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  1. [quote user="crabbycanary"]Agree with Morty I actually see it, that the longer it goes on , it''s more likely Adams won''t get the job[/quote] And yet another Guess who thread
  2. I''m no fan of Scottish football have always thought our Lg1 is better, some have said that we won''t get Lennon due to us dropping out of the premier league, but its in my opinion that the only way he will get to manage a team in the Premier league is if he gets a team promoted into the league, Could that be us, Could it also see players like Hooper Wolfi start to score goals and if If we were to lose Ruddy we might just stand a chance of getting Forster
  3. [quote user="kev g"]Yep still here, i look in everyday but don''t post because of the idiotic posters that that could start a fight in an empty room, and have their fan club meetings in a phonebox.[/quote] What ?on here, surly not,
  4. Season ticket in envelope waiting addressed to D, McNally if this appointment is confirmed.
  5. [quote user="H4H"]With MM as manager and NA First Team Coach.[/quote] Yer right
  6. The only way I would allow him to leave is if he paid back the £8MIL Hoots wasted on him, All I say is good job we didn''t pay the full £17m they wanted in the first place
  7. [quote user="ncfcstar"]No one is actually taking anything Tan says seriously right? Because if you are then you need to take a long hard look at yourself![/quote] I''m not interested in what Tan says either,But Don''t need him to tell me we don''t want Malky either That''s My opinion
  8. [quote user="AndyCanary"]I think if Norwich was further North then it would be a possibility. I don''t think the board will think of Grant as fondly as we do. After all the contract nonsense.[/quote] Do you think if I asked for my share of the profit on selling him would do any good to help my bank balance ?
  9. [quote user="Phillip J Fry"][quote user="canaryfairy"]"It is understood that with add-ons the actual transfer fee was almost £11m and Cornelius''s salary over a five-year contract, plus a £1.25m signing-on fee, meant Cardiff committed themselves to a total outlay of more than £20m." http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/0/football/25944081 Absolutely ridiculous! I thought Malky was a good manager but this deal was madness. And I thought RVW was the worst deal last summer.[/quote]Mackay doesn''t control the money and I highly doubt he is involved in wage negotiation. I honestly wouldn''t be surprised if Tan and his CEO sanctioned the deal without realising that they''d been screwed by Copenhagen and when they finally realised this they then did everything they could to try and recoup their losses.[/quote] Think Its Tans way of sticking the knife in and trying to tell other clubs not to employ him. but I don''t need Tan to tell me that.
  10. [quote user="Indy_Bones"][quote user="AndyCanary"]I doubt whatever happens there will be much chance of him scoring against us next season :)[/quote]What about the possibility of him scoring FOR us next season?Hardly had the best of times at Wigan and whilst he''s clearly on the decline and it was the right move for us at the time, if we could get a cheap deal to use him as a backup option imagine the boost it would give around the club this season.Don''t see it happening tbh, but I''ve seen far stranger suggestions and ideas recently.[/quote] The thought appeals but He is more likely to sign for Carlisle in the summer,
  11. [quote user="Bagpuss"]And there was me thinking Malky won the Championship with Cardiff scoring lots of goals in the process. [/quote] He is not wanted here, As its been said before we are not broke we should be the strongest club next season, to bring Malky in will be like pouring cold water on the fans again, We need a manager of experience of winning, 1 promotion is not experience, Look at the history books we know what happens when a former player at the club takes over, To think when Hughton took over he was the envy of a lot of people, he took over a vibrant club that was on the up. All he achieved was to Equal Roeder''s record in destroying this Our great club, I''m sorry but it will get worst if Malky comes
  12. [quote user="AJ"]I know a Brighton fan rather well and he recons they were lucky to make the play offs. I''m not sure he''s a better choice than Malky really. At least Malky will have plenty of passion![/quote] Just like Gunn, we don''t want Malky
  13. [quote user="YellowNets1901"]Malky and Moody (DoF), I think.[/quote] I for 1 will be very disappointed if Malky gets the job, the same tactics as Hughton defence and Gungho
  14. [quote user="morty"]Ruddy has confirmed that he has been left out.Disappointing.[/quote] Always knew this would happen Hodgson Foster thing goes back a while now and only named Ruddy as an after thought Foster is no way a better keeper
  15. [quote user="morty"]There hasn''t been a point where he hasn''t had my vote.As for "messed up big time" after having chatted to him I am happy that he made the decisions he did, always, in the best interests of the football club, as he points out, its easy with hindsight. But unfortunately his position means he has to carry the can.[/quote] Agree totally, If we are to regain promotion McNally is the key man and must be given the backing from everyone
  16. [quote user="Norfolk Canary"]As long as it''s not Malkly I''ll be happy. Good Championship manager but we''d be back to square one with Hughtonesque tactics if we were promoted...............[/quote] In all fairness we are not broke, we are better situated than the rest in the Championship, so in my mind the club has to think big and go for a top man, With millions come in we have to go for it to give us a crack at bouncing back in the top2 come next may. Lets stop all this Lennon Malky talk we are a big club and should act like it and not go for cheap options all the time
  17. Not at all surprised by this, as he was spotted sitting with the Norwich board at the Chelsea game last week
  18. [quote user="ZippersLeftFoot"]Absolutely no chance of an announcement to be made tomorrow but also agree that it will be less than a week before we are told the clubs direction at a season closing press conference. We are attractive to a wide group of potential managers, we have a very good core of championship quality players - try and keep as much quality as possible and get them playing with a clear style and team spirit - our last two promotions came on the back of the whole squad knowing the teams style, their role within it when called upon because the manager set a clear direction. Strong mental attitude the core to the players fulfilling their potential, it was missing this year, as Nutty might say, grow some.[/quote] Knowing a few brummies'' as I do I have been lead to believe Malky is destined to be manager at the Hawthorns next season, I really do hope so
  19. [quote user="crabbycanary"]I think R Bennett and Turner would be a great CB partnership next season. Turner may have been on the cards to be let go by CH this Summer. Now CH has gone, Turner is in a bit of a pickle, or may have something already lined up, as a consequence of that, depends on how quick a permanent manager is appointed I guess.[/quote] Which is why an experienced manager is an important decision over all, and not meaning cheap options like Malkey or Adams, We have the funds to bounce back, but only if its sorted quick.
  20. [quote user="Barclay seats 48/49 the 3rd"]Its stated in todays Pink un write up ...out of contract Does that mean he can''t be offered a new one?
  21. We''ve got to keep the bulk of them to give us some chance to bounce back
  22. Colin or Malky ,? No contest Colin gets my vote, why well he plays good attacking football and players respect him and he has a lot to offer any club, and on the same note Please no to Big Sam
  23. [quote user="Norma Stick"][quote user="morty"]Lineker is a jug eared, crisp eating, goal hanging, Olympic grade bell-end. FACT! [/quote] Couldn''t agree more [/quote] He was always vastly over rated as a player I can''t remember him do any blistering runs through a defence to score goals the ball was usually put on his foot inside the box, you could also say the same for the clowns who sit with him on the program Hanson and Lawro probably the worst players ever to kick a ball
  24. wouldn''t let any of them go They got us in this mess they should be made to stay and get us out of it
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