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  1. Congrats on beating Scunthorpe. You had a good game and the 3 points are yours. As for the game i went to we were lucky to get a point let alone 3. Ipswich played crap and am thinking about maybe popping down to Carrow Road next year to watch a game.
  2. The reason for not renewing my season ticket is because i simply can''t afford it what with wanting to go Uni. Plus the fact i''ve not been enjoying the games i''ve gone to recently.
  3. How long have you ben supporting them and are you one of the dwindling crowd that goes to all home games? I''ve been supporting them for about 2 years. I have a season ticket but am considering not renewing next year.
  4. Knowing our manager he''ll go crazy when spending the money and we''ll end up with players who are not very good.
  5. Hopefully both our teams will be able to do well over the Christmas Period.
  6. Happy Christmas hope you get some points. Hopefully we''ll get our first away win either at Leicester or Coventry.
  7. As a fan i should be happy that we now have the money to get promotion but i''m not. Theres a feeling going round between other fans that if things go belly up he will sell his share and run leaving us in even more debt than we had before.
  8. I just wanted to say good luck to Norwich on Saturday. Scunthorpe were not an easy team to play last week and we were lucky to get the points.
  9. I didn''t see him myself but was just wondering how he could of been there thanks for clearing it up.
  10. Hi, Im an Ipswich Town supporter and apparently on Saturday Glen Roeder was spotted at Portman Road watching the game. He was probably watching how Scunthorpe play seeing as how you play them next. What i was wondering was how could he be at Portman Road when you had a game down the road at Colchester at 5:20. Surely he was with your team.
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