, good and commanding his area with good distribution. Fraser was a good shot stopper. There were moans and groans last night when Ruddy didnt release the ball quickly, people need to understand that this cannot happen every time, there has to be an option open to him which is better than the long ball to Holt? There is little point in giving it short to then get it back at the first touch.
  10. What game were people watching, Nelson had a better game than Ward, really?? Nelson was woeful, slow, poor distribution 2 goals conceded on his side. He was way out of his league. He is and should be no more than 4th choice CB this season. I am not a great lover or Russel Martin however i dont think he is as bad as what people suggest, he was made to look bad on friday by having Nelson playing along side him, not an inspiring thought for anyone!
  11. I agree with Jim Smith, on the night I thought he could have done better with 2 of the goals however having seen them on TV the 1st and 3rd both had little deflections that took them away from him. Apart from that he was fairly solid apart from one slip that fortunately didnt lead to a goal (through poor finishing). Give him time and please stop going on about Fraser Forster, yes he was good for a season but he is not coming back so we need to move on and get over it. The biggest issue is with the CB''s and right back, i think 2 of the goals were conceded on the right hand side of our defence.
  12. the rejected bid for Jackson is on Sky Sports, they advise it was £500k? Who knows they seem to get most things right!
  13. agreed I cringe every time as well, it gives the impression that we cant create an atmosphere ourselves. Hopefully this will stop before the start of next season!
  14. I wonder if cambridge canary was at Portman road a couple of years back when the whole of the Norwich end was chanting Stevie Wright, Wright, Wright. Guess we all must be sick then!!
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