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  1. I couldn''t agree more with the OP. I will defend Hooton''s transfer record to anyone, some great signings and most have worked out well. Don''t forget Bunn was signed as a back-up keeper - if we wanted a No.1 we would have spent more than £1m. It isn''t easy to sign top keepers when they know they will be the No.2. Bassong, Tettey, Garrido, Snodgrass have been excellent IMO and a step up on the rest of the squad. If we can stay in the league this year then we will have a chance to sign another 5 or 6 players of that quality and really establish a squad of players with Premier League quality like West Brom - Odemwingie, Lukaku, Long, that''s the depth we need to look for.
  2. If you can''t get in the team it''s difficult to get the kind of fitness that you need.
  3. Archie in one post seems to totally dismiss our change of system and simply say that Holt should still score as many goals as he has in the last 3 seasons, which, by the way, is about 70. It''s fairly simple, if you are playing up front on your own in a team where the full backs don''t get forward much and the team is trying to set up to be hard to beat, you aren''t going to get as many chances and consequently you probably won''t score as many goals. The point is, we are conceding fewer (in general) than last season and the system has got us a record of W6, D7, L7 from 20 games which is a more than adequate haul. Put simply, points are more important than goals. We are getting good results as a whole and look odds-on to survive in the league with a few games to spare, some achievement given the upheaval of a change of manager and a dramatic change in playing style.
  4. Macca has an arrangement whereby he is on Sky Sports'' list of reporters. If they want him he''ll do a game for them, if not then he does Radio Norfolk.
  5. Some of the messages on here of the ilk of ''If Villa want him I''ll drive him there myself'' show a lack of class IMO. No one is saying Morison is as effective as Holt, particularly with Morro having not played much this season. However, you could see how disappointed he was after WBA on Saturday and I don''t doubt his commitment to the Club and to wanting to do well, and he also made a really vital contribution last season with a double-figure goal haul which is not to be sniffed at for anyone in this division. When I see someone like Jose Bosingwa at QPR, refusing to even sit on the bench, I am thankful that we have a bunch of committed lads at our Club, and I count Morro among them. Let''s please try to remember that. I hope Holty returns today and I don''t doubt that we need to look to strengthen this area of the squad, certainly next summer if not January. But don''t expect me to slate Morison. I get behind all the players. OTBC
  6. I completely agree with the OP. We do need to be remember that West Brom have been in this league longer than us, they are more established and they have a very solid looking squad. We weren''t far off taking another very fine away point. Under this manager that''s how we play away from home, we keep the game tight and try to nick points, Swansea was something of an aberration in terms of our general style. At FCR is where we have to get around 8 of the 10 wins we need to go with the 7 draws we already have. The good news is we have 5 already, and still Reading, Soton, Newcastle, Fulham, Swansea, Villa and WBA to come, from which we probably need 3 wins. Although I don''t rule out us giving Chelsea a hard game on Boxing Day. That would leave us needing to win one more away game, with games at Sunderland, West Ham, QPR and Wigan the likely candidates. I will just say the set pieces at WBA yesterday from Snodgrass were top drawer, the guy has really found his feet in the last month or so. Augers well going forward.
  7. By no means can we guarantee survival given that we have only 25 points, however.... As one or two have already said, we do have a squad with some real depth to it. We have 4 or 5 key players in Bassong, Holt, Garrido, Tettey and Wessi whom we cannot easily replace, but we have good depth in the other positions and so long as we don''t suddenly lose 3 or 4 of the above key men I don''t see us going on a real bad run. I''ve seen too many games this season to really worry about us losing say 5 games in a row or not winning for 7 or 8, because we have the quality to always keep picking up the odd win and draw here or there. In fact, if we keep those key players fit then I can only see us overhauling last season''s points total and ending up with a total in the 50''s. I said after the first few games that, although results hadn''t been good I had no doubt that the squad was stronger than last season, and with the management doing a fine job I see no reason why we won''t overhaul Lambert''s 47pts.
  8. I''d say Bassong is our player of the season, he has been incredible and our results when he hasn''t played tell you all you need to know. But to be fair, Tettey since getting in the team has been inspirational. I just think that lately Snoddy and Pilks have really come to the party and we are looking a much greater goal threat suddenly. Also agree that Garrido and Whittaker have really improved us too.
