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  1. [quote user="The Butler"]How times have changed The belted white mac with the red lining...pack of flip top Kingsway heading for the Gala or Samson or even Normans (Can anyone else remember Normans in the early 60''s). Buy pinkun then burger and chips in Walleys while you read the reports then dancing until they closed at ....11.00 pm! (Yes you had to read the Saturday report, you couldn''t play and go to Carrow road on a Saturday) [/quote] Yes I remember standing outside the news agents at 5-30 waiting for the pinkun delivery those were the days
  2. [quote user="Indy"]There appears to be a lack of humour on this board of late, it''s sad that all most all messages turn into inhouse fighting. I though it funny and I remember going to the shops for my greatgrandad to fech No.10 or No.6 and a bar of Old Jamaica and he was a generous old sod and allowed me to keep the change. Good old days! [/quote] yes and do you remember the ones called Cadets?
  3. [quote user="City1st"] [/quote] I''m old enough to remember them and wear the scars
  4. [quote user="YellowNets1901"]West Ham bound.[/quote] And if you believe all you read that makes it 65 players on the way to wet spam
  5. [quote user="hertfordyellow"]If Joe Cole is going to Villa, is there room for both of them in the squad? I don''t think so, maybe Hoolahan wants Villa more than Villa want him.[/quote] And Learner is selling up and has no money to waste on players, Not forgetting Twitter is an overspill of dodgy rumour site
  6. [quote user="Jimmy Smith"]Quarter Finals[/quote] Knocked out first round and not score a goal
  7. thought the storm was the most exciting bit, and I never watched it, F1 for me is where we will have more chance of a world Champion
  8. whilst I agree with most on this topic, I think Adams will not be making any decisions untill pre season, he may have already pointed out to Becchio what he expects from him and told him he is part of the clubs plans, RVW, in my opinion was wasted by Hughton, when you hear of clubs like Chealsea and Arsenal were interested in they must have seen something there, Hughton didn''t have a clue, when you look at the players we have we should have at least stayed up, Who knows perhaps if we keep the team together we will bounce back, I would like to see them given untill January at least
  9. Now for what its worth I think we should be looking to keep both RVW and Hooper, now that Elliot Bennett is fit and playing well he could provide the service they lacked last season,
  10. Well I have to admit that he''s not my choice, but I''m willing to back him for now, see what he''s got, If Malky had been appointed I would be writing this as an EX season ticket holder, because as far as I was concerned we may well as well have kept Hughton same tactics played and boring to watch, N/A had 5 matches and we sore more attacking play than we did all season, So for what it''s worth he has my support For now.
  11. [quote user="GJP"]Based on the season just gone Derby certainly look like they will be one of the teams to beat next season. As things stand they look far more like a unit than we do.[/quote] Chris Martin will not come back, according to his brother, Chris is having the time of his life and is looking forward to coming back to haunt us
  12. If they were to be docked say 9 points then I think they should not start their season till three weeks after the season starts and give the three teams they were meant to play 3 points each
  13. [quote user="Private Frazer"][quote user="Herman "]A billionaire. From Israel. I bet he''s a nice chap.[/quote]Gene Simmons innit.[/quote] Delia is the reason for no added investment or Buy out, she won''t let anyone play with her Dolls house
  14. Gorleston Gt Yarmouth Lowestoft Kings Lynn Beccles
  15. think I will wait to see how pre season and signings go before making judgement
  16. [quote user="barclay_boy111"]Compleatly agree what a farce![/quote] she said, who would you have brought in at Christmas new year? No one was available, leaves it to late for Adams to do anything about it then appoint him now, why the hell not in January, he''s good enough now why not then we may well have stood a better chance of staying up. LIARS
  17. [quote user="lharman7"][quote user="Ginja"][quote user="Holtcantshoot"][quote user="alartz"]Sunderlands run put us down No one would have got the 4 extra points we need in the end[/quote]That did have an effect, of course Chris Hughton''s incompetent management for the first 33 games also had a major impact as well.[/quote]So incompetent that we were 5 points clear and hitting 1 point a game. Think before speaking please.[/quote] Still sticking up for him! How cute![/quote] Everyone knows he should have gone on Boxing day, if not before, they say their were no other available ? they could have got Adams in, look how different the team played for him, No I''m not saying Adams should be our next manager, but you have to admit bring him in earlier it may have worked for us.
  18. [quote user="GJP"]With us giving him the push when we did it was always going to give him the opportunity to say "Well I''d have kept them up". But you''d have to ask him why he couldn''t get the players motivated for the absolutely massive game against WBA. Nothing in that game suggested we had any more about us than hoping teams below us failed to pick up points. [/quote] He had a plan,( Bribe the ref.)
  19. [quote user="CANARYKING"][quote user="pete_norw"][quote user="Kidderminster Exile"]no chance, we already have a chosen one[/quote] If people think Malky is the chosen one then may I say my season ticket will be in McNally''s office quicker than a virus[/quote] Where do you sit I''d like to move.[/quote] No good mate you would hate Standing in the lower e Barclay, but apart from that it is not Malky
  20. [quote user="Kidderminster Exile"]no chance, we already have a chosen one[/quote] If people think Malky is the chosen one then may I say my season ticket will be in McNally''s office quicker than a virus
  21. [quote user="ROBFLECK"]He will go...I think they''ll be queing up for him[/quote] I doubt it, 1 goal all season, for what ever reason, 4 for the u21 against the Welsh, made up of lower league players, Norwich will do well to keep him and be the chance to a quick return to the premier league, we have the players, Get the right manager
  22. [quote user="Lord Horn"]If it was George Boyd from Posh I''d say yes![/quote] Only he plays for Hull now
  23. [quote user="hurricane"]All the negatives will have been in part learning experiences for him and hopefully make him better for it......not sure who these inspirational managers are that everyone is taloking about that we should be in for? Should it be malky then I would think the majority of fans will be happy with that......interesting that when Steve Bruce was mentioned for the job a few seasons ago many on here didn''t want him.....that turned out well.[/quote] Yet again the club goes for the cheap option and tells the fans what they think of us, THE WAGE PAYER mean nothing to the club, they spout on how we are the best fans in the world and then take no notice of what we really want, and that is a fair chance of being an established premier league side, all they do is employ a defensive minded manager with the option of Gungho, IMO we should have stuck with Hughton same tactics boring boring my season ticket is still in the envelope addressed to McNally when its announced officially.
  24. [quote user="Yellow Bird"]Quoted by Ruddy on the official Facebook thread ... ''Norwich fans are fantastic. They''ve been very good with me. I had a tough time when I first joined here and they could easily have turned against me, but they stuck by me and I would like to think I repaid their faith''. Does that reek of a goodbye speech to you?[/quote] No he has already said he''s not looking to leave, that statement is more like the reason why he''s staying
  25. [quote user="Dr. Ink"]No it''s not, it''s Malky McKay. It wasn''t announced yesterday or today because of his BBC committments with FA cup final. I don''t know if will be announced tomorrow or Monday, but welcome back Malky! [/quote] And he said he is keeping his options open, which means in my book as a last resort, Don''t want him anyway.
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