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  1. As Rudolph has said, our pass completion rate was 18th out of 20 on the MOTD ''alternative'' league table. However, I don''t see why we should take that as a necessity that we must change. Alot of counter-attacking sides prefer to relinquish the ball for long periods and invite the opposition onto them - we don''t have the quality at the moment to play differently; when we tried to do so with Howson early season look at the results. One thing that I always felt Lambert did well was to fit the system to the strengths of the players at his disposal. In this current system, Hughton is doing exactly the same.
  2. Chris Martin has always seemed to get a hard time from City fans, a tad surprising as he''s one of the few local lads to make the grade in recent years... Let''s not forget that he made a major contribution to our league 1 promotion and without that I doubt we''d be in the happy position we now find ourselves. He hasn''t been able to make the step up since then, in my view because he doesn''t quite have the pace of a Jackson, the power of a Holt or the touch of a Hoolahan rather than just simply being lazy or not wanting it, but I won''t slate him on here and I hope, once he gets some match fitness, that he goes on to score some goals during his loan spell - he was by all accounts well thought of at Crystal Palace last year.
  3. Zipper, You said that we were ''half-hearted'' in the first half, I simply don''t accept that there is any evidence that was the case. Everton pressed us high and we didn''t reciprocate but that doesn''t mean that we somehow weren''t putting in 100% - it doesn''t always follow that putting in 100% = good performance and not putting in 100% = bad performance. We sorted one or two things out tactically for the second half in terms of pressing and bringing Wes deeper to pick up the ball. As I''ve said on another post, I also think it almost suits us to be a goal behind at times because the opposition don''t always know how to stick or twist and it''s always easier to put pressure on the opposition when, inevitably, they begin to hold on to what they have. I think that also contributed to our better second half showing - a very similar situation to the Tottenham game and to the Villa game (although granted they were down to 10) where we were the side on the front foot because the opposition were happy to sit on the lead.
  4. Agreed City1st, I really am finding the abundance of negative posts on here right now quite unbelievable. Also, what is the point of saying ''if we hadn''t beat Man U unexpectedly we''d have 3 points less'' etc. We did win, we deserved to win, we are where we are so ifs, buts and maybes are as pointless as United were when they left FCR. Rather than keep banging on about how we''re not scoring enough, goal difference suggests that in the last 6 games we have scored 3 more goals than we''ve conceded, and I''ll take that all day from now until the end of the season. If we carry on playing as we are we don''t need to worry about what anyone else does. Also, why is there this obsession with 4-4-2 and how it''s supposedly the most attacking system. I don''t get it. And what''s more, Hooton and most other managers are in agreement with me on this. No doubt if we were playing 4-4-2 the same posters would be crying to get Wes back in the team - you can''t win! OTBC
  5. spot on post Cambridge. I just came on here for a quick perusal and all I can see are people demanding that we go back to 4-4-2 and change the team. I am not saying that we are playing perfectly but the whole point is that since Liverpool we have found a system which isn''t particularly pretty but which is making us a nightmare to play against and I think has seen us play some great stuff in our home games, particularly Wes v Man Utd and Arsenal was as good as I have ever seen him. People keep worrying on about not scoring goals but we''ve won our last 3 home games 1-0 and away have had 2 1-1''s and a 0-0 - we don''t need to score loads of goals! Long may it continue and, dare I say, in Hooton I trust.
  6. All I would say to this is if it ain''t broke, don''t fix it. We''d love to have a player that combines the tenacity of Johnson with the passing range of Fox, but we don''t have that quality of player yet - maybe next summer! For now the system we are playing isn''t pretty, away from home in particular, but what is happening is that we are staying in games - last year Everton would have been 2 or 3 up before our late goal. We are keeping games tight, and dare I say being 1 down today actually suited us I felt, because Everton would not gamble on going for a second and that allowed us to gradually put them under pressure in the second half, which ultimately led to the outstanding Bassong''s goal. 6 PL games unbeaten is remarkable, and with games coming up that we have realistic chances of winning, could we make double figures??
  7. One ticket going in the lower barclay, block c, for today''s game, please text me asap on 07789 793865 if you''re interested.
  8. Hi folks, I''m looking for a ticket for Spurs and/or Fulham home games - please get in touch if you can help! Cheers
  9. Hi LDC, sorry to hear your news. I am looking for a ticket for Saturday - could you text me on 07789793865 and let me know where the seat is? Thanks, Lee
  10. Just wanted to say that ''Boro made all this possible, an amazing night which they started with a great performance against a woeful Cardiff. All our thanks to you northern boys and even to Tony Mowbray!   We did what I expected, played with massive heart and won, I just didn''t expect Boro to do the same! Hope you go up next year!    
  11. I have to say I am finding it totally unbearable!   At least when we had 4 games in 6 days things were moving forward..looking at the same league table every day with 44 games still played is doing me in!   Thankfully I am playing cricket Sat and Sun so that will take the mind off it somewhat. Loking forward to a big night on Monday, will be cheering on Middlesbrough almost as hard as NCFC! Then hopefully some late night snooker (it''s the last session of the final that night) as I''ll probably be buzzing whatever the result.   Just hope Monday comes round soon! :-/
  12. I can heartily recommend the Castlegates Sports Bar on Timberhill, just up from the Murderers. 3 good size screens, NCFC memorabilia all over the walls...it''s a bit of a well-kept secret but is a really good place to go.
