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  1. [quote user="Smudger"]Another vain attempt by those with no balls to put a halt to matters...[/quote]No actually, you''re wrong, not a "halt".  I was suggesting a postponement, a delay until the next Saturday home game, 14 days later, on the 8th December.  Is that really too much to bear? [quote user="Smudger"] hind behind a City heros death to further your own agendas...[/quote] Well, I''m certainly surprised to find out I''ve got an "agenda", aside from a profound wish that a day celebrating the life of a legend doesn''t get tarnished with the bad feeling that any protest will undoubtedly provoke.
  2. [quote user="fuzzyfelt"] I would like people not to use this sad news to score points one way or the other. [/quote]Who''s point-scoring?I''m simply saying that a protest on Saturday would be hugely inappropriate.Delay the protest ''til the 8th December - he Sheff Utd game; the protesters still get to have their say and get their message across, and everyone can use Saturday as it surely should be used: to celebrate the life of a legend.
  3. Postpone it until the 8th December, against Sheff Utd.14 days won''t make the slightest bit of difference.Protesting on the same day as a minute''s silence for a suddenly departed legend just isn''t right.
  4. I write to ask those organising or participating in this weekend''s "protests" to reconsider as a mark of respect to Graham Paddon''s family.  
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