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  1. [quote user="JC"] I did see him wince and grab his crotch early in the game but figured he was just getting aroused....[/quote]By what exactly =P Haha made me laugh.Oh and btw wasnt this where he "had a go at the fans?"
  2. [quote user="Happyhammer/Andy"]We''ve all seen it  either, directly or indirectly. Parents &/or coaches shouting, swearing and almost coming to blows over their child''s Sunday morning game. Does this occur at games you watch? On Sunday, at my place, the opposition coaches had their heads locked together, swearing, and threatening each other whilst, the poor kids stopped warming up, and looked over in disbelief.  Does the parent''s actions influence the kids in anyway? Where does supporting the child cross over and become perhaps, detrimental? Do some of the parents who, have never played the game themselves, live out their ego through their kids, what do ya think? Should clubs be more responsible for spectator''s behaviour? Do you have any comments on Kids Sunday football matches. Andy.     [/quote user="Happyhammer/Andy"]I can say that, as a recently qualified Level 9 referee that all encounters with parents at matches I have officiated before (11 aside and Mini Soccer) have been extremely positive. In fact I am going tomorrow morning to officiate and coach at the Mini Soccer games nearby, so I will post about any parental disturbances.Wish me luck [:)] (first game as an "official" referee, though I have done a few before completing my test yesterday)Rct2mad
  3. I was going to go to the Blackpool match but that is too much for a match against not a great side. Disgraceful to be honest.Anyway thanks for the help people [:)]
  4. Me and my Dad are looking to go to some home league matches this season and I was wondering what the grades meant on the official website ticketing section. Also does anyone know what the prices are and the better matches to go to? (not in terms of teams, I know the better teams I just want to know which is better in terms of crowds etc) Thanks.Saturday 23 February v Barnsley KO 3pm Grade C Saturday 1 March v Blackpool KO 3pm Grade B Tuesday 11 March v Stoke City KO 7.45pm Grade C Saturday 22 March v Colchester United KO 3pm Grade B Saturday 5 April v Burnley KO 3pm Grade B Saturday 19 April v West Bromwich Albion KO 3pm Grade A Saturday 26 April v Queens Park Rangers KO 3pm Grade B
  5. Just watching Strihavka play for Slavia; just hit the post and has a black eye (had to admit I thought he was wearing eyeshadow on my first look) [:P]The shot which hit the post was a nice volley as well.Might have done a job here, but seems to be doing v.well at Slavia. Maybe he''ll get a callup to the Czech side if he finds form again.
  6. [quote user="Eam"]I thought I had read that they had changed the ruling on this. Must have dreamed it. Or its another ruling that the refs ignore like the 6 second limit on the ''keeper holding the ball.[/quote]Nope, Im learning about this at Referee courses run by the FA. Our "tutor" doesnt agree with them either, but he did say that it was because of brands and advertising. TBH it''s a disgrace, I know the referees dont like it but they have to do their job if they dont want to be sacked.
  7. [quote user="we8wba"][quote user="James Maloney"][quote user="jas the barclay king"] im suprised Boothroyd has lasted as long as he has at watford this season... they have had some shocking games! [/quote]Yeah, being first or second place in the league is really underachieving.[/quote] watford were 12pts clear mate, there form has been the worst of any team in the league this season oh and by way DOWIE BEEN SACKED!!! [/quote]Yay.Now for McCarthy
  8. [quote user="sam"]well don''t drink so much then, and so did i[/quote]love the avatar sam [:D]
  9. [quote user="1st Wizard"][quote user="James Maloney"][quote user="1st Wizard"] To win the manager of the month award....... Glen''s been ruddy brilliant for us so far, lets keep it that way shall we?. Ask the Cardiff manager as to why?.[:|] [/quote]Yeah, those pesky awards have really held back the careers of Ferguson, Wenger and Mourinho.  Give it a rest, will you?  Still nice to see you''re now behind "rat boy". [/quote] Go suck on a lemon James!   [:|] [/quote]You do it enough for everyone
  10. Not sure yet, but I downloaded the Soundpack addon for Fm08 so I will find the makers email and ask them. I agree, would be great to hear that at Carrow Road in FM! (currently 11th in Prem, and my managers called Iwan Roberts [;)])
  11. Does anyone know if you can download the music played at Carrow when Norwich score a goal? I want to add it to Footie Manager, and was just wondering if anyone knew where I could get it.Cheers [:D]
  12. [quote user="Michael Starr"]I''m also a bit of a Yeovil follower, i spent 6 years in the town and used to watch them as a season ticket holder when they were in the conference... during the days of Mickey Spencer and Paul Batty (YTFC may recall those days), i went to see them play a friendly pre-season v Portsmouth too. Big potential that club! Always have been. They''re the only professional club in Somerset. Big niche for talent, tons of schools and football league networks in Somerset. Also, very well supported, potential for major growth at Huish Park. BUT... they''ve found their level now i think, top end League one / Bottom end Championship. [/quote]Thankyou Michael, this is what I mean. Good potential and a very friendly club, with good fans and a fantastic catchment area for youngsters.
  13. on SSN the reporter at christie park where morecambe are playing bury he just said the above quote [:D][:P]
  14. [quote user="Burgandy"]i saw them arguing during the game over a tackle or something, roeder and clark were giving it some to the bury bench and the bury bench gave some back. good to finally see some competitive instincts on the home bench at carrow rd[/quote]haha I can remember that, i leant over and saw keith alexander giving lee clark a right mouthful and then him and roeder were at it for ages afterwards. i think it was after matty pattison''s tackle (which he got a yellow for)
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