  9. I thought both of them were absolutely different class. In this run of 3 straight wins I think we''ve actually improved from the matches before on this unbeaten run. As well as Wes and Tettey, Snodgrass and Pilks are really starting to perform well. Very encouraging and now 7th place in the table. Dare we dream of Europe?
  10. It was quite strange actually, we were singing like we were 4-0 up, it did make me laugh though and took away some of the usual nerves! Songs to have a rendition by the Barclay and Snakepit were: We love you Paul McVeigh The 12 day of Christmas (Huckerby Style) Moroccan all over the world Iwan, Iwan, Iwan Top of the league at Portman Road F*** off George Burley Jonny, Jonny, Jonny Otsemobor and I think Steeno got a mention too!
  11. I agree Yellow. My point is that it''s a bit silly, considering the players unavailable and the fact that the game was so tight for so long, to simply say ''Villa wanted it more''. Had we converted one of several chances throughout and got back in front it may well have been us to go through. Football matches turn on fine margins, as most managers often point out, and the reason of course why they point it out is because to some supporters losing = ''didn''t want it'' and winning = ''wanted it more''. Sometimes you have to remember that old addage of treating those two imposters, success and failure, in the same manner because there is often very little between professional teams. Winning or losing can be decided by the width of a goalpost and that is why we shouldn''t be too quick to slag off the players just because we''ve lost a game.
  12. I disagree with most of what has been posted. The game was very tight for 75 minutes last night. My friends and I were saying at half-time that the game was on a knife-edge and could go either way. We had plenty of chances and I thought Morison had a good game and could have had a hat-trick - he certainly looked more dangerous than Holt for most of the game. The fact is that Villa got the crucial third goal in the game and that is why they won, but to say that we didn''t want it etc is in my view short-sighted. We also played a pretty strong side. As far as I could see Garrido was the only glaring omission, the other players such as Wes, Tettey and Whittaker had knocks and Turner has hardly trained so I don''t see how you can criticise changes to the back four - you have to change it when you have knocks and injuries! When Holt went over on his knee in the first half I really thought he''d done something bad. If he had then no doubt a load of posters on here would have been saying that we shouldn''t have risked him. It''s very easy to be wise in hindsight...
  13. I thought we actually picked a pretty strong side, as did Villa. The only obvious one was Garrido, which was highlighted by Tierney having a bit of a stinker. Other than that, the other players missing from Saturday had knocks and it would be madness to have risked Tettey getting injured last night when we so badly need him for the upcoming PL games. Morison, who came in for Wes effectively, had a good game IMO, certainly more effective than Holt. I expect that Tettey, Wes and Whittaker will have had the benefit of a week''s rest and will probably all be back for an important game with Wigan - if we can get to 25 points before Christmas that puts us in a great position to stay up and have a tilt at the FA Cup. The thing about the FA Cup is that it has allocated weekend fixtures and so places a lesser burden on the squad, at least until say the quarter finals.
  14. I must have been watching a different game to most of you but I thought Morison looked good tonight, ran the channels well, scored, had lots of other chances and generally outshone The Horse. But don''t let that spoil a good stereotypical view of Morro...
  15. I must have been watching a different game to most of you but I thought Morison looked good tonight, ran the channels well, scored, had lots of other chances and generally outshone The Horse. But don''t let that spoil a good sterotypical view of Morro...
  16. ABC - I fully expect Lambo to play a virtual full strength side. If he didn''t have the appetite he would have weakened the team for the last round when they took their first team to Swindon. This was their team for that game: Aston Villa 01 Given 04 Vlaar 30 Lichaj 31 Herd (Stevens - 30'' ) 34 Lowton 07 Ireland (Bent - 83'' ) 08 El Ahmadi 25 Bannan (Delph - 82'' ) 26 Weimann 11 Agbonlahor 20 Benteke
  17. Just ignore it Randy, it was uncalled for and I think most of the responses to your posts have been pretty reasonable. 3,500 Villa fans midweek is a very solid turnout. The ground is going to be absolutely rammed, it feels like the best cup tie that NCFC have had for many a year. Really looking forward to it.
  18. I''m worried that we''re going to make more changes than this, and it''s worrying because I think we need damned near our best team to win this game - you can bet Villa will be virtually full strength. We need to play: Bunn, Russell M, Bassong, Turner, Garrido, Snod, Howson, Johnson, Pilks, Holt, Jackson I suspect we may play something like: Bunn, Russell, Bassong, Barnett, Tierney, E Bennett, Howson, Fox, Pilks, Morison, Jackson. Still a good side and with the Horse on the bench I suspect, but it will make it tougher for us...
