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  1. does anyone agree that Peter Grant is possibly trying to turn Norwich into an all scottish team? I seriously think he may push for Norwich to be playing in the SPL next season as he seems like he doesnt really care about the league! Surely he could look in England for players to come on loan, from what i saw on sunday in the Carling cup final, Arsenal have some decent young players who would value 1st team football and could get here till end of the season? Fair enough going to Scotland looking for players but lets face it the SPL isnt the greatest league is it? O and a rumour i heard from someone at work is that Curbishley has got 3 games or so to turn it around or hes gone and West Ham are lining up Peter Grant  to lead them in the Championship if they get relegated, has anyone eles heard this?
  2. I think if we play like we have been we can do it for sure but palace,southampton and wba arnt going to make it easy4 us!
  3. I dont know if anyone eles felt this but what was worthys reason for bringing on Holt? why put him on the right where hes played most of his football in the middle with francis? i would of took bentley off and bring on edworthy and push helveg into right midfield with edworthy right back, just a thought. Both of them can cross a ball brilliantly...when Holt crossed it, it went straight to the newcastle defender and was cleared. what does everyone eles think?
  4. i think we played well with out huckerby on wednesday night. i thought Huckerby being to far forward made us weaker down the left. Carr was constantly getting forward.Jonson came on and done a brill job. why drop mckensie when finally wev found a great striking partnership. thats my opinion i just think that we have shown that were not a one man team and can play with out Huckerby.
  5. i heard today dat Roma would want 4mill 4 him, with tottenham and porto after him.
  6. there the ole balls, heard the prem are usin the blue ones
  7. yeh i think we do have to stick by them, we have the potential to stay up with bentley and jonson, and we have a squad that sven may have to look at, with drury and Green playing outstanding.
  8. Im nt sure about Kanu, i heard west brom is payin him more than there top players, so i dont think norwich would have offered him the money west brom have
  9. To be honest i think Svensson will be one of our best players, hopefully hucks to, but he couldnt do it for man city in the prem so im not really sure what to expect from huckerby this season, but had a blinder last season so he may be able to show us all that hes good enough for the prem! lets all see next saturday!
  10. Saw the game, daryls goal was a gd 1, jones didnt have a chance. Nice to see old norwich boys do well.
  11. na he wsnt class or dt gd reali in euro so i dnt think he would be a gd asset to the squad
  12. i thorught it sounded interesting, lets all hope it happens
  13. honest my m8 liam stuart told me but he isnt always very reliable. il have words liam to find out more
  14. the signs are happening this could be and early exit for Robert Green
  15. My mate knows terry the kit man who was told by the kit man at west ham, that Harewood is unhappy, because of him being pushed onto the right side of midfield because of Rebrov and shreingham up front. He was also told he wants a move to Norwich and they have been in talks 4 the last 2weeks, he is said to be signed by tuesday.
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