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  1. As long as bentley is even 50% fit he should be playing ahead of graham stuart. i totally agree, they can not be serious about starting stuart.i''m suprised stuart has played as many games as he has anyway! He hasnt done to much wrong, but we need players who are going so show something special at this stage of the season, and David Bentley is definately much better suited to do that!I was just wondering - is there any chance that Graham Stuart might have a clause in his contract saying he has to start a certain number of games before the end of the season? I wouldnt have thought so but its just a thought????
  2. if you dont believe, you wont achieve people! i cant wait to see leon and deano up front with hucks and bentley supporting. Bring on the palace!!!
  3. just wondering if anyone had heard about our new kit for next season, as it is usually aroud this time that people start to talk about it???
  4. commentary is always on radio norflok - neil adams and roy waller commentating
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