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  1. The problem with looking for players outside of the UK and EU are the very strict work permit regulations. Having to play 75% of games for one of the higher ranked countries in the world. Also an international scouting network would cost a significant amount of money and there is also the reoccurring problems that foreign players can have adapting to the English game. Many of the foreign players that come over to the English leagues are extremely well know in footballing circles, Manucho was being touted as the next big thing for at least 5 years, as was Valencia and Palacios, it is a matter of a team taking a gamble on them. Also Valencia was pretty horrendous at the beginning of his time in the Premier League but Wigan were prepared to stick by him. But neither came particularly cheap in the first place.
  2. Think it was to deal with Knightly, and after he went off injured Gunny made a early move to add a more attacking option in Carney. Was a pretty shrewd move all in all. Although it might be that Berty was injured and Gunny was forced into the change, doesn''t really matter, a good manager is a lucky one.
  3. This season has been littered with "false dawns", including another fantastic performance against Wolves earlier in the season. If Gunn can keep the momentum going he we be capable of doing what Roeder never did.We showed great spirit today, and Carney looked very impressive (I wonder where this leaves Hoolihan?).Here is to another good performance and a win against Bristol on Saturday. On the ball city!
  4. The only leagues they need worry about work permits is the English Leagues and Scotland, there are no such restrictions in the rest of Europe. Hence the large amount of South Americans in Spain and Italy (although there are often a restriction on the amount of non-EU players allowed in the squad). I had a feeling a lot of players might have a European passport hidden under their mattress somewhere.
  5. The SPL is a good place for a young player like Ched to gain a bit of a reputation for himself though. However, if he ends up warming the bench for Celtic his career could die there - where ever he goes he needs first time football week in week out otherwise he might become one of those players who promised much, but never delivered.
  6. Unless they have EU passports, or have played a lot of games for Australia, they won''t be getting a work permit.
  7. [quote user="The Walking Man"] Seems he was highly rated. Although I suspect his appointment is only for commercial reasons, we need to sell more shirts in the Far East and Down Under! [/quote]I know he was highly rated by those in the know in Japan, although no one really remembers his playing time for Hiroshima as he just blended in with the rest of the "hired guns" that flooded the J-League.Avispa Fukuoka are a very small team in Japan so not really a great amount of noticed was paid towards his time there.It''s a shame most of the players he will know of from Australia and Japan will never be able to play in England due to work permit regulations. I can''t speak for Australia, but I know there are a lot of very talented young Japanese players coming through the leagues after most clubs ran out of money and stopped paying fading international players huge wages.
  8. Chippy was a great player, but I don''t think he should become our manager - not yet anyway.He has no management experience in England, or anywhere else. Would love to see him as a coach or assistant and work up to manager from there. Also one of the comments on Radio Narfolk annoyed me, the guy said "if Crook came, a couple of weeks after a big strapping Aussie lad would follow who nobody has heard of but Crook knows from the Australian League" in theory lovely, in practice how is an unknown Aussie ever gonna get a work permit?
  9. Would not be too pleased if a manager was appointed without at least being interviewed once. Anyway, Delia isn''t even on the interview panel, well she wasn''t for Glenn Roeder.
  10. [quote user="Mutley"]It has always mystified me why any chairman in their right mind would employ any of the following: Bryan Robson Graham Souness Kevin Keegan Peter Grant Bruce Rioch Glenn Roeder Paul Jewell (latterly) Steve Mclaren So knowing our board as we do, I fully expect one of the above to be in place shortly!! If it is Keegan I most certainly wouldn`t Love it!!! [/quote] Mclaren is doing really well at the moment in Holland. Twente are sitting 3rd in the League. It made me realise how unrealistic some Norwich fans are about who we can attract to the club when managers like Mclaren are see as a bad option for the club. Not the above post in particular but just conversations I have had recently.
  11. [quote user="Jonny 5"]The report and what Worthy says don''t seem to add up.He says  "that any offer from Norwich be rejected", which is future tense not "the offer from Norwich should be rejected", as in we made an offer and they turned it down. There has been a lot of speculation about Worthy and it seems the Northern Ireland FA are getting in just in case we make an approach, and the BBC have taken this quote and taken it out of context. I''m still sure Boothroyd will be manager and either Gunny or Wright will take charge on Saturday.The sooner this is all sorted the better, we need to get some more loanees in. [/quote]Aw S##t, just say the official statement, thought it was someone jumping to conclusions.Hmm, this is a very strange decision, and not one I am entirely happy with. I know the board like Worthington, but seriously?? Backwards step surely.Still seems strange that Boothroyd is the one manager we have been seriously linked with not to have said anything to the media.
  12. The report and what Worthy says don''t seem to add up.He says  "that any offer from Norwich be rejected", which is future tense not "the offer from Norwich should be rejected", as in we made an offer and they turned it down. There has been a lot of speculation about Worthy and it seems the Northern Ireland FA are getting in just in case we make an approach, and the BBC have taken this quote and taken it out of context. I''m still sure Boothroyd will be manager and either Gunny or Wright will take charge on Saturday.The sooner this is all sorted the better, we need to get some more loanees in.
