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  1. No he got injured by Muscat at Molineux, around December. I was there and it broke our season because we would surely have made the top 6 but for that. He came back around the following August then left after a few games for Coventry.
  2. He's been out for so long now that this season will be a total write off. I can only imagine that the hope will be to get him fit for a proper pre-season in July which would be huge for getting him back to somewhere near where he'd need to be. If he isn't fit by then, I suspect we won't see him again, which would be a huge shame.
  3. Don't say things like that. Lambo will say that you're being unreasonably negative...
  4. I noticed today that he looks very quick too. Definitely going to be an offensive weapon. I noted by the way that Farke had a moan about the pitch, as he did a couple of weeks ago. It looked far better than the away pitches we've played on recently but obviously there's a bit of discontent that it isn't allowing Prime Farkeball. But I thought we played pretty well on it today and I couldn't really blame the pitch for the individual errors at the back. Ultimately you would suspect that the weather and the lack of a summer break is taking its toll on pitches.
  5. Irrelevant post IMO. Jerome has had his day, L1 is nowhere near the standard at the top of the Championship. Good player for us at his time but would be nowhere near our current side, plus didn't want to train under the Farke regime. We have good strikers, that's why we are top of the table. 3 or 4 poor games don't change that.
  6. I would suggest that we are already showing that we are in a different financial position now with decent sized fees already agreed for Gibson and Giannoulis. PL money plus potentially a £35m fee for Emi and/or Max and we should be able to bring in half a dozen quality players.
  7. Watching the game and I'm going to predict that Bristol City aren't going to keep a clean sheet. Let's hope they can score a couple more.
  8. Last 6 games - 3 wins, 3 draws. Scored 6, Conceded 2. Continuing that sort of statistic would be perfectly acceptable.
  9. These comments bear no resemblance with a side on a 6 game unbeaten run in which we've taken 12 points, 5 clear at the top, and with 2 defeats in our last 23 games. We've struggled in a couple of games on poor pitches. It's nothing to get so concerned about. We haven't lost, or conceded a league goal in fact.
  10. There was a time when, if we went on a six game unbeaten run, taking 12pts, no one would be too worried about how we played to achieve it. Farke may be somewhat a victim of his own success. What Lambert wouldn’t give to be playing this ‘badly’.
  11. Two of the last three games have been on really poor pitches. That is a huge factor given the way we play. We are on a 6 game unbeaten run in which we've taken 12 points. After Swansea we will have already played the entire top 10 of the league away from home already. We are 7 points clear of Brentford and they go to Boro at the weekend. They have alot of work to do to bridge the gap. Our recent defensive record is outstanding. Some fans really do have first world problems.
  12. It’s just a sign of how amazing our coaching team have done over three years that teams have to resort to this approach of simply trying to stop us. That wasn’t the case when Farke and Webber came in. It wasn’t even the case two years ago. we’ve created a gulf in quality if play which means that teams have to do this to try to scrape a point. It’s a vindication of Farke’s methods, not a weakness of them,
  13. Will be interesting to see if he remains at full back longer term. Could be suited to it with his athleticism.
  14. Wouldn’t think Kenny will be in the mix for Boro due to isolating and symptoms. it would be very in-Farke to play Dimitris after just a couple of training sessions, a bench option more likely for me. So Rupp with Skipp I think, and Lungi on the left.
  15. It's about time some of them decided to do something. They've been so laid back through this sleepwalk to disaster. I've said before, Evans would never have got such an easy ride if he'd been in charge here. It would have been very ugly indeed last season. I thought the ACN post was brilliant, and most of the binners seem to agree. It's funny because it's true, and fans across both clubs can see that. Great work.
  16. I'm pretty sure he wasn't fine tonight, he looked in tears at the end of the game. He's getting absolute pelters left, right and centre from their fans. His agent got him a pay rise but a terrible move and it is damaging his career. I'm gutted for the lad.
  17. Ultimately he can only play in the 10 position in the Premier League because he can't provide the defensive screening required in the CDM positions. The 10 position is one that we will surely be looking to strengthen to give competition to Dowell. I could see an argument for giving Mario a year and use him as a sub in last 20 mins of games. However, the club may prefer to use the wages to recruit someone who will be a genuine option to start PL games. My feeling is that if we go up, it will be time to say a huge thanks and goodbye to a classy player.
  18. There seem to be a number of people who want to relegate us again before we've even been promoted. If and when we go up, and I fully believe we will, we will have a summer window where we know the PL money is guaranteed to improve the squad, and you can be sure that Webber knows we need to improve it. The finances already appear to allow for more to be done than 18 months ago. We will need to keep most if not all of our stars and add perhaps 5 players to have any chance. If say Max, or Emi, goes for £35m then that will allow us to bring in perhaps 3 or 4 players of the required quality both in terms of fees and the required wages. We need to get this job done first and then worry about the PL. Almost all of our squad turnover always gets done each summer under this leadership. Stop worrying about next August and enjoy what we are doing right now because it has been a remarkable effort. I've seen a few comments on Farke being naive. I suppose if you play attractive football and lose, that's what people say. If you play like Hughton and lose, you get called negative. In the end the results are what matter. But there is no question in my mind that the way Farke has built our pattern of play provides a basis, the best we've had in a long time in my view, for us to succeed. We don't need to throw away Farkeball in the PL, we just need to get better at it.
  19. Agree with most of that. Would say on last season that the first 28 games weren't that bad. We were generally competitive, we were bottom but close enough to have a chance to stay up with some pretty favourable home games left. We had just beaten Leicester and put Spurs out of the cup - I was there for those games and we were outstanding especially at Spurs. It went horribly wrong post lockdown and most seem to judge that season solely based upon those last 10 games. We don't know what went wrong (although I think Pukki's toe injury was a key factor and losing Hanley was a big blow) but going into last March we were playing pretty well and had attracted a lot of positive feedback from other PL managers and pundits.
  20. What keeps me humble regarding the Blades' tough season, is that if we played them right now, it would be a 50/50 game on who came out on top.
  21. As always under this current leadership, we trust our youth. If Barden is to play a few games whilst TK recovers fully, I don't see a problem with that. On the contrary, it will be great experience for the lad.
  22. Thanks for your thoughts - I do agree generally that we are a patient, stiff upper lipped bunch around this way generally. However, I don't believe for one second that we would have taken some 17 consecutive years in the Championship with, what, one playoff campaign, and two league one seasons looking way off promotion material, without large scale protests. I think back to Nigel Worthington - look at the wide scale protests and toxic atmosphere when he wasn't competing to get us back into the PL. And that was nowhere near as bad a situation as ITFC find themselves in. Then the 7-1 v Colchester, we had pitch invaders on the first day of the season. If we weren't winning most weeks in that league one season, there would have been hell to pay.
  23. Something else I wanted to say on this subject, which I've been mulling over a while and would be very interested in other people's views. I don't know whether this makes us better or worse fans than them, but if we had been given what they have endured over the last 10 seasons, especially the last 5, I can't believe that we would have taken it with such good grace, or perhaps one might call it apathy. We'd have had protests every home game at Carrow Road. Evans would have been getting dog's abuse left, right and centre, possibly even to the point of disruption of his other businesses. Christ - we aren't doing too badly as a club right now but there are still plenty of detractors against our current owners even in our current, healthy, position. We've had very little of that from ITFC fans. They are almost glumly accepting their fate. A banner outside Playford Road is as tough as it has got - appreciate in Covid times it's difficult to do more but things have been bad there for a very long time.
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