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  1. If you come off M60 Sign posted Trafford park Freight Liner it is with in 5 minutes walk. just before the FL depot you come in to the Village and parking in 1st 2nd and 3rd Avenues are ideal in 2dn ave is a pub called the Village inn, I should point out its an industrial and not residential village a bit further on is Shaw road which leads you on to Busby Way
  2. phoned my Nephew up in Birmingham, a Villa share holder, Wait for it Rumour has it they have been in touch with Norwich. but I think that is the level of the yam yams intelligence to start those sort of slanderous rumours
  3. And I have said it before and I will say it again, OP, A REAL FAN SHOULDN''T HAVE TO ASK THAT QUESTION.
  4. [quote user="The Great Mass Debater"]Thank god they havent predicted us to win! Merson showing his ignorance in stating he doesnt know why we sacked him before this game. Surely the idea is obvious? Having watched any of our recent ''must win games'' that much would be apparent?[/quote] And their speaks a man who couldn''t a 3rd div team like Walsall town and admitted he was a C**p manager So he knows a lot
  5. [quote user="railwaycanary"]Hughton''s dot to dot style of football is just so predictable, there was so little movement our central defenders had no one to pass to than each other, I am going to Fulham in hope rather than expectation but we need to pull a performance from somewhere.[/quote] Get rid of him and bring in Colin, at least he will put the fight back into the squad, If he keeps us up then give him the job full time
  6. [quote user="iron_stan"]jesus wept no no no no no no no no and noif this is the level of our ambition we will be in the same struggle to survive yet againdont waste money on old menwe need two new centre back and a new right back, an attacking midfielder and a left footed version of redmond, and thats not even mentioning the strikerswe need young and hungry not old and decrepit and looking for one last pay day, we should be looking to bring in players like harry maguire, will hughes, naughton, bertrand, ings[/quote] Forgive me do but I remember fans saying the same thing about Dion Dublin, ???????????????
  7. [quote user="TCCANARY"] Nearly as funny as Pardew''s "I was pushing him away with my head". Fellaini unrepentant and claims Zabaleta ''ran into my elbow'' during derby collision Marouane Fellaini has described his forearm smash on Pablo Zabaleta as an accident and claimed it was jaw to elbow, rather than the other way round. Fellaini caused uproar in the Manchester derby at Old Trafford when he swung an elbow into the side of Zabaleta''s face and flattened the City right-back. [/quote] He''s a thug and hope the F A pick up on the Video and ban him for the season run in, It was an obvious elbow to head and he braced himself for the contact
  8. [quote user="Jimbo Canary"][quote user="lake district canary"][quote user="Jimbo Canary"]I see the ''IN'' boys are getting their excuses in good and early for Saturday! [:|][/quote] Thanks Jimbo. That''s a really insightful and constructive post. Contributed a lot to the debate, did that..... [/quote] Oh do be quiet for once in your life you silly little twerp. [/quote] Haven''t you ever been told Jimbo, Never argue with Children?
  9. [quote user="nutty nigel"]What do we do about the summer transfer window? Do we go with previously identified targets and hope the new man likes them? Or do we put the whole thing on hold ''til the new manager has been recruited and then let him help decide. If we do the latter we will certainly only pick up the scraps. I''d sack him now if the inetention is to sack him in the summer. Failing that wait until the international break in October. If the intention is to sack him allowing him to identify where we spend next season''s millions seems a rum ol'' kettle of fish to me... [/quote] I think IMO that he will be here next season, he has done his job as set out by the board, (KEEP US UP) will be given an extension to his contract and given a bigger budget in the summer.
  10. [quote user="crabbycanary"]Ok Matt, that''s a small area of improvement I would say. At the same time give the guy some credit for actually posting it on here. No one else had bothered.[/quote] Yes I''m going and avoiding M11 M25 and M4 on the English side and save money.