  13. Would really doubt it.If we haven''t got a manager in by then I''m pretty sure Tommy Wright would take charge given he has management experience so all the relevant qualifications.
  14. In a perfect world a good idea. There has been a fairly low percentage of out right failures in the young players he has brought in. Henry obviously wasn''t good enough, neither was Henville and Komora isn''t looking all that sharp (although that is a little harsh given the amount of time he has spent injured). A lot of people will say Gibbs was a failure, and although he didn''t reach the heights of Ched, he wasn''t bad and is now often in the Arsenal squad.I think Roeder''s future lies in youth development, or being Director of Football somewhere, Wenger was thinking about this before Glenn came to Norwich. It would of been impossible to move Roeder upstairs and bring in another manager. Which manager would want to come to a club knowing the previous manager was still around?I wish Roeder luck, despite his arrogance (which I personally feel is a good trait in a manager), he has the right idea about how to get teams playing and suffered from not having the money to get the players he really wanted. I doubt Sibi was his first choice, hence waiting until the last day of the transfer window. The timing was right for him to go, but we now have to get an instant reaction, the next three games are so vital. The decision of who to make next manager, which I think has already been made, is probably the biggest decision in the clubs recent history and a poor choice will mean League 1 football for at least a couple of seasons.Good luck to the next guy, whomever he may be (personally I want an Aidy/Malky good guy/nice guy team)
  15. No one seems to have mentioned him so far. Use to be a manager in Northern Ireland, and would be the cheap option. Also the only coach Roeder brought in who wasn''t given the boot.It''s a shame Stevenson and Sadler had to go as they both seem good coaches, but it is important to get a clean break.To be honest, I think the appointment has already been agreed behind closed doors, especially since Cureton has been brought back. Hopefully there will be a positive announcement tomorrow, although I''m sure about 50% of the posters on here will be unhappy no matter who is the new manager is and his downfall will be predicted only minutes after his first press conference.
  16. And would like to see Eddie Bothroy as manager. Think someone might have been a little confused. Not that Neil corrected him of course.
  17. Crook + ContactBowen + ContactCrook + BowenDion + ContactBoothroyd + MalkyMalky + IwanAnd a risky one....... Dion + Hucks That is a nice list of legends at Carrow Road, although not much attention was paid to Boothroyd until he left. Unfortunately none of them, except Boothroyd and Malkay for a couple of weeks, have any managerial experience. Crook was a blinding player, but has never done much on the coaching side, apart from a second rate Japanese club and some stuff in Australia, and he has little desire to come manage in England. Enjoying the lifestyle in Australia too much so I hear.If we were to lose Roeder (a mistake in my opinion), we should get a proven manager in. One of the most important things to have for a manager with little money to spend is contacts, Grant proved that by not having any. Everyone would love to see a former hero on the pitch doing us proud on the side lines, but I fear if any of these players were given the reins we would start to resent them, like we did Megson. (I notice his name isn''t there)
  18. [quote user="1st Wizard"]All I will say is that I like left footed players on the left side, and right footed players on the right![/quote]   So you didn''t like the right footed Darren Huckerby playing on the left wing?
  19. not the Reading game... after the Ipswich game on Dec 7th.Sorry[:$]
  20. he goes back after the Reading game, but we can extend afterwards as players currently on loan can have their deal extended after the deadline.The loan system is really confusing, with what seems like 100s of exceptions. I believe we can still arrange international loan deals outside the window as well, but who knows.
  21. Oh, well that will teach me for trusting the Official Norwich City website. Was Kienast any good then?
  22. He was subbed off after 18 mins, so looks like that won''t be going ahead.
  23. Considering the state of the club when he got he, and the meager transfer budget he has been given, I think he has done alright.He kicked out god knows how many poor or truly awful players and has managed to replace all of them with players of better quality across the pitch. Who would you rather have Clingan or Brellier? Murray or Stefanovic? Obviously with so many new players coming in, some haven''t hit the highs everyone would of been hoping, while some have over achieved. Our prediciment has been created by Grant''s horrendus transfer market activities draining all of the remaining parachute payment money and lumbering us with an over inflated wage budget. (I dread to think what we are paying Jamie)I struggle to see how any other manager would of done much better than Roeder, who after all has uncovered some good players in Ched Evans, Ryan Bertrand and Sammy Clingan who no one here had heard of before he signed them.The team has been chopped and changed due to injuries and suspensions, and if you look at when the few occasions we have remained unchanged it was the Plymouth to QPR game and the Wolves to Doncaster game, which doesn''t really back up the fact an unchanged squad leads to improved performances.We all want to be higher up the league, but to expect that to happen instantly is unreasonable, considering some of the money other clubs are spending.I''m prepared to give him more time, and hopefully he will get some more money for January and can start to bring in more players to bolster the squad and get us the striker and extra central midfielder we so need.
  24. To be honest, I doubt we were ever paying his wages.With most loan arrangements of youth players like Troy, the original club pay the wages but send the players out for experience. As he wasn''t getting it here, he has gone to train at Tottenham, so his new manager can have a look at him. Sometimes most people on here are looking for petty issues to have a go at the club about, without understanding anything about how football clubs actually operate.
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