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  1. I have to say there has been alot of nonsense posted on here about Cody/   Don''t get me wrong, I like him, he made my birthday when he got the late winner at Walsall away but you have to realise that the gulf in class between league two and the championship is enormous and 20 goals in that league really ddoesn''t mean he would cut it for us at this level.   The loan deal for him allowed us to sign Jackson, and probably saved a fair bit of cash; at the time no one thought there was anything wrong with that deal.   Let''s just back the boys who are here, like Chris Martin, because they''ve got us this far and we have every chance of going up/   OTBC
  2. Yellowbeagle - spot on, Wilbraham was brought in purely as cover for Holt, he''s getting game time with Holt purely because Martin and Jackson have been struggling a wee bit.   As I''ve said before, Martin is by far our best choice as he offers more to the team than Jackson other than just goals. He was a slightly heavy touch away from putting us 2-1 up when he went through 1 v 1 and I''m sure he''ll score more goals as this season progresses and get between 10-15 which isn''t bad for a second striker in a team like ours that scores from midfield and defence aswell.
  3. My biggest problem with the nonsense on canary call is that I''d be totally embarrassed if Paul Lambert ever listened to it and thought it was representative of fan''s views. Luckily I''m certain Lambo has better things to do!
  4. Have to say I couldn''t agree more, it''s ridiculous how people come on who haven''t been to the game and start telling Lambo what he did wrong.   That goon who said Olly Johnson should be recalled, you have to laugh. I just sometimes wish Adams would put some of them in their place a bit more. It''s amazing how much better a player you are once you''re out of the team!
  5. Thought you might enjoy this link, had to chuckle at the bit that says: ''With Ipswich sticking to their policy of not publically commenting on Pearson’s figures it conveys a clear message that the Hull man is not far wrong with his sums for a player who is on loan to the end of May, which would take in any play-offs games.'' Nice to know that Jimmy can enjoy a trip to Wembley to watch the two non-Ipswich teams play whilst sucking more cash from Mr Evans'' wallet! Will the binners ever learn that just throwing cash around doesn''t produce success, you need a top manager like Lambo for that! http://www.greenun24.co.uk/ipswich-town/town_refuse_to_knock_down_hull_version_of_loanee_s_wages_1_791175
  6. Have to say I''m totally with Chicken on this one, Martin is still the No.1 choice. He hasn''t been great in the last two away games but has been part of some outstanding home displays v Cardiff and QPR before that and his link up play is vastly superior to Jackson. As others have said, Jackson is an ''over the top'' merchant and I think our standard of play is beyond just that. He needs to be more clever with his runs to get any joy at this level.   In the end I trust Lambo''s judgment on this one (and on most things!). Jackson had his chance earlier in the season and didn''t do enough to keep his place.
  7. I do agree with you in some respects, Martin was poor yesterday, but having this discussion on the drive home the point I made is that at least Martin, when he isn''t scoring, does contribute in other ways, linking play with Hoolahan in particular, whereas Jackson basically contributes nothing if he doesn''t score and has been very poor the last few times I''ve seen him. A change may not be a bad thing, I''m tempted to say that we need a look at Wilbraham for a couple of games, but ultimately I have alot of faith in Lambert''s selections so I''m not criticising his selections at all, but I do think it''s a position we need to strengthen if we''re going to stay in contention for the top two. The state of the pitches in the last two away games haven''t helped us though, especially our ball players like Martin and Wes and before that everyone played very well at home to Cardiff, so maybe on Tuesday Chrissy will show a bit more of what he can do because overall I still think he''s our best option with Holty. ''
  8. Mini-Slump?! I wish we had slumps like this two years ago...I can also tell you having gone to both Bramall Lane and Selhurst Park that on both occasions the pitches were awful and really didn''t help our passing game - the game before that we absolutely battered Cardiff  in one of our best displays of the season so how on earth can we be in a slump?! In Lambert I Trust...  
  9. Hi Folks, Got to say it''s a pleasure looking at the league table at the moment, finally back in our rightful place above those folk south of the waveney... It''s beyond belief how far we''ve come so quickly, and with entertaining football too. This man Lambert is an absolute hero. What a contrast to Roy Keane too, constantly lambasting his players and winding people up. Well looking forward to their visit to Carrow Road in the near future, hope we give them a right spanking on national TV... OTBC
  10. Yep, I feel so sorry for myself having made the trip to Orient to watch the team which is still 6 points clear at the top.   Try being a Stockport fan and get a grip.
  11. Have to say I thought we fans made a massive difference to the result today, I''m not sure a team with 5000 in their stadium could have won that game the way we did. The barclay in particular was just a wall of noise second half and I thought we made the 11th man to replace Holt. The amount of energy that we gave to the players was enormous - I''d lost my voice by the end! It also makes the game so enjoyable to go to and without a doubt it''s the best atmosphere for a home game all season - winning in adversity is so much more satisfying than a comfortable rout a la Oldham... Loving our work at the moment, no doubt in my mind that we will win the league this year, wouldn''t be surprise if Leeds are the ones who end up in the playoffs...good luck in the cups!
