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  1. Will do, Thanks for the advice, just hope the trip isnt wasted now!!! :-)
  2. Fantastic, well i''ll give them a call then. Not really sure what time i should be getting there for? do they train all day?This is my only idea for my Dads xmas pressie so he best like it!
  3. well i''m going down next tuesday so i''ll give it a go?Does anybody know what time i should get there for?thanks
  4. Fantastic, does anybody know how easy it is to obtain an autogragh?Do i stand any chace at all?
  5. Thanks!! I dont blame them that place is full of bargains! :-)Im thinking of going to a training session next tuesday. you can only hope.
  6. Could anybody tell me if the gates at Colney are kept closed during training sessions now? I read a post on the Official Site a few months ago that said that its no longer accessible for the fans?If anybody knows how easy it is i would be really greatful.regards
  7. Thanks for that!!!REALLY need this for my Dad for xmas what are the chances of finding the squad??I''m prepared for steakout!!regards for the map
  8. Hello,Does anybody know where abouts the training ground would be for the team?I''m on a mission for an autograph for xmas!!Your feedback would be great!!Neal
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