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  1. I''d like to be Drury. Let people think they''ve got the better of me, before effortlessly taking the wind out of their sails....
  2. "if it wasnt for such a good home form we wouldnt of even finished mid table in those seasons" True of any side if you want to do well!
  3. I''ve seen him play plenty, and I wouldn''t change my opinion! Trust me! I''m very bullish! Anyway - it''s rather academic...!  
  4. Just don''t like him! Sorry - being human and having an opinion! He is a dirty player, he is too old and bottom line - I don''t like the shin kicking talentless ******* that are Blackburn and I especially don''t like their talisman. It''d like bringing Muscat in...
  5. On Lineker; it''s one thing being sued, it''s another when you win! Lineker won and everything he said was validated and justified - yes - it does go to show what happens when you stand up for you principals. Good on the man. On Newell; we haven''t heard anything because, funnily enough we arn''t the FA - he has agreed to tell the FA who those people are, and like Lineker I now have the utmost respect for the man! He isn''t going to throw mud at individuals - maybe he doesn''t want to get sued! :) He doesn''t seem to be that stupid and he is going to the correct authorities, who hopefully will turn these .... people over. Good on the man. On Pyro; I think you are dead wrong mate, sorry! :)
  6. Yes... because it''s often noted how people with money and footballing ability have massive heads to make Harewood such an exception!
  7. I don''t read these boards a fraction of the amount that some of you do, and I still remember Wizards 1st post along these lines and... "since Wiz has started his "come on opposition" posts we have won every game" might actually be the whole point... no-one notice the smiley winking thing as the topic icon? Come on kids.... engage brain before posting...!
  8. [quote user="morty"]Come on then moaners, where are you, let''s be having you!!! [/quote] Another great addition to pathetic one up manship. Well done.
  9. [quote user="KevinBoldero"] There is a big difference between a Fan and a  Supporter. Which one are you? [/quote] I''m a supporter. You are just pathetic! Sorry, but it''s true!
  10. [quote user="Yellow Fever"] Dumb - le, Do Opinion poles, message boards, Supporters groups all add up to 20,000 Season ticket holdes views, I THINK NOT ! [/quote] Ah! So you only listen to season ticket holders? Heres a season ticket holders opinion; WORTHY OUT. Got it now?
  11. F**k off Georgie Burley Oh what can it mean To a sad Scottish b**stard And my... own football team.   Doesn''t work for me.
  12. This may sound wierd, but he does only seem to play really good when he is pissed off with everyone else.
  13. I used to live in Luton. It is quite possibly the most horrible place in the galaxy.
  14. Actually that was the slogan of end of the Championship season - before we entered the Premiership.
  15. They are hardly gonna start slagging him off before they sack him!
  16. Well - the website says 2000 channels, and apparently you have to point the satellite dish in the direction of the direction of the satellite. Unfortuately, not being knowing the position in the atmosphere of all 2000 channels, it''s all a bit irrelevant...  
  17. He isn''t trying to rip off Sky! He was asking if there was a source - there is a source - www.canaries.co.uk You can listen to the local radio for either team (great considering how rubbish Norfolk radio is) and you can watch the highlights the day after. Very, very useful for out of towners like myself and yourself, dispite the fact that they can be a bit rubbish. Don''t leave it till the day to sign up - it takes more than few hours...!
  18. For the record: I thought we played well for most of the Luton match. We didn''t deserve to win because of dreadful defending, but we still played well for most of it. Dispair hit during QPR. QPR were AWFUL and we were worse. The performance was just dire (I can''t believe I took my girl along to that game as her first real Norwich game... I wonder if I''ll ever bloody convert her now!) I''m glad to hear we played better, dispite the loss - I think we all are!
  19. >> People have also suggested Keegan. I might be part of the Worthy Out crew, but lord! I''d never want that chump in charge. Ever. Sorry, Worthy. All is forgiven!
  20. You can take from me good football. You can take from me goals. You can take from me pride of supporting a great team. You can take from me the enjoyment of winning.     But I''m keeping ma'' pies.
  21. [quote]Yes, I completely agree - I do wonder who half these people are, I''ve been gonig to games since 1980, and have rarely heard of any of them other than Roy Blower, and he often seems to say the complet...[/quote] The pinkun needs to sell as many papers as it can. If it is of the "Worthy Out" opinion, it''s because they believe the majority of their readership share that opinion and wants to read a paper that shares that opinion.
  22. Considering we most often play a 4-3-3 formation, I can''t see your point.  
  23. Colin has been class this season. He was actually marking his man during the first goal, personally I feel it was more Ian "can''t tackle, won''t tackle" Henderson''s fault. Colin has shouting at him to mark the midfielder and just watched him run pass and didn''t follow.
  24. Not yet... But I think we will be. We have a quality team and the biggest problem is that we simply haven''t been in a winning mentality. Football is all about confidence - we start having a run of wins (or even wins and draws) and we''ll be there in no time. Now we''ve started winning a couple away from home, the wheels are starting to roll again! *cross fingers*
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