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  1.   It feels like it is written in the stars that Liverpool are winning the title this year, pretty much everything seems to be going their way.  You can hear the hum of the plastic scousers already and its gonna get deafening for the next year I''m going to need earplugs!!
  2. [quote user="mrs miggins"]why are we undermining arsenal when we''ve just been beaten by Fulham. We need to get at least 4 points in the next 4 games, who knows where they''ll come from, we need to keep working hard and do our best, theres nothing else we can do[/quote]   With a better GD than Fulham I still think 1 point might actually be enough cos from what I can see despite winning 2 games (against a rubbish Villa and us) they are still pretty shite
  3. [quote user="CanaryOne"]The way Spurs are playing right now Fulham could be above us by 2.30 Saturday , Cardiff should join us with a home win over Stoke . [/quote]   Nothing like a bit of positive thinking.  Cardiff''s last home game was a 3-0 defeat to Palace, and Stoke are in good form.  Tottenham came back from a horrible start and 3-0 down to draw 3-3 on Saturday, they should have enough to beat Fulham.
  4. [quote user="Rogue Baboon"][quote user="Herman "] [quote user="Brienne"]Whats your prediction Herman, stay up or go down[/quote] It all comes down to the Mackems. Win and we should stay up. Just. Lose and that is it. That''s if yesterday''s mess hasn''t dissolved all remaining confidence the players have. It sure has mine.     [/quote] what if we draw though? surely at this stage it is just as bad as a defeat [/quote]   No because if we lose to Sunderland that gives them 3 points and they are currently below us in the league, whereas if we draw they still stay the same amount of points behind us as at the start of the game.  Although obviously we really want to win to increase that gap!
  5.   It will just be Villa getting very fortunate in their desperate attempt to bulk their squad up for little money, mainly it seems with players Lambert has worked with before
  6.   Did no one else see the Daily Record piece about how Lennon was watching out match because Celtic are trying to buy Snodgrass?  Seems likely, although not at the price Celtic seem to want to pay (£4.25m)
  7. [quote user="Phillip J Fry"]Can we just forgo the mangerial debate for one day, please? We''ve won a f***ing game, can we celebrate that before we start the whole Hughton in/out fiasco again? [:''(][/quote]   In total agreement.  Anyone with half a brain knows the board are not going to change the manager after today, so why the repetitive, monotonous arguments, lets just enjoy the fucking win!
  8.   Still settling into the loss of Bale, lots of new players trying to settle in, hopefully a half-decent time to be playing them!
  9. [quote user="Making Plans"]After 2 games the bottom of the table already has a very "end of season" look about it. I think you can assume that Swansea, Everton and WBA probably won''t stay down there so once you''ve taken them out of the equation then you''re pretty much left with the teams that will be fighting it out to avoid the drop. Even at this early stage I''d be surprised if it wasn''t any 3 from Stoke, Cardiff, Fulham, Hull, Norwich, Sunderland, Newcastle and Palace [/quote]   I wouldn''t be too quick to say WBA will easily pull away from the bottom, what with no goals from two games, their marquee signing wanting to retire and seemingly not a lot of money to spend.  They could be in for a season of struggle.
  10. [quote user="PortlandCanary"]I''ve been saying that Swansea is over rated for ages now. Everyone says that they will have a top ten finish. I beg to differ.[/quote]   Top ten? I''ve seen numerous pundits say about challenging top 6 and maybe even a Champions League place!!
  11. http://www.football365.com/faves/8777754/F365-Says   Not saying Tovoinen would be good for us or not, but interesting article nonetheless
  12. [quote user="Yorkshire Canary"]A few twists and turns along the way yet but Norwich relegation now looking probable rather than possible. If Wigan beat Swansea then I think that is it. We have the worst GD which will kill us and we cannot buy a win.[/quote]   Think you could do with another look at the league table and respective GDs before making such a bold comment lol
  13. [quote user="Not Nigel"]"You just made that up didn''t you?" They didn''t become mandatory until 1990 and the hardmen didn''t wear shinpads. George Best didn''t used to wear them very often![/quote]   but he still managed to walk from the field at the end of the game in the majority of matches
  14. [quote user="Ha ya got a loight boy"]In most walks of life, if you''re good enough you''re old enough.    There is a totally false mechanism that works in the premiership in that you''re only good enough if you are cynical, money grabbing and have a fancy foreign name. Rudd and Steer, given the opportunity would do ok imo.   You have to be brave to give youngsters a chance.  Quite often they will surprise you and learn quickly.   But..............they don''t get the chance   They can''t get the experience at the top level, because they''ve got no experience at the top level.   So they have to go to lower leagues on loan where they get experience at being lower league players.   Where is the logic?    Like I said it should be - if you''re good enough, you''re old enough.  Put them in the first team occasionally and let them learn the hard way.    Paul Lambert follows that rule and just maybe he is right. [/quote]   Have to agree with that completely.  In my opinion if Rudd or Steer were on the bench they would have done just as well as  Camp if called upon against Sunderland.  Remember against WBA in the cup last year?   Its just at the moment it is better for them to be on loan than sitting on the bench every game.    Dont blame Rudd for saying something like that, he needs game time now to develop.
