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  1. I think this is correct - all professional leagues will fall under 'elite' category. So I think the EFL will continue but National League down will have to stop.
  2. Partly because we are perhaps a centre half light there has been quite a lot of moaning about our defensive frailties again this season so far. The reality is we've conceded 6 goals in 7 games and if we maintain a ratio anything near that we are in for a great season. The goals conceded so far have been: - Penalty conceded by Skipp v Preston - Rooney free kick v Derby - Hanley error v Rotherham - Hanley/Krul error v Wycombe - Zimbo turned too easily/good finish v Bournemouth - Skipp didn't track runner v Preston Four open play goals conceded and two set plays, not bad for 7 games. And encouraging that but for three players everyone else has been pretty faultless.
  3. In the last couple of games I'd say that Hugill has struggled to get on the same wavelength as Pukki, Buendia and Cantwell. That isn't that surprising as, considering his limited time for West Ham it's unlikely that he's played in a team with this sort of technical quality and style of pass and move. I can see us going back at some stage to Stiepermann with Pukki up top. That may not be just yet because we've been winning and Hugill does contribute by adding much needed physicality to the side. However, I agree with some others that he does have a part to play and to some extent we need to get better at feeding his strengths by picking him out with our new found crossing strength with Quintilla. We are a work in progress at the moment and it's vital that all the new players get time to bed in. Apart from Gibson who has looked very much at home, albeit it's easier for centre halves as they have more time on the ball and can keep things relatively simple, the others still need to work on the training ground and learn that familiarity in patterns of play. Hugill has on'y played what, three league games so far. The likes of Placheta haven't really yet shown what they can do but you can see that there is skill and pace to work with there. What I'm encouraged about is that all the signings look like they've got something to contribute given time and work at Colney.
  4. Don't really agree with this. Buendia chasing back made two crucial clearances in our penalty box, thought his desire was spot on on Tuesday. He also made the pass after Rupp robbed Hogan for Idah before Mario scored the goal. I don't personally see Mario as a player who is going to start matches this season. His mobility is an issue and I think Farke will use him as a supersub in the last 20 minutes of games where we need to break down a deep defending opponent. If you think about the goal, Birmingham were actually on the counter-attack and Mario was still the most advanced player forward for us (which is why ultimately he scored) but he's not going to be tracking opposition counters when he starts and plays 90 minutes - that isn't Mario's strength particularly now he's in his 30's and although there will doubtless be clamour for him to start because he's so talented, I can totally see why Farke is using him as he is.
  5. Other than Pukki out for Stiepermann, if Pukki is not 100%, I can't see any other changes except maybe Stiepermann in and Hugill out instead. May depend on whether we feel we need height in the side to combat Wycombe. The chances of Vrancic starting and Emi not are minimal.
  6. He had a knock and hasn't really been able to get close to the starting line-up yet. Don't worry though, still 40 games to go. It's like all those people saying 'what must Hugill be thinking' when he didn't start the first 4 games. There were 42 games left and he was always going to have a big part to play. New signings don't have to immediately come into the XI. Same with Gibson. Especially with this manager, he always makes new signings learn our patterns in training and then earn their place in the squad - that sends a powerful message to all of the players - that you have to earn it whatever your name is or however good you are. The other thing he does is that once players get in the team, the shirt is theirs to lose. If they perform, he doesn't really ever drop them for the sake of it. It usually takes an injury or pretty poor performance to lose your place. For example, Zimbo has now had a minor knock, but having lost his place to Hanley, he probably won't get back in now until there's an injury or suspension.
  7. For me it's a measure of just how far we've come in the last three years. When Farke first came in, teams weren't worried about us. Now, they change their system specifically to try to stop us. In 6 games it hasn't just been Birmingham have done it, Derby were similar and to some extent Bournemouth, although the latter have better players. I was more impressed with Preston as they clearly came to have a go and pressed us really high. Rotherham similarly, although they had the benefit of two weeks of preparation when half our squad was on international duty. Just watching us play last night it just makes you realise that we play some proper football - this manager has created such an identity in our style of play, not unlike Swanselona under Brendan Rodgers. I love it.
  8. When we really get our intricate game going through the middle I think Hugill looks a little clunky trying to link up with the others. However, he offers that alternative that we can put in crosses, with Xavi having a fantastic delivery. It will help us to be less one dimensional. Hugill has a big part to play.
  9. Just on Buendia, I thought that was his best performance this season. There were two occasions where he ran back the length of the pitch to make interceptions around our penalty area, esp the one on Hogan after we scored. That desire tells me that Emi is back.
  10. Even when Leicester won the Premier League they lost Mahrez and Kante. They probably had fans too moaning about lack of ambition.