  12. I think the fact is here that the board have to take responsibility, not only for the poor managerial appointments in the past two years, but also for sanctioning a ridiculous short-term transfer policy. They should have ensured that whatever transfer kitty was available was at least in some percentage spent on permanent signings instead of virtually the whole lot gonig on loan signings. Loan signings in themselves are not a bad thing. What is a bad thing is not investing at all in the permanent staff and not investing in young players. Just think on this - earlier this season we sold Shackell to Wolves for about £1m. I will wager that on the loan signings of Sibierski, Lita, Carney, Killen, Gow, Leijer, Omosuzi et al that all of that money has gone. And where has that left us? With no money and one less saleable asset. This has been the policy for a long time and it is why we have slowly descended to where we are. The board have to be held accountable for that - they can''t tell the manager which players to sign but they should have a say in allocating the budget between permanent and short-term signings. It has left us on the verge of league 1, and if we do go down we will have no way to mount any sort of promotion challenge to get back. Ask yourself why Barnsley, Blackpool, Forest, Doncaster, Plymouth are doing better than us. I doubt their wage bills are higher than ours but I bet they have spent far more money on permanent playing staff. That provides a return on investment and stability in selection which we do not have. That is why I think the board are to blame and why changes must be made.
  13. Couldn''t agree more with this message mate, before today''s game I thought that we had only 3 players on the pitch capable of scoring, Hoolahan and the forwards. That isn''t enough to be successful in any way! Roeder is talking rubbish, see his comments on Omozusi and Bertrand as the best two fullbacks in the league. I beg to differ, Omozusi was woeful today, falls over his own feet, hoofed it too much and the penalty was a joke! This is going to be a very long season...    
  14. Obviously I am not allowed to be gutted about another dismal cup performance...the crying face referred to this rather than Hucks'' exit. If Croft scores I''ll eat my own face. Roeder has to be crazy enough to pick him first. [;)]
  15. So the usual Pessimists v Optimists was has already begun in earnest. All I want to say is this, and bear in mind I earlier started what some would call a ''negative'' post against Roeder earlier tonight. The fact is that Roeder has done himself no favours with some of the stupid decisions that he has made in continually bringing in unknown kids who will never be good enough to achieve a top 6 place, releasing Huckerby in something akin to McLaren dropping Beckham, and continually slating Cureton every time he misses a chance. I would love nothing more than the team to have performed well but it just isn''t going to happen when the man in charge decides to cut his nose off to spite his face.  
  16. Not fickle at all Duke, all I am trying to say is that our squad would be stronger with Hucks in it and that could have been funded by releasing deadwood such as Croft. We are in for another tepid season of lower mid-table mediocrity.
  17. I''ll cheerfully let it go when we finally score a goal! What a shambles, I feel so depressed and we''ve only played two games! Roeder out, Beckham in!
  18. Getting rid of Hucks, what a great idea that was, we look so much tighter at the back and more potent than ever up front... Anyone who can suggest we kept Croft and let Hucks go for footballing reasons needs their head examined. Roeder has made the same mistake McLaren made when he got rid of Beckham. The trouble is we will never be able to recall Hucks... A long season ahead beckons...
  19. Fat Prophet and Kick It Off, I just can''t understand your criticism of City Boy and myself on this issue. Neither of us are suggesting that we are the best fans in the world, we are just saying that when you actually look at what makes a ''great supporter'', surely it has to include the lengths that you go to to watch the team and the amount of times you go to games! I can''t see how anyone can disagree with that! I myself haven''t gone to many away games over the last two years and I''ll admit that that has to do with our dreadful form, and I would say that that makes me less of a supporter of the club over those two years than people who continue to go to Plymouth, Preston, Burnley away etc. I lived in Sheffield at uni for three years which meant I couldn''t go to home games as I had done before and after and again I would say for those three years I wasn''t supporting the club as much because I didn''t go to as many games and wasn''t putting as much money into the club. I am not saying that if you don''t go the games as much because you live along way away means that you don''t care about the club as much as other supporters, but notwithstanding this those die hards who will go to every game home and away this season, for me, are the best supporters that the club has. And that doesn''t include me!    
  20. An interesting post bro, have to say from our conversations the other day I agree with you entirely that the club should refund your ticket as the contract terms clearly state that you have a right to such a refund less the full casual price of all the games gone so far. However, I do agree with ''City Boy'' that posting it on the forum doesn''t seem the best thing to do from the club''s point of view - you could well precipitate other season ticket cancellations which is only going to cause the club to go one way. Whilst I totally respect your right to cancel, you must accept that if more people did the same as you then it would only create more financial problems for the club. Regarding your statement to ''Barclayman'' where you stated that just turning up for matches doesn''t make you a better fan, I do have to disagree. Surely the amount of times that you attend games, and therefore the amount of money you put into the club and support the club both vocally and financially is the BEST way in which to gauge how good a supporter you really are! It''ll be shame not to meet for a pint or 4 before the games coming up in the castlegates - I hope you find something more interesting to do with the wife![D]
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