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  1. [quote user="ZippersLeftFoot"]                  Gallacher       Colin   Doc  Shacks    Boyle Croft   Robinson  Safri Etuhu   McVeigh                          Earnshaw Camp  Fleming  Hughes Dublin Ryan Jarvis [/quote]I think he will go with that also but i would like to see Fleming for Shackell, if not Shackell needs to have a good game for me especially after flemings performance in mid week.Would have liked jarvis to stay in the side as well as reward for his two goals, trouble is where do you stick him.  Come 70 minutes if Earnie is getting service with no joy i would put Jarvis on in his place and see if he takes his opportunity.
  2. Good luck Dion.When we have huckerby and croft firing on all cylinders i think this signing is going to surprise a few people.
  3. I dont see how this will harm jarvis''s confidence, hardly the same type of player, its a different option, not the same one.I can see how it would affect Thorne though, but what does he expect, he has not stayed fit for us for more than five minutes.
  4. Why harp on about sutton, his injury record is why he hasnt signed for us or anyone else for that matter...
  5. its a gamble but one with few risks as far i can see, if he doesnt perform or gets injured we are in no worse a situation that we now, should we need an clear and experience head to come off the bench to change things up a bit we now have the option.Sutton hasnt been picked up by any club because of his injury problem so i cant see why people are still going on about that one.
  6. [quote user="Citizen Journalist Foghorn"]Where was the right winger for 3 years - wheres the target man? FACTCompletely, but you assuming we have done nothing about it is not a FACT. You are having a laugh buddy....  Worthy did try and do something about it though - he kept playing strikers at right wing to poor effect!!  hurrah.... The boards lack of a backbone has finally cost us as I said last season, what if we are around 10th again come january - this club will keep him on fail to go up and have no cash... [/quote]Prove me wrong then CJF, ill save you writing a reply, because you know just as much as we do about tranfer dealing, negotiations etc etc behind the scenes, absolutely nothing, so any thing you write here will again be conjecture.  You can not state as fact we have done nothing to address those situations in the last 3 years as the question stated, the resultant playing players out of position is because we didnt get any one in so your not addressing the question with that point.I wouldnt say there is an abundance of quality out and out wingers, so taking so long to find one doesnt surprise me in the slightest.
  7. [quote user="Jim Smith"]The whole point you ignore though kid is that is has been absolutely obvious to everyone that the squad was too samll and dangerously thin in certain areas yet what has worthington or the board done about it. Sat on their backsides for 2 months in the summer and then on the eve of the transfer deadline try and bring in an 18 year old winger for £2 million that we don''t even really need! [/quote] Jim, i dont ignore this point i just dont agree that nothing has gone on, we just dont know the facts, every you just wrote is conjecture.. show me facts... [quote user="Jim Smith"] Its laughable. I will not accept injuries as an excuse this season when we have had every opportunity to avoid being in the situation we are in now. Worthington was given a reprieve last season when he should have been sacked and instead of taking it has gambled with the future of our club again byhedging all his bets on short term loans to tide us over. All these loans will do is use up the transfer budget between now and january and we won''t have a better squad to show for it at the end. I despair of our club at the moment I really do. It is so obvious to the majority of fans what needs to happen that i find the fact the board remain so entrenched dumfounding! [/quote]Well time will tell, its faaaaaaaaaaaaaaar to early to say how this season is going to pan out... we agree our squad is too small, we just disagree on the reason for it!
  9. Was always surprised when he signed permantly for Birmingham, the lad needs a sustained run of games, if he can pass a medical i think he would be a fantastic signing, a good all rounder.
  10. [quote user="silver fox"] I appreciate your points although Palace had injuries to key positions as well, but they still came out on top.  Taylor decided his formation wasn''t working so he changed it early and it paid off.  Worthy left his substitutions too late ( and not for the first time ) and it was ridiculous bringing Jarvis on for 4 minutes.  Most opposition managers have sussed out how we play now, and can come up with a plan to beat us.  A good manager will see that it isn''t working and will change it early rather than in the last 10 minutes.  Whatever way you want to spin it, Worthy doesn''t have the ability to change things when our 4 - 5 - 1 doesn''t work.   It really was embarrassing to watch the high balls being hit to Earnie when he was up against two 6'' central defenders.  Even a Sunday pub team manager could probably work that one out. We should consider giving some of our own youngsters a run before we bring in loan signings.  Look what happened last season when we brought in Rehman and Johansson, Worthy hardly played them.  It is all very well him saying he will only bring in players that are better than he already has, but you then have to play them. I have listened to all the recent excuses that Worthy has come out with, but at no stage has he admitted that he might perhaps need to look at his own playing tactics, team selection and substitutions.  It is so easy to blame everyone else without looking at your own failings.  He would go up in my estimation if just once he admitted that he perhaps didn''t get it right. I didn''t get where I am today without standing on the touchline with my arms folded. [/quote]Silver, i would agree with you on the points about tactics if Worthy had a abundance of players to choose from to be able to try different things out, for instance you point out the long balls being punted up to Earnshaw, who do we have as a target man to swap him out for (only Thorne).I can comment on the game though as i werent there.
