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  1. um the days nealy up and know sign of taylor???? Telling a little white lie with this post were you ..........
  2. [quote user="kick it off"][quote user="clblue"]The facts are that you can''t afford Ameobi and thats why you have signed Cheddar as a cheap alternative!![/quote] HAHAHAHA - So far Norwich have made three loan signings or extensions and one permanent signing, letting four players go. The Blue and white scum have made ZERO loan signings, ZERO loan extensions, ZERO permanent signings and have let one player out on loan. What happened to your £12million CLscummer? Where''s your money gone, where''s your money gone.... Or have you now realised what we did pretty soon after the deal was announced, that you have been fleeced and are now paying £600 000 a year that you weren''t before, wiping out none of your debt by doing so, merely paying off the interest, and are paying that indefinitely. Ergo losing money that could have gone towards your debt. What have you gained so far from the "£12million"? NOTHING. Maybe you should face facts, you have less money than we do, we actually have assets, you have no cash, a council-owned ground, s**t fans. Before you start on your little "look at the table" tangent - we are 9points behind you. I would exchange 9points for our assets and fans anyday. We may not be able to afford Ameobi, we might be able to, we don''t know. Your lot certainly couldnt afford him, and even if you could afford him, you can''t attract players of that calibre anyway!! (Except the inspired signing that was a washed up, Finidi George!!) Agree with all of this and the reason why you cant attrct any big players with high calibre to your scummy little club is because you have jim "pirate" magilton as you manager who knows nothing or knowone unlike glenn roeder who knows lots of people and could attract lots of very good players to the club just you wait and see little boy [/quote]
  3. This is great news!!!! hopefully he will pick us though ! cant see why he wouldnt. cant wait if this is the case
  4. he certainly knows his stuff lol ..........
  5. Would be great news but not sure if it will happen today hope so though i know im being inpatient but i just really want GR to sign somone good.
  6. yep sadly have to agree with all those comments dont understand what has  happened to him?? Free his contract wages ????? or should we keep him and use him as a super sub?
  7. yeah agree with most of it but have to disagree with the fozzy comment think he is a good player. If he cant pass how come he managed to set up the 2 goals we scored against Barnsley and obviously scored one. ( i know he didnt have to pass to score lol)
  8. hahahaha same i fell to the floor laughing wen i saw it too lol
  9. [quote user="we8wba"] palace look half decent solid team in this league no great shakes but reminded me of how wolves played last season! they did have a great right winger who wasnt soares and number 44 who was dynamite all game the only difference between todays team i saw was the finishing wolves missed 2open goals somehow and palace scored 2decent goals and probably the goal of the season i expect them to be in the mix. as to your comment both teams look like they will finish at least midtable in my opinion [/quote]   Wolves Wolves Wolves ............ change the record!!!
  10. yeah that was y just because they have an injury crsis at the back!!! I still think we will get him though mcleish wants the money so he will wait and c wot happens but then will realise that we wont up our bid so he will accept a 750k ish bid we just have to be patient. Yeah i know its really frustrating but i still believe that GR will get 3-4 quality players in. Weve got to trust the man!!!
  11. good question havnt got a clue to be honest dickyst220
  12. it possible!! if we keep playing like we r, getting the results like we are atm and get 3-4 players in this month then y not!!
  13. na we''ll play our normal team as we have to win the game. Fair enugh its only Bury but they gave us a good run for our money in the home tie!!
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