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  1. That's not really how it works. You need to look at 'burden of proof'. The person who makes a claim has the responsibility to substantiate it. We know that a significant proportion of the current injuries were in-game injuries and international duty injuries. We also know that there is a heavily congested fixture list this season. We also don't know how training is precisely conducted at Colney. The one thing to say is that you can't have a superbly coached and peak fitness squad without training hard. You may have to accept that doing so increases the risk of injuries, but the benefit is the well drilled patterns of play and fitness that put us head and shoulders above most of this division. You can't have one without the other.
  2. For me there is a degree of obstruction of the goalkeeper and I think we all know that keepers tend to get the benefit of the doubt in those situations.
  3. Evans has put in about £100m more than Delia has over the last 15 years. It's not about that though. It's about how you spend what you have. Getting scouting and coaching right and the senior management team right. NCFC's commitment to youth development is, for me, the primary reason why we are leaving them so far behind.
  4. Emi has had 3 red cards in 3 seasons. He's not exactly Vinnie Jones. Without him we wouldn't have been 3-0 up in the first place. He is the best player in this division. Give him a break.
  5. We've got 9 games to get through until the next transfer window. Once we get to the window we will have the option of bringing in McCallum, Famewo and to sign a couple of players to better cover the threadbare areas of the squad. Until then we just have to battle through. The positive for me is that our genuinely key players, whom I see as Krul, Aarons, Gibson, Emi and Pukki, have generally stayed fit albeit we will be missing Krul for a good half a dozen of these 9 games. We couldn't really ask for better fixtures in the next four, with 3 of the bottom 5 at home. It's just going to be about getting through these 9 games. If we can win 4 or 5 of them we will still be in and around the top two by January, when we will have several options to reinforce. Beating Swansea, Boro and Stoke, three of our toughest games, has put points in the bank and given us a little bit of breathing space.
  6. For me, Gibson has been outstanding, he's an experienced operator with premier league pedigree and was always going to improve us. As such we haven't missed Godfrey at all, especially as Hanley has gone from strength to strength from a run in the side. I think we are missing Lewis more because we are relying on Aarons as the wide outlet. Sorensen is doing a great job defensively but he isn't going to create as a wide left player. I expect us to look to sign a player in the left back position in January. Rupp has also helped us dramatically from a defensive point of view. Tenacious and strong. And the goalkeeper has never played better. If we start to bang in a few more goals this really could be a fine season. At the moment I think Placheta is struggling a little, as is to be expected. I'm sure that Onel would have been starting most of the games at the moment but for his injury. Placheta is very raw but with his express pace, there is tremendous scope for improvement as he learns where to make his runs etc. He's already in Poland's starting lineup which says a lot for his potential but he's not quite on the same wavelength as Emi, Stiepi and Pukki right now. What has been said about our recruitment of young talent is spot on, and I think has been understated. We are building a cash cow with all of these young players and it will serve us tremendously well, both on and off the pitch, for years to come. As soon as we lose Godfrey and Lewis, you see Martin, Idah coming through. It's a conveyor belt that the management of the club should be very, very proud of developing.
  7. I think on a measure of various factors we come out at about 25th biggest club in England.
  8. The OP looks rather more silly now after that Mumba cameo. Outstanding.
  9. He did well overall but got his body shape wrong for one of the Swans attacks and ended up miles away from the lad running through who luckily shot straight at Krul. I think Gibson and Hanley is our first choice partnership at the moment although probably not a huge amount of difference between Hanley and Zimbo.
  10. The greatest positive to our Championship relegation is that we don't have to put up with this ridiculousness.
  11. Patience my friends...it was a fantastic, match changing 20 minutes. But obviously playing games from the start is a different sort of challenge and we haven't really seen what he's capable of defensively yet. But yes, very exciting. And the one area of the squad which has come in for criticism on this forum, suddenly doesn't look so threadbare after all...
  12. From what I gather, Farke pretty much expects players to have trained fully in each training session in order to come into consideration for the starting XI. So anyone who hasn't done that is 'a doubt'. Most of whom he's mentioned have probably missed a day or two of training but if they've trained today they may make the squad. Particularly lads like Gibson and Sorensen will probably go again, with a two week break coming up. At the moment, for me, our real key players are Krul, Aarons, Gibson, Buendia and Pukki, plus increasingly Rupp. They are the ones that are genuinely difficult to replace.