  11. [quote user="Rossi"]1 point from 9 - football is fickle, but there is a trend dec 05/ jan 06 happening again? one in the eye and all that We have had one good month and so far one bad (so far!), I dont agree with all these snap decisions people are making. Why is it we have to rely on loan signings? Why didnt we secure some of the ones that have gone elsewhere - bendtner? I dont know Rossi and neither do you, it could be because Birmingham were willing to pay more of their salary, the players may have prefered to go there etc etc, its all conjecture.  But I think its safe to assume if we had the opportunity to bring in quality players, then that opportunity would be taken, its in the clubs interest, I really dont understand why everyone assumes the opposite.Your opinion - i disagree. Pre-season has no foundation upon the league. foley''s now gone. why is it that we keep blaming injuries and get away with it - it''s poor planning. period. Firstly, as pointed out, i was explaining my thinkings on last season not this so not sure why you have put Foley is now gone.  As for Pre-Season having no foundation, im quite surprised you have put this, if you have a poor pre-season you play catch up for the first half (im talking from a players point of view), once you lose sight of the leading pack you have to go on a herculean run of results.  For an example see Palace when they went up through play offs (or Ourselves), how many clubs have you seen put this kind of turn around on in recent years? Where was the right winger for 3 years - wheres the target man? FACT Completely, but you assuming we have done nothing about it is not a FACT. Correct - so why go on about loan players. That said you also have to recognise that sometimes long term stability comes from short term changes. Alternatively short term stability leads to long term changes - such as what will happen if we dont get promoted this term. Because every point and rule has an exception, yes we need stability but with regards to our playing staff (as ive pointed out numerous time already) due to its size and injuries, we have to compromise.  If we lost another five players your not going to say, ok lets not go get in any more players because we want same 8 people on the pitch every time?!? [/quote]
  12. [quote user="Ralph Wrong"] So the season will depend on our loan signings and the club needs stability. Could you then please explain to me in simple terms exactly how this stability is going to be attained with yet another year of loanees trailing in and out of the club throughout the season? We need permanent transfers, preferably good ones at that!  [/quote] Ralph, as i stated above on some points we have to comprimise, yes stability is the aim but with our current squad size and injuries with regards to our playing staff we have to make a comprimise, saying that i still think this can be achieved with signing players on loan with a view to making it permanent, if such players/deals are possible for us to arrange.
  13. [quote user="ZippersLeftFoot"]Stability goes through to the playing staff too and bringing in loan players for months here and there is good if the quality is good but undermines squad players confidence at the same time (eg what effect would bringing o''brien in had on shacks and doc?)  ompetition is good but healthier when its a fellow squad member rather than a loanee? How many short term loans are we allowed (we cant sign any longtermones until Jan) - I thought it was only 3?  If so do we risk signing one now or wait for another injury bearing in mind its three an a half weeks before Boyle returns?  [/quote]Agree on the playing staff, but i wasnt suggesting short term loans, having said I dont think we need to take each point to its extreme, yes we need stability but due to our playing squad size and current injuries to key players we have to compromise.I wasnt under the impression we had to wait until jan to sign long term loans, anyone know the rulings around these?  Surely we could sign people short term with a view to making them long term though, like we did with Huckerby?
  14. I''m sticking by Worthy and will continue to do so, its a sad indication of this board that i''m having to make such a statement after 2 loses, shock, horror, but the drama queens on this board do like to be centre of attention and i get sick of reading what they type.The same as I wouldnt say we have turned the corner if we win our next two, its all boiling down to the squad and unfortunately we do again have injuries to key positions.How we will do this season will hinge on our loan signings, until their in I wont make any predictions.If you want to throw the ''well i''ve felt this way since last season etc etc'' arguement into the arena, I feel that last season was down to three factors, a poor pre season, Foley''s absence through illness and alot of injuries, I dont think any one else in the same situation would of done better.Additionally dont come with any ''well why havent we signed so and so'' or ''this position has been left for ages'', you have no factual basis for any of these points so how you can base an arguement on such things is beyond me.A club needs stability.
  15. I cant say for certain as ive only listened to the commentary but it has given me that impression, i think this is why Worthington has been quite vocal about Andy O''brien, give him a little kick up the backside.