  19. I think it''s about time we started a chant of ''We are invincible''...
  20. A couple of really decent posts on here from the Villa fan and then a load of utter nonsense from our lot, I despair... I have to say that I think Lambert has a massive job on his hands to rebuild Villa. It''s going to take more than a couple of transfer windows IMO to restore them to former glories. It doesn''t look to me as though Lerner is going to fund big signings and so I wonder how, with the type of signings that Lambert is making (ie predominantly Championship/lower leagues etc) that Villa will ever find themselves back among the european contenders. Mid-table obscurity I think he can achieve, but don''t Villa fans want more than that or is it a case of having to walk again before you can run?  
  21. Paul Lambert was keen to accentuate the positives – and accused an inquisitor of “swallowing a negative book” – after Villa’s draw at Stoke. Lambert was pleased with the resilience of the young claret and blues who extended their unbeaten run to four matches with six points from 12. But the Villa boss took umbrage at questioning from a reporter who pointed out his team are the lowest scorers in the Premier League with just 12 goals from 16 games. After getting increasingly annoyed Lambert snapped when asked about Gabby Agbonlahor’s record of just one goal in the last 35 league matches. “Have you swallowed a negative book?” he stormed. “Every question you ask is negative. Gabby is playing well...really, really well. “The team is going really fine. I have no problem with Gabby. If that’s your take on it, that’s your take on it.” Lambert also refused to discuss Darren Bent after giving the record signing his first run of action for five week as a 66th minute substitute. “Listen I have to stop you,” he said. “I’m not answering any more questions on it. I answered about 305 the other night. I’m not answering any more.” On Villa’s lack of goals, Lambert commented: “I want to win the game. It’s not rocket science. “It’s (the scoring record) not something I’m actually overly worried about, because I know it will come.” Lambert preferred to focus on the plus points after Villa’s third clean sheet in four games. “They have done really fine,” he added. “Really, really fine.”   This article was from today''s Birmingham Mail. Lambo getting stroppy again. It got me to thinking, when we were dropping like a stone early season that could only have been good for Lambo''s stock - look what a shambles we are without him etc. Now that we''re doing better than we did last season under his stewardship, maybe it gives a less positive impression of the importance of his contribution? Whatever the answer, let''s hope Hoots piles on the pressure Tuesday night! OTBC      
  22. I agree with Blurboy. It would be wrong to boo a guy who achieved so much for us. The best thing we can do is cheer Hughton''s name for 90 minutes, make the ground a bearpit and batter Villa on the pitch. I can see there being a great atmos at FCR...
  23. I don''t think that''s negative at all Ted. I have no doubt that Hughton is only thinking at this stage of getting to 40 points. the great thing is to do that we need only 18 points from another 22 games. That means a record of W 5, D 3, L 14 would be enough to keep us up and I don''t see us achieving anything like that record for the rest of the season - I think we''ll do much better than that. A 50 point haul looks well within our grasp but for now it will be a case of ''get to 40 and then see where we are'' for the team and management.
  24. I really hope that he gets a decent reception when he comes out of the tunnel, he deserves it for a monumental achievement for the Club. Hughton wouldn''t have had the base to build from without him. Thereafter, I hope we absolutely batter his Villa side and might even be partial to a tongue in cheek rendition of ''It could have been you'' when we get to the semi-final. I do think that Hughton has made some brilliant signings, Bassong in particular is probably only here due to previous Hughton connections and then Tettey, Garrido and Snodgrass have been a real step up in quality. Who knows if Lambert might have brought in similar quality - for all we know we would have Benteke and Weimann, but I certainly wouldn''t exchange our position or signings for theirs.
  25. No one will ever hear my decry the legend that is Hucks, but IMO Holt has achieved far more for the Club. Hucks made a huge contribution to our promotion under Worthy of course, but Holt has 2 promotions and coming toward 2 PL survival campaigns. Holt has also scored more goals and he helps the shape of the team, whereas with Hucks we really had to fit the team around him and that undoubtedly prevented us from having defensive stability during his time with us. Two absolute legends of course, but for me Holt has achieved more, with less natural ability than the jet-heeled one.
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