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  1. Errr....now forgive me but let''s not get ahead of ourselves, we''ve achieved nothing yet, defeat at Swansea next weekend and we are very catchable with this tricky run of games coming, Watford and Ipswich away won''t be easy, neither will the Forest game.   I know I''m towing the Lambo line here but let''s just take it one game at a time. Scunthorpe were awful, there are far bigger tests coming. If we get to the last 3 games level with the competition I''ll take that as our run-in from there looks very inviting.   It''s looking good though...
  2. This really is a bit of non-story tbh, and what''s amusing is that Mr Clegg is trying to use it as an excuse for why season tickets have to go up.   Basically it''s costing them another £90k on top of what they were paying previously. Er...you''re paying Jimmy Bullard alot more than that just to bolster your position in mid-table obscurity! Why doesn''t Mr Clegg say that Bullard''s wages are why the prices are going up?!
  3. Congrats bro...Huxley Pig was definitely a kids'' cartoon show.   Hux sounds good tho, if not I''d go with Leeroy ;-)
  4. They still need another 10 points to be asafe from relegation, I don''t think they can pick and choose which games they try to win.   In any case, I doubt Jewell could care less about stopping us from going up...
  5. Well said that man,   Plus, the ultimate would be that the scummers beat Cardiff and then we get second place by one pooint ahead of Cardiff.   Feel free to send ''Thank you'' cards from the Canary Store to random IP postcodes!
  6. As much as it pains me to say it, with the scummers marooned in mid-table, we really should be hoping that they get the points today!   Altogether now...I''ve never felt more like singing the blues, when Ip**** win, and Cardiff lose...
  7. I don''t think I had criticised Drury before since he signed for the club, but I did feel that in the last 5 or 6 games since he came back into the side he hadn''t been at his best. Just not looking confident in possession and he had a torrid time against Kebe and Snodgrass.   I actually wonder if there is something going on that we don''t know about because Lambert in interview said something along the lines of ''I need to look after Adam for a number of reasons''.   Maybe he''s carrying an injury or there is a personal issue. I''m sure we''ll see him back playing well before long though. You don''t play as long as he has done at such a high standard and just lose it all of a sudden.   Tierney looks a decent player but his distribution looks a little agricultural. Although he isn''t the best defensively, I actually though Lappin did very well there in that period when he was left back, his crosses were a real threat.   OTBC
  8. Hunter, I pretty much agree with you, but the trouble is that what you say has no relevance to this thread about the merits of booing!   Booing won''t help us collect more points or play better...
  9. I clapped the team off when they beat Ipswich 4-1. What a mistake - it was obvious that my reaction created complacency in our next game when we only beat Derby 2-1. We should boo after every game just to keep the players ''on their toes''.   What a crock of sh!te
  10. Yes, you''re right, Lambert needs to have a word with Hoolahan, Crofts and Russell - their consistent goalscoring is making our forwards look bad and is creating a real morale problem.
  11. Couldn''t agree with you more Yellowlittle1.   Every week whoever plays out of Martin/Jackson/Wilbraham isn''t good enough and gets stick on here. I think it''s absolutely pathetic. Look at our squad, how many of them have ever proven that they are Championship quality players in the past. Apart from Barnett and Drury and arguably Hoolahan, I don''t think anyone else has played consistently at this level before with any degree of success.   We are what we are, which is basically a team made up of hungry lower league players. That is what makes our achievement all the more amazing. I guarantee you that Lambert is trying to get a quality striker on loan, but getting one is difficult and costly when you are trying to get someone to score you half a dozen goals in the run-in. That sort of class doesn''t just grow on trees and where it does, most managers aren''t going to let it go to another club.   For what it''s worth, I thought Wilbraham had a good game at Leeds on Saturday. He''s the best option for me of who is available for NCFC at the moment, why can''t we just get behind him. One other thing, it is absolutely driving me mad when we boo our own players for passing the ball around at the back. If it''s good enough for Barcelona, it''s good enough for us, and it makes our fans look as though they have no idea about the game. Stop it!
  12. Jim, When we lost to Hull earlier in the season the players got an ovation off the pitch. We battered them and were unlucky.   The way Pompey fans reacted in that Arsenal game makes you think, ''I wish our fans were like that''. From the tone of most of the posts on this thread, sadly we''re not...
  13. On what basis do you decide that Wilbraham is out of his depth, given that he has started two games for the club so far. I thought he was impressive at Leeds on Saturday.
  14. What you say is reasonably fair, but my point before is that it still isn''t an excuse to boo. Even if the team play badly and lose, in the current circumstances of the club you just shouldn''t boo, a bad performance doesn''t mean people aren''t trying!   The only time I think I''ve ever booed was at the end of the Worthington era when it was obvious that he was finished, that Burnley game at home I remember people cheering the 3rd and 4th Burnley goals because something had to give. At the moment, my point is, what does booing achieve apart from producing a negative and divided club? We''ve achieved so much together as fans, players and staff and we have to stick together whatever.   One of my proudest days in football, strangely, was at the end of the Fulham 6-0 at Craven Cottage. The fans gave the players, Worthington, Delia, the most rapturous applause after that horror show, it made me so proud to be a City fan. I hate the fickleness of modern day fans. The boys have given us a brilliant season so far, let''s not getting on their backs after one bad game, which let''s not forget, we still got a point from!    