  16. Guys i wouldnt worry too much, from my experience of internet forums they are not really a true representation of the topic the present i.e. there is a very small proportion of Norwich fans on here with regards to the greater scheme of things.This is why when the call for Worthingtons head was at its peak, nothing happened, because the majority (as was indicated by various messages from the club) wanted to stick by him. What ever the opinion is on this board, because of the nature of the media its presented on, it is highly visible and that gives the appearance of being a majority consensus.I find the above a relief to be honest, there are so many people on this board that change their stance/opinion on a daily basis (how do you expect people to take you seriously?), continually slate players/club decisons but offer nothing in the way of how to address an issue and finally nearly every single negative mark on here is based on assumptions (and pretty stupid ones at that).So, although its difficult, i keep reading this board because you occassionally find out some interesting info or a good topic of discussion (i find zippersleftfoot''s posts a good read, although i dont always agree), the majority of posts you have to take with a pinch of salt.Its quite interesting how this board has reflected the demise, in my eyes, of canary mail.
  17. Worthington cant win on the squad front, if brings in squad players he will get moaned at for bringing in average players ala last season, if he misses out on adding quality to the squad he gets moaned at for not bringing any one in.Its really quite stupid to assume they havent brought any one in on purpose, its in there best interested to bring in new players if a). they add to the squad b). we can afford them.  If a player doesnt meet either of those we dont get him, simple.It amazes me the amount of silly statements that are made on here, if anyone took this forum seriously you would think there is some conspiracy by the board and the management to get us relegated!  On top of that the same protagonists change their mind like the wind, which just makes them laughable in my opinion!
  18. Completely agree, there are certain posters on this board that just plain embarrass themselves.They change their mind from match to match to point I pay very little attention to any thing they state as they obviously have very little conviction.I have stuck by worthy but i dont know whether we will win the division, if you could guarrantee we would have the same starting 11 we have had for the first 5 games then i would put money on it, but our season hinges on how we do in the transfer/loan market, which is out of our control.For some people to come out as soon as we have lost and claim Worthington should leave is just stupid.
  19. I wouldnt risk the doubtfuls and i think a show of faith in the squad players will not only be good for morale but will show that the places are genuinely up for grabs:                                    Gallagher                  Drury    Shackell      Doc    Collins                     Robinson     Safri         Hughes                        Croft        Earnie    McveighCampSpillaneRossi.JarvisRyan JarvisHenderson
  20. Dont expect any thing before october though, it needs to be apparent who''s doing what where first...
  21. I know what their doing isnt illegal but does any one here feel that football is becoming more corrupt by the day, there not even being subtle about it now, which in my opinion means some thing has got to give, you cant keep having these blatant flouting of the rules/sportsmanship and expect no consquences, i just wish people would start asking questions of the FA and Premier league, they wont do any thing until such time.
  22. [quote user="Temp the Revelator"]And yet on another thread you are advocating sigining a striker no-one else wants who is OLDER than Thorne........do you not see the irony in that?[/quote]I take it that was aimed at ''if your rubbish..''?
  23. [quote user="View From The Moon"]Sometimes this forum is bizarre, does anyone really think that the manager and board are pleased with the strength of the squad?  Or pleased to be playing in the Championship?  I think not, people don''t invest their money just for the sake of it they expect some form of return, the longer we stay in this league the more difficult it is going to be to get out (9 years was the last time).  Yes everyone on this board is disappointed at the lack of transfer activity (incomings anyway), myself included but the fact is the window is shut and there''s nothing we can do about it permanent wise until January, just get behind the team and pray that we encounter very few injuries.  Agreed, there is some shortsightedness regarding chasing players at the last minute of the transfer window when there is all summer but its gone, let''s not forget it''s the 11 players who have played on the pitch who''ve got us into a position where realistically we are contenders after the disappointment of last year.  Lets support the players that are here now for the next 4 months, if we get an injury in midfield, Hughes will play end of story, people may not like it but its a fact.  I may get slated but that''s fine I''d just rather support the 11 players that will be on the pitch starting against Coventry rather than moan about players who are not here "due to the board and the manager" [/quote]Good man, common sense does reign in some parts i see.
  24. I''m a little puzzled on the position of Thorne.  Would be nice to know officially what Nige''s view is on this player.  I take it he doesnt see the fella as a viable striker see he is never mentioned and we are searching for another target man, I wondered if this is purely down to the fact he is injured alot or some other matter.If we dont see him as a viable striker im not sure why we havent in the past placed him on the transfer list (probably not the best idea in light of our squad size at the moment).I''m unsure about this guy, he has played alongside Earnie before and is obviously happy as a squad player, he''s banged them in in the past for Cardiff at this level.  I dont know, maybe if he can get a run together injury free he could turn out like some of our other players who were rather lack lustre last season?Your thoughts?
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