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  1. Dear all this take over talk is all being done by the Pooh Bars to disguise the fact that we havent got any transfer kitty or ambition , cannot compete anymore even with the Hull and Stoke Citys of the world and is being done to keep the very loyal supporters off the directors backs. The likes of Cullum, Turners and Smiths they are all mates and socialise in the same cirlces, they know the score very well and are playing a game with 20,000 + loyal supporters to keep us happy. I am afraid business as usual for the coming season.    
  2. Huckerby will sign a contract on the pitch before the game on Saturday.. and the crowd will go mental
  3. Stoke      draw 1 point Sheff Utd  lose 0 point Colchester win 3 points Bristol City lose 0 points Burnley      draw 1 point Ipswich     lost  0 points West Brom  draw 1 point QPR          draw 1 point Sheff Wed   draw 1 point   SO WE HAVE 46 SHOULD GET ANOTHER 8 , IS 54 ENOUGH THIS SEASON?
  4. £600k lost on Worthington £200k lost on Grant £240k lost on Stravankha   Over £1m waisted and the fans will have to pickup the TAB.   DISGUSTING
  5. Who are the Town 8 Walters, Garvin, Clarke, Bruce, Supple for Republic of Ireland, Full squad and U 21 Tommy Smith , England U18 trying to find who the missing 2 are.
  6. On the Radio this morning it was mentioned that Ipswich Town have 8 players away on Under 21 duty now and next week.   This speaks volumes of their youth policy and the way the lads are brought through to the first team. Sadly it sets them up for the future with good quality players who are performing on the international stage, they will either be flogged for £mmmssss or play for Ipswich. What the hell are we doing with our Youth players, and whats  more what are the highly paid hangers onto our club doing by not scouting and bringing in quality, nowadays we seem to attract very average to poor youth players, other than Chrissie Martin we have nothing of any quality coming through. Hope that Glen Roeder gives this area a good clear out of the dead wood management NO QUALITY YOUTH NO FUTURE.   Rant over        
  7. Right folks Huckerbys out and not going to be around much longer, we have a young player who plays left wing and much faster at MK Dons, bring him back NOW We have Ryan Jarvis, remember him, hes better than Dave, Hartson, more reliable than Dublin, more experienced than Martin Has anybody told Roeder that these 2 guys belong to NCFC!        
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