  11. Excellent response. The fact that Sinani thought he would be competing for a first team spot doesn't necessarily mean that NCFC felt that way in any case. But the fact he's been allowed out suggests that we had confidence that we would be keeping some of our top players whom we thought MAY be leaving.
  12. there has been so much sensationalist rubbish about this. Including some folk losing their minds about the club selling the crown jewels when, as a matter of fact apparently missed by many, Jamal is the only one who has left right now. Even some conspiracy type thinking from the likes of 'Rabbit Hole' suggesting that we couldn't wait to sell all the lads off, pocket the cash and, presumably, prepare for a decade of Championship mediocrity. The reality is that Stuart Webber runs this club. He's an ambitious man. It is wholly in his interests to succeed here and get that big move to a European club. He isn't trying to sabotage anything - every decision is made with the best interests of the club in mind. Don't let any tin foil hat wearing keyboard warriors tell you different.
  13. Well I mean we haven't actually sold them yet, but whatever.
  14. The thing is, these figures are absolute nonsense. We probably spent that alone on the loan fee for Fahrmann. As soon as we went up we incurred a significant amount of promotion related bonuses paid to players. We gave a bunch of players significantly improved contracts so that we could realise sale values of £20m plus precisely in this scenario, and to reward success. In relation to the Emi Buendia purchase from Getafe, we incurred a £3.5m payment in a promotion-related add-on to the deal. We signed several players on loan added to Fahrmann, all of which incurred wage and loan fees. Drmic would have had a substantial signing on fee. Rupp was an undisclosed fee.
  15. Don't disagree with any of that. One would hope that the government would carefully consider policy changes though. Take the 10pm curfew for example. Who could have predicted that turfing everyone out of pubs at the same time would lead to masses of people congregating in streets and supermarkets/off-licenses and public transport all at the same time?! Not only is the policy damaging the licensed trade economically, it's also potentially not having a positive impact on reducing reproduction rates too.
  16. I do think that there can be a tendency to look back with rose-tinted spectacles. Pre-Sky, grounds were crammed, dirty, people urinating, throwing coins etc, it was really a domain for men only. The game is much safer now and far more of a family affair, grounds are better, and the sport itself has improved in terms of the athleticism and skill level. The money poured into the game accounts for much of that. On the other hand, there is the feeling that the game is 'sanitised' to a degree. Technology appears not to have helped enforce the rules but has changed the rules to fit around it. There's also the fact that the balance of the game has swung far in the direction of big, rich clubs. It is not as fair a contest as it once was. I suppose that's what you get with change. Some good, some not so good.
  17. Well I was referring to BT Sport who've had various recent away series, particularly a deal to show Australia's home series, as well as foreign broadcasters such as Channel 9 and the host coverage of the IPL provide by an Indian broadcaster. Also looking back at how superior Sky's coverage is to that provided by the BBC and Channel 4 (who often canned the cricket to show horse racing in the afternoon - is it any wonder Sky took the rights?). But thanks for your condescension!
  18. I do think that what they've got wrong with VAR is pretty clear. Instead of fitting VAR around the rules of football, they've changed the rules of football to facilitate VAR. There seems to be no room for referees to take a judgment anymore.
  19. I have Sky Sports but mostly for the cricket, and I think their cricket coverage is streets ahead of any other broadcaster. I've never really agreed with blaming Sky for football's position. It's up to football how it spends the cash it receives. Sky has given football an amazing financial opportunity and platform.
  20. Some very interesting post from Bonzo - thank you for the info. Paul Moy - I understand you pointing out several cases of breaches of distancing rules etc but I think you are missing a key point. Humans as a large population have very predictable behaviour. When you allow large groups of young people to leave home and congregate in halls of residence, then guess what, some percentage of them will have parties. In the general population, some percentage of people will be Covid deniers, criminals, or simply selfish and won't really care about adhering to distancing. The government should know this and they should factor it into their calculations as to what can and can't be safely opened up. It is far more useful for the government to do that and tailor their policies than to not do so, see their policy fail, then blame the public. They've had a difficult hand to play have the Tories, but christ, they've played it woefully.
  21. No disrespect but Semedo is a highly experienced full back with tremendous experience in the Champions League and playing for one of the best clubs in the world. Max has played one season in the Premier League. He has great potential but looking at their CV's, I'm not sure that your argument holds water.
  22. Yeah he hasn't taken anything out for ages if at all. Ipswich owe him in the region of £100m.
  23. Appears that Barca have agreed a deal to sign Sergino Dest from Ajax.
  24. Good point Nutty. Look at how much stick Delia gets for the crime of letting NCFC run on a sustainable business model. She doesn't put money in but she doesn't take money out. NCFC can spend everything that it earns. You know, like any regular business does.
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