  13. They don't exactly pass the ball out from the back. One of his strengths nullified and, as you say, he does look a little lightweight defensively. He did whip in a peach of a cross late in the second half resulting in a brilliant save from Joelinton's header.
  14. Exactly and you suspect that the management team must have thought playing Mumba and then Aarons at left back was a better option than McCallum. Aarons isn't exactly going to let us down at left back, he's been playing left wing back during games for two seasons. Sorensen's physique and how he's performed in the last week suggest that he is a perfectly decent option as a 4th centre back. All in all, not too bad. The other thing to mention is that the entire rest of the squad is absolutely packed with quality and depth at this level .
  15. It seems fairly clear that we believed that Gibson would provide adequate cover at left back to allow McCallum out and give him the regular game time that might make him more of a viable option upon his return. The Klose transfer seems to have come as something of a surprise but at the time he was 4th choice for centre half and it was a move to Basel that he always wanted to make, and given his service to the club he was treated with decency and allowed the move. It has left us temporarily light but we are 12 games away from the next window when it seems clear that we will be targeting the CB and LB positions. It seems likely given the two week break that we will have Quintilla back for most of those fixtures and we have three fit centre halves and Gibson/Hanley are forming a strong partnership. 8 goals conceded in 10 games is a big improvement and Gibson has hardly put a foot wrong. After those 12 games we can bring back Famewo and McCallum if necessary and so the situation is perhaps not as worrying as the OP has suggested, in my humble view...
  16. Seems fairly clear it was a PL thing, looks better than empty seats when selling games to those foreign viewers. I can only think that putting out the banners and then removing them is a giant pain in the **** and that is why they haven't been doing it.
  17. The issue for me with Tommy T up there is that he's a fine technician and passer of the ball, but if others around him aren't on the same wavelength and using an appropriate style of play then his strengths could be nullified. Likewise, he isn't going to be the strongest physically or good in the air. If you don't use his strengths, he is going to look a little anonymous.
  18. I was very impressed with him last night. Driving runs, adds bite defensively, and I reckon he will get half a dozen goals this season as he's continually getting into good shooting positions on the edge of the box. He doesn't have the finesse of a Leitner or the attacking midfielders like Cantwell, Emi, Mario or Stiepy but in the CDM role he's head and shoulders above the rest at the moment.
  19. Most posters on here are pretty fair minded and can disagree amicably. A few can’t, that’s life. Personally I like to challenge particularly and consistently negative posters. The kind that only pop up to have a dig when we lose. Their views are, to my mind, corrosive and ultimately they can be damaging if that negativity spreads. They call themselves ‘supporters’ when in actual fact they are critics or customers. Even Farke has mentioned the pressure of weight of expectation and it has brought down many a relegated side before. I want to help the club. And that’s why I challenge the moaners.
  20. After Millwall, which in itself won’t be easy, these are three of our toughest games of the season. 6 or 7 points would be perfectly fine for me.
  21. As far as Cantwell goes, he's become a fine player, he improved a hell of a lot going into the Premier League season. His performances at that level were in stages very good indeed. He has a bit to prove that he can do it consistently and be a force at Championship level. I have no doubt that Cantwell, Hugill, Mario all have a big role to play this season. They will all have periods where they get a run of starting games.
  22. In the end we are still a relatively small team. Set pieces are always going be a little bit of an achilles heel for us. Max, Pukki, Emi, Skipp, Placheta, Cantwell, Onel aren't going to be winning headers. But in reality it's 9 games and 8 goals conceded - that isn't bad at all. If someone said in the first 9 games, we'd have only conceded more than one goal once, I would suggest we'd be fairly happy with that.
  23. The last two games in particular he's been absolutely outstanding. The difference between 4pts and perhaps 1.
  24. It's a football forum. People want to know how these restrictions will affect their lives. That includes NCFC, and amateur football both playing and watching. It doesn't mean people don't care about lives.
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