  15. [quote user="Not Nigel"]"If it was Stoke player there would be pitchforks at the ready by now" Ryan Shawcross''s challenge on Laurent Koscielny last month should have been a red too, but it wasn''t, didn''t see many pitchforks. Football is getting soft, you would have got several challenges like that every game in the 1950''s and they didn''t wear shinpads. They should make the Newcastle team play the Wigan Warriors next time, that will shut them up.[/quote]   yeah so the ''in my day'' response?   so in the 1950''s there were several players stretchered off with suspected ligament damage every game?  Cos it doesnt matter what era we are talking about that is the only result from that challenge
  16. [quote user="Not Nigel"]Was entitled to go for the 50/50, missed the ball and caught the player. I don''t think there was any intent.[/quote]   What has intent got to do with it?  He was high, reckless and with excessive force.  A red card challenge every time, and if any of the officials in charge on Sunday think otherwise I hope they never are in charge of a match again!   If it was Stoke player there would be pitchforks at the ready by now.
  17.   Why would we expect anything else?  Typical bottling FA unable to make a decision.  One official apparently saw it, so that must be the linesman on the same side but was standing 40+ yards away, he obviously did not see it properly.   McManaman might not have went in to deliberately injure an opponent but he went so hard that when he caught the player''s knee his other foot also left the ground.    Wigan''s approach in this throughout has been disgraceful, first Martinez then Whelen going on about it is a fair challenge he got the ball and followed through.  I''m sorry but I hope we can wipe the club''s smug grin off their face when we play them!
  18. [quote user="GJP"]Yeah, not really surprised about this. Don''t think he''s got enough to make it at this level and I''m not sure he''d make it at the top end of the Championship either but I''m sure he''ll be able to carve out a decent career in league football.[/quote]   what exactly brings you to this assumption?  
  19. [quote user="lincoln canary"]Depending on the wigan result I predict 37/38pts if wigan lose/draw today, and 41/42 if they win.[/quote]   41/42 to avoid relegation?  after watching today can you see Sunderland getting to that figure?   There are 5 teams between us and the relegation zone, and they all have to pick up more points than us, I think Sunderland, West Ham and Southampton have more to worry about
  20. [quote user="lincoln canary"]No Stoke are better than us.[/quote]   I realise you are not the most positive person in the world but please elaborate as to how Stoke are better than us.  I''m quite sure when looking at the table they are on exactly the same amount of points after the same amount of games?
  21.   Must admit I felt like covering my eyes for the last 10-15 minutes, only problem was I was at work with it on right in front of me lol
  22.   Two very good goalkeeping displays, if it wasnt for Cesar we would have scored 2 or 3 goals today, he pulled off some real top draw saves to deny us.  Bunn equally made some great saves, particularly the penalty it was a good stretch to stop it.
  23. Yorkshire Canary wrote the following post at 02/02/2013 6:17 PM: Away from home to a side that has just spent £20m.This was a must win game for us and they should have thrown the kitchen sink at us. Ok we are dropping down the places in the league but the gap with 18th club is still 7 pts   Hope that was a typo, that was a must win for them in their position not us, and a point keeping them at the bottom was a good point for us
  24.   Would be nice to get the win but its not exactly a win or bust situation like some people try to paint.      Here is some perspective, on 17th December at the end of our unbeaten run we were in 8th and 10 points clear of the relegation places.  Now after such an awful run, albeit with some difficult games, we are in 14th but still 7 points clear of the relegation zone.  In 8 games the gap has closed by just 3 points.  I know we need to pick points up still but it is not panic stations imo.   While I have my stats out did you know that when Harry took over QPR they were 6 points from safety, and now 12 games later they are......6 points from safety!!
  25. [quote user="Dibs"] Norwich accepted a transfer fee of 5m back in July 1994 for Sutton and 7m for Dean Ashton in 2006, yet we still can’t bring ourselves to spend anywhere near that today. Why are we living in the past, we will blow this opportunity to stay in the premiership if we don’t invest and move with the times. Spend a bit more now and let’s start being a bigger club. [/quote]   And I am sure I am correct in saying £5m for Sutton was a British record transfer fee when it happened in 1994, sure I''ll be corrected if I''m wrong!
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