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  1. Obviously the more of it about just makes it more likely that NCFC will have postponements and possibly more Covid cases ourselves. We also want every side to play 46 games by May or it just makes everything difficult.
  2. There actually was one game when it appeared that the ice had thawed, and bygones were bygones. In January 2017 we beat Lambert's Wolves side 3-1 at Carrow Road. It was the first time we had beat him since he'd left. After the game he walked across the pitch to applaud the Wolves fans. As he walked back, he got polite applause from the Barclay - I know as I was in there. He acknowledged it, clapped back, and left the pitch. That was the first, and only time, that he got that reception because it wasn't too long after that he joined the binmen. That rather noble act from our fans stood in contrast to Lambert's behaviour with Villa, particularly that league cup quarter final when he was high fiving his entire bench with about 5 minutes remaining, really rubbing it in. It's clear that there was a heavy fall out with McNally and both sides held some serious animosity. Lambert has, since, claimed that he never got an acknowledgment from any NCFC staff ever since, upon his return with any side. Since he attempted to sue the club, that's hardly surprising to be fair. I've seen several players from that time talk about the coaching/management team then. Grant Holt certainly confirmed that Lambert didn't take training, which was almost solely organised by Culverhouse. That is a fact. Lambert was the Martin O'Neill figure, remaining slightly aloof, turning up for the big teamtalks, motivating and cajoling. On the bench during games I think you could see that Culverhouse drove alot of tactical discussions and seemed actively involved in substitutions and formation changes etc. You can't dismiss either as playing an important role, but the inescapable fact is that Lambert has had little success ever since his break with Cully and Karsa. Whatever even happened at Villa? Ipswich fans' big complaint now is how poorly coached their players are. Most of them believe their squad is good enough to compete for the top two. There seems to be something of a reluctance to really commit to youth - two 35 year old full backs v Swindon tells you everything about their approach compared to ours. Farke would never do that. Webber wouldn't allow it. The same players such as Holt will tell you that Lambert was an excellent man-manager during that period and it would be wrong not to acknowledge that. But it was that, allied with Culverhouse's training and tactical knowledge, the fact we had several players way better than that level (Holt, Hoolahan, Martin, Russell, Drury, , Whitbread, Forster) that led to success. Without those other supporting elements, Lambert hasn't come close to replicating his success here.
  3. None of them are coming back. We should move on to discuss the players that are here.
  4. Appreciate the sentiment but not convinced Covid outbreaks are good for anyone in the overall scheme of things.
  5. They look a million miles off promotion material even in that division. No sound patterns of play with transition through the thirds. They actually looked most dangerous when they just whacked it up to Norwood and tried to feed off second balls. Just generally short on quality. Judge looks totally washed up.
  6. That was a fulfilling couple of hours of my life.
  7. You've got to give it to Ipswich supporters. They are a knowledgeable, insightful bunch. When they said they were absolutely woeful and Lambert was a sham, they were spot on
  8. On a serious note, I do believe this is the worst Ipswich side I've seen in my lifetime.
  9. That was an unbelievable strike. What a shame
  10. I think too often we only think about ourselves as fan pundits. In the games you've pointed out, both Barnsley and Bristol City played aggressive, high pressing styles and that allowed us to use the more direct ball in behind as a weapon. Most other sides this season haven't allowed it. McLean's ball v Birmingham at home wouldn't have resulted in a goal against Karanka's low block. It's a trade off for opposing managers. Barnsley did cause us problems as we attempted to play out from the back. Yet, when we overcame their press there was huge space in behind and we had 4 or 5 very good chances to score resulting from that. As such, when some on this thread say that opponents have 'worked us out', that may be an exaggeration of the position. Rather, sides like Brum and Sheff Wed decided on the best way to attempt to nullify us. They had a degree of success with their low block frustrating us. They also both lost. Millwall and QPR did sneak a point. Preston attacked us far more but ultimately took a point also. The reality, for me, is we have the best playing style in the league in terms of the quality of our passing and movement. So nearly every side is working out how to nullify us and keep the game tight. We are a big fish in this Championship pond.