  11. [quote user="AidanC"][quote user="Le Juge"]"Someone to replace Wes" I don''t understand where people have got the idea that we have ever needed to replace Wes, all we have needed to do to make our team work is play Wes.[/quote] Considering his January shenanigans with all the BS of "never playing for norwich again" I highly doubt in the summer he will stay, I would assume as soon as the door opens he will already be in the car down to Aston villa.[/quote] From what I hear from my family in Birmingham Lambert won''t be at Villa,
  12. [quote user="York Canary"]Or if anyone has a spare ticket they want to sell that would be pretty damn epic! Just pm me[/quote] Try phoning the ticket office as they are still on General sale, good luck
  13. Can we please have our YELLOW nets back
  14. They said last season we would finish 17th we ended up in 11 And I think we will end up higher than 16th this season they predict Swansea are not the team they were last season and West Brom too along with Hull have a bumpy run in
  15. [quote user="shefcanary"]Isn''t that our defence?[/quote] I thought we had 11 Statues on the pitch every week
  16. [quote user="Yellow Oracle"]My esteemed sources who cannot be revealed have informed me that Steve Clarke has already been lined up to take charge this week. In preparation for this moment he has been studying Norwich games for the last month, so he can make a immediate impact against Sunderland. The board has been won over by his style and plans to get the best out of RVW and Hooper whose struggle for goals has undermined Hughton''s position after the record outlay of capital in the summer.[/quote] In the same way Peter Grant did, Look what happened there
  17. [quote user="Making Plans"][quote user="Rogue Baboon"]Not a single mention of Norwich at all[/quote]What could the possibly have said that the whole World doesn''t know already?[/quote] I DON''T BOTHER TO WATCH BBC ANYMORE.
  18. [quote user="A Load of Squit"][quote user="Holtcantshoot"]Was just wondering whether anyone else is beginning to experience the same growing sense of indifference towards this current Norwich team as I am at the moment? I can remember for the last 20 years or so hoping we''d one day reach the top flight again and establish ourselves as a Premier League team. However strangely with the current manager and squad I just seem to have stopped really caring about how they do. I look at the general effort levels of players like Leroy Fer, Wolfswinkel and Bassong, the general unwillingness to take on personal responsibility in the team, players continuous disloyalty and attempts to leave such as Holt, Hoolahan and Ruddy and the managers negative tendencies that stretch to trying to hold on for a 4-1 defeat at Aston Villa and I can''t honestly say I care if they stay up and keep their inflated £20k+ weekly wages or not.The extra money from the league only seems to be slipped into the back pockets of average foreign journeymen shipped in from other sides who''d been relegated before us. If we''re not improving the stadium and building for the clubs future does it matter if Delia and her cronies get a bonus at the end of the year?Don''t get me wrong, I don''t want us to get relegated as such. I just don''t really mind. A bit like when you go to watch a film and the plots so dull you stop really caring what happens to the characters.[/quote]What bonus would that be? [/quote] Correct me if I''m wrong, But we were in this position this time last season and the season before, and as far as I can see we will always be in the bottom half until we can get ourselves a sugar daddy to stump up the cash to bring in the big name players, So I think we have to learn to put up with our position for a while longer
  19. [quote user="Warren Hill"]Injuries=excuses.[/quote] The reason why he never scored is the same as RVW No service
  20. [quote user="Jimmy Smith"]For what seems such a 50/50 thing to me, perhaps as fans we''re that bit too scared of relegation we think there is more of a chance of it happening. I don''t want to bet against my own team, but a hundred on that with 400 return could buy me a nice long boozy weekend somewhere sunny to drown my sorrows and if we stayed up, i''d be reasonably happy to part with the hundred anyway. Very tempting but I don''t think I could live with myself for doing it![/quote] They never get it right anyway, all the odds put on during a match never comes off, just think how much they make when Mugs go to the bookies
  21. [quote user="Simple Jack"]Booooooooooooooooooo![/quote] Simple Jack,???? As a complete outsider to the Human race, How does it feel,? Wes has said he is committed to the Club so why do the Moronic thing and Boo him? I guess we have to learn to put up with Village idiots
  22. [quote user="iwansnorwich"][quote user="sgncfc"]I don''t feel sorry for him at all. His form has been inconsistent at best and he is the 4th best English keeper. Still not bad, bit no Brazil for him I don''t think.[/quote] There is absolutely no way on this earth that ben foster is a better goalkeeper than john ruddy.[/quote] Neither is Hart, Hart is a stopper not keeper, he use''s his feet more than his hands he punches more than he catches, and he has to keep his hair neat and tidy.
  23. [quote user="nutty nigel"][quote user="CanarycatJnr"]Very poor. Especially considering its Duncan Forbes day. Not that they will know or care. whole club getting behind a massive servant suffering from a mental illness Promoting financially supporting him through his care and your mates what to stop people going. amazing just i keep finding more reasons to love this club and i keep hearing of moans. if u don''t want to go fine. but my god let somebody else go get behind the team and Duncan Forbes.[/quote] [Y] [/quote] in their defence, Duncan Forbes day was only announced yesterday, They could have change of heart and I will do my best to get them there. Before anyone asks none are family of mine
  24. [quote user="woostercanary"]Maybe you misheard and it was PSV ....... That might widen the options. [/quote] Now I''ve got one of them as well
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