  15. Teams have sussed us?! That must be why we''ve lost 2 games in the last 18...
  16. Yeah, and getting booed off by your own fans when you''ve lost 7 games all season is really going to motivate you...we are 5th NOW because we''ve done unbelievably well so far this season, the players have performed above themselves and three days before gave us one of the best away spectacles I can remember in 15 years going to see NCFC. Don''t you see how fickle it is to boo your own team after one dodgy performance in which we still should have won and in the end didn''t lose?! Get a grip and back the boys. OTBC
  17. We need to get a grip as fans, moaning and groaning like a home draw v Donny is a disaster. Forest drew at home to Preston and Leeds at home to Barnsley, we''ll all have a share of these sorts of results through the season.   We''re 5 points clear of 7th, we''re still in the mix for second, we may pull off a miraculous striker loan signing in the next week but if not, let''s just back the boys because I''m sure we''re going to get a top 6 finish.   OTBC
  18. Don''t totally disagree with that, but I have noticed alot of people seem to leave Fox out of their ''fantasy XI''''s. Fox is a terrific ball player, nearly scored 3 times at Leeds on Saturday and is well worth his place for me at the moment, plus Surman is unlikely to get through the 90 at this early stage in his return. More likely that Lambert will name the same team, with Surman coming on in the second half and Rob Edwards on the bench.
  19. I went to the game today, can tell you the Leeds fans were woefully quiet in the first half despite battering us. The only time they any noise was the last 10 mins after they had equalised. Away fans were in good voice throughout, brilliant celebrations when Wes notched. Btw, Wes absolutely terrific today, as were Zak and Holty. Wilbraham also impressed for me, won nearly all his headers and linked well with Holt. OTBC
  20. Even though I''m not a subscriber, I find the previous poster''s criticism on Sky to be pretty unreasonable. Since Sky became involved in the creation of the Premier League, English football has soared beyond it''s European counterparts, both in it''s quality and it''s accessible and excitement. Think on this, the facilities which Sky''s money has allowed has meant the building of fantastic stadiums such as the Emirates, City of Manchester Stadium etc and a general improvement in the experience for the match-day goers rather than just the armchair fan.   If we had managed to stay in the Prem during those early years I''ve no doubt that we would already have a 35,000 seater stadium at Carrow Road and even better facilities than what we have now.   Further, I can watch a game every night of the week virtually. As for cricket, I''m a massive fan of Sky''s coverage which has taken the game a long way as well. As well as Beefy, Nasser, Atherton, Lloyd, who are outstanding, you have the huge technological innovations which in my view has also made the game more accurate and interesting to the public.  
  21. I think the fact is that Scunny offered him a 2 1/2 year deal whereas he was out of contract with us in the summer, and let''s face it, if we get promoted this year then it''s unlikely that he would have got another contract with us, and so Lambert felt it only fair to give him the security of a decent deal at his age. Plus we got a few quid for him.   Brilliant stuff tonight from the Admiral though, I for one will give him a great reception at Carrow Road in a few weeks time, the one game where I won''t be wishing him well. Top man.
  22. Some good posts on the subject on here. Let''s face it, we all like to think of our team as whiter than white, that we play the game fairly and it''s the only opposition who ever transgress the rules. The truth is that every team plays on the edge of the rules to gain the maximum advantage, be it moving forward a few centimetres after the ref has paced out a wall for a free kick, be it taking as long as possible to take a goal kick when your team is winning without getting booked, be it moving the advertising hoardings forward to stop Rory Delap''s throws...   In the modern game, if you don''t do these things then the only loser is you. I don''t particularly like it but that''s the way it is, and I certainly don''t want NCFC to be the ''everyone''s favourite second club'' pushovers that we have been in the past. I expect Grant Holt to get criticised by opponents, the reason why is because he wins games for NCFC, that''s all he cares about, and for us fans it is all we need to care about. It''s incredibly rich coming from Warnock or whomever else to cricitise him, when Warnock is in the fourth official''s ear for the entire game trying to sway future decisions his way.   As for Ipswich Town fans, I seem to remember their players and former manager surrounding the referee when he suspended that shambolic game in the snow against Leicester, when we all know if the score was still 0-0 they would have been happy to call the game off then. I don''t think they are in any position to say that they don''t try to bend the rules just as much as we do. Maybe the fact is that we are just better at it than them at the moment! Let''s also not forget the serial divers of their past, Pablo Counago comes to mind...   Just remember, the criticism we get from other clubs is purely to try to make us question ourselves, to try to destabilise us and prevent us from being as effective as we are being at the moment. We shouldn''t listen to a word of it, we are doing magnificently, we have a brilliant board and manager and whatever happens this season, I''m proud to be a city fan.   OTBC
  23.   Going out on a limb here but I bet anyone who is moaning wasn''t in the lower barclay today, it was absolutely rocking the whole game.   I also have the bruises from the crazy goal celebration to prove it!                  
  24. I don''t agree with the OP on this one, however, me and my mate at the game today did think that once reading were down to 10 we should have put Lappin on for Drury because Laps can swing some great crosses in from that area and we didn''t need to worry so much about the defensive side.   From what I''ve seen, Tierney looks a pretty limited player with the ball, not convinced putting him in would be a good move.   So I guess I''m saying Drury is the right call, but we shouldn''t be afraid to get Lappin on if we need to get a goal.   OTBC
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