  11. He's the one, ahead of any of the others, Emi included, who is heading for the very, very top of the game.
  12. Agree with OP almost entirely. You've seen on the rare occasions when teams do open up against us what happens. Bristol City away for example. But also the Barnsley game - the result is we create a ton of chances. Most teams in this league know that the best way to compete with us is to try to stop us, keep the game tight and try to nick something. At Carrow Road, a few sides have managed it, QPR and Millwall for example. Others have tried but failed, like Birmingham, Cardiff. It's just a simple fact that the quality of our passing and movement is far higher than almost every side in this league and that may not have been the case two years ago. We were working in that direction but two years ago it was an awesome season from Pukki that really propelled us. This year feels much more like a team effort.
  13. He may well not be able to pull this particular iron out of the fire. Just saying it's a bit harsh to judge him based upon his first few games in charge.
  14. Whilst I agree with the sentiments around his brand of football, I'm not too sure what he's meant to have done within about 2 weeks of arriving. More fair to judge his impact once we are in to February and he's had a transfer window.
  15. The other point to make is Xavi has only played 7 games so far. The idea that there is a clause that means he's already close to the threshold for a compulsory £2.7m purchase seems rather unlikely.
  16. Sounds like a load of nonsense. If we aren't intending to use him we wouldn't have him on the bench. We can use Gibson at left back if there's an in game injury to Sorensen etc. What is happening with Xavi is no different to what is happening with Gibson. Or Todd. Or Dowell. Or Placheta. Farke eases players back in after injury and clearly likes them to have 2-3 weeks of full training before he considers them to start. Plus with Sorensen in the side we've had a superb run of results.
  17. I think Teemu is spot on. Drmic didn't really do the 'Jordan Rhodes' role for us last season and we felt we could recruit better for this season. He must be on good money and the club wants to get rid. The part about not contacting team-mates is simply about the club wanting to avoid him spreading negativity. With the cash these players are on, it's a cut throat business. If Drmic really wanted out there would be a deal to be done but of course he's holding out for his weekly wage and/or a sizeable pay off so it cuts both ways. I wouldn't feel too sorry for him or dig out NCFC's conduct - it's simply a case of both sides protecting their respective interests.
  18. I blame Sorensen's Great Grandmother. If she hadn't have had the brass neck to shack up with Grandad, Jacob's Mum would never have been born. She'd never have given birth to him and he'd never have been on the pitch to make that aberration. Webber Out!
  19. I think there's a bit of unfair criticism going Zimbo's way. I didn't think either penalty for us or against was a penalty v QPR. And other than that we kept QPR very quiet. That said, it seems clear that GIbson and Hanley is our best partnership. When they play with Krul we look very tight indeed. But they can't play every game, and Zimbo is a decent third centre half at this level. I just think some folk pay too much attention to our 'best XI'. Rarely can you put that out. It's a squad game and you need everyone to contribute. When Gibson has had 2-3 weeks back in full training I think he will get back in the side. We need to back all of our players. McLean and Tettey whilst Rupp is out. Zimbo whilst Gibson is out. Sorensen whilst Xavi is out. They all have their part to play.
  20. The way I see it, there's one more league game until 16th January. That's 2 1/2 weeks to get Krul and/or McGovern fit. Give Barden a chance v Barnsley and in the cup. Great experience. That buys a decent amount of time to get TK right for the second half of the season.
  21. It's an old adage but far better to have the points on the board and the 2pts per game average. Some of our rivals are going to have an absolute fixture pile up.
  22. I don't think we will see Xavi or Rupp start the game, they will probably start the FA Cup game as they step up their returns. Both will be options from the bench at Watford and the QPR games.
  23. The thing that sticks with me about the Klose goal is this. I usually go absolutely mental when we score, an ecstatic release, a scream of defiant joy if you will! When Klose scored, I'd already accepted that our run against 'them' was finally over. And so, whilst in the immediate moment, I celebrated as usual, within moments I found that I was actually laughing my head off which was so unusual. It was just how they'd got so close and we'd snatched it from them. It was hilarious. The videos that have emerged from the ITFC end since always bring a smile to my face!
  24. One thing that I think is most crucial to our recruitment strategy now, is that we only really sign players who are going to appreciate in value, not depreciate. That one step has changed everything in terms of the financial well being of the club. Webber has been an inspired appointment.
  25. I don't think that a new stand was ever seriously on the agenda at this time. But there's no doubt that those sales were used to provide a buffer against any possible Covid related financial issues.
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