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  1. and not forgetting... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MJXYydHRIOA&feature=related  
  2. http://www.cambridge-news.co.uk/cn_news_home/DisplayArticle.asp?ID=407868 [:(]
  3. Nope, as much as I''d like us to have two more games than all the other teams to get us out of this mess, I can only count 4 games left and 12 points available. Am I missing something (apart from blind optimism)? [:^)]
  4. After the Taylor report in 1989 into the Hillsborough disaster, which basically states that terracing was a major contributory factor in the disaster, the authorities somehow translated it to read football hooliganism is symptomatic of standing/terracing (or the other way round), and from that day forward the two are inexorably linked in most peoples minds, rightly or wrongly.
  5. More... "Everton suffered penalty heartbreak after a dramatic FA Youth cup tie that required extra time. After a goalless 90 minutes, a thunderbolt free-kick from Lee McArdle looked to have given the young Blues victory. Both sides had struck the woodwork before the Welsh youth international belted home a 102nd minute strike. But an error from keeper Adam Davies allowed the Canaries to equalise with nine minutes left and then visiting goalie Declan Rudd saved three penalties in the shootout."
  6. Penalties ensued and after James McCarten had scored for Everton, Bidwell, Duffy and Baxter all had their efforts saved by Rudd.  
  7. On the other hand... (excuse the pun)   http://www.thetriforce.com/ntbbc/index.php?u=http%3A%2F%2Fnews.bbc.co.uk%2F1%2Fhi%2Fhealth%2F7870769.stm&s1=California&r1=Ipswich&s3=Bay&r3=Suffolk&rowcount=3   [:D]
  8. Interesting... Direct Debit renewals deadline 21st February, Home game against Burnley, take your Direct Debit cancellation to the ticket office after the match? First renewal deadline 28th February, Home game against Coventry City, renew season ticket at the ticket office after the match? A lot could depend on the outcome of these two matches.
  9. The way I see it, the BBC before quoting the IFA statement, checked the source and came up with a statement from a named official at the IFA. Later in the evening, at least two Emails were sent to Neil Doncaster and received the following quote; "I then sent him another e-mailing asking if the Irish FA had been approached about the possibility of talking to Worthington, this was my reply: no, no-one has been offered or made any formal approach at all, least of all the IFA". source WOTB What concerns many people is that this isn''t a case of being economical with the truth, or hiding behind smoke and mirrors, someone has told a blatant lie. Who do I think is telling lies? Gordon Brown ofcourse.
  10. My guess for what it''s worth; The Press conference is to announce a caretaker manager/management team to take charge until: A) They can come up with a plan B B) The main target is ready to takeover, maybe not until the end of the season
  11. I for one will not believe a word of this rumour until it has been verified by the Sun. Argument over. End of. Oh... http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/sport/football/article2137219.ece?OTC-RSS&ATTR=Football [li]
  12. This was one of the earliest reports to surface, from the BBC, is a bit more revealing but the actual text is still open to misinterpretation;   http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/football/internationals/7831932.stm  [^o)]
  13. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-1116559/Norwich-ready-turn-clock-Worthington-replacement-Roeder.html
  14. 1000-1: Roeder walks! 10,000-1: Roeder sacked!   [:D]
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