  13. When you listen to the third goal commentary, he says ''and it''s gonna go in'', then Neil Adams goes mad in the background, then Goreham says ''it''s gonna go in'' again! It must have already BEEN in by then, I reckon it was just total disbelief from Goreham.   Absolute radio gold, I just can''t get enough of listening to it, even some non-NCFC mates have listened to it and said how brilliant it is.   I love the passion!
  14. Also, the FA (Who have nothing to do with the Premier League) have nevertheless decreed that, because Delia cooks them nice lunches, and because they hate the Welsh and especially Cardiff City FC, and Neil Warnock, NCFC will be allowed to decide when they play all of their fixtures, home and away, to give them the best chance of staying up.   Finally we are little ol'' Norwich no more....we''re actually getting up one or two people''s noses. Long may it continue. OTBC
  15. ...because that''s what happens when you keep winning games of football.   I must admit I''ve been a bit surprised this week by Dave Jones, I''ve always thought he was a decent bloke and manager. But this is what happens when you are playing for a big prize. DJ had a good moan about the timing of the Ipswich game but doesn''t seem to understand that the game was moved on Police advice and had nothing to do with NCFC. He also fails to mention that we had to play 3 games in 6 days due to our televised game with Nottingham Forest when Cardiff had longer preparation over that period.   I read today about how ''lucky'' we are that we got 7 minutes stoppage time and Cardiff fans hate us now because the FA obviously want us in the Premier League rather than them (even though the FA do not run the Football League). Perhaps they should hate Robbie Savage for wasting so much time when he got subbed which led to the original 5 mins stoppage time, which became 7 after Derby made a sub in stoppage time and then another minute was added after we scored the winner.   Also, apparently we don''t have enough household names to deserve to be in the Prem....please....   When teams start moaning about us I love it - it means that we are a threat to them. OTBC
  16. Glad to hear this - could I direct you to my post and that of Brentwood Canary under the thread ''Before the game'', am happy for you to copy any of my post - I''ve already emailed NCFC to complain about the most shambolic Policing and Stewarding I have ever encountered.
  17. Brentwood, My experience was exactly the same as yours, I queried with the Police what was going on and was told KO was delayed. Just blatantly a lie used to control the crowd, that''s disgraceful.   I''ve written to David McNally to ask the club to demand an enquiry, totally unacceptable, particularly the way the stewards told us to sit where we like - the gangway was packed where we were so surely a fire hazard, and people were standing 2-to-a-chair in packed rows due to the lack of organisation. I also got ''Sit where you like''. That is a completely unacceptable situation and contrary to ground regs.   Luckily the brilliant performance made it worth it but looking back this morning I was really angry.
  18. Ok, Chris Martin didn''t score quite as many goals as Cody has done on loan, but I still maintain having seen the two, I see no reason to believe that Cody is a better player.
  19. I think Delia''s Dirtbox is a bit harsh here but the point I would make is this: it''s amazing how much better you become once you are out of the team.   Chris Martin did just as well on loan at Luton as Cody has done this year, but all of a suden everyone says Cody is better. The reality isthat Chrissy has a far better track record and pedigree. Goals in League Two really don''t make Cody the answer. We have plenty enough to do the job without him.   Not an anti-Cody post btw, he''s done great this year, done well for NCFC in the past too and I hope we get a good fee for him in the summer and he goes on to have a great career.
  20. It''s clearly good news because we need Burnley to have something to play for when they play Cardiff on last day of season...
  21. I''m going Barclaybabe, it''s going to be an itinerary of:   3pm - Castlegates Norwich for a few warm up pints. 6pm - Train to Mordor. 6.40pm - Station Hotel pub for boozing and singing of OTBC 7.20pm - Frogmarched by scum plod to council owned, packed out stadium (they''ve only come for the City) 9.40pm - Much rejoicing. 11pm - Back in Norwich, straight to Delaneys, massive celebrations!   Well...best laid plans and all that! Fingers crossed!    
  22. Disappointing result last night but I honestly thought the game was alot closer than the scoreline suggested, had Dani scored with that early chance the game would have been totally different. Anyway, we''re still 2nd and only 6 games to go. Anyway...it''s now essentail for us to get 9 points from the 3, very winnable home games left. The fans must not allow tension to make the ground nervous, we have to sing our hearts out and allow the players to have the confidence to play the passing game which has got us this far. If we can win those homes games and maybe one of the aways then it should be enough to get over the line. Swansea have tough away games at Burnley and Millwall. Cardiff still have QPR (who will now still need points to guarantee promtion/the title) as well as Preston (in good form) and Burnley away on the last day (although by then they may have nothing to play for). My belief is that as long as we stay within a couple of points of second going into the last 3 games we will win all of them and get home. It''s going to be tense though!    
  23. I don''t think there will be many ballots if we go up actually - most prem sides don''t sell out so we should be able to get as many tickets as we like.   Home tickets, on the other hand, will be golddust...
  24. I agree with Old Shuck here.   I actually think Holty is technically alot better than people give him credit for, he never looks out of place in the passing moves that we create, his movement is good too. I''d say that his mobility and his technique are far better than Iwan if we are comparing the two.   He''s no chance of playing for England, but I think he''ll acquit himself fine if we do go up, he''s the sort of player we must keep from the current squad rather than breaking it up too much like Worthy did when we went up last time.
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