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  1. [quote user="Canary Ben002"]as listening to radio Norfolk at about 6:30 this evening, after talking about G Paddon they came out with a ''headlne'' Taylor has made it clear he plans to return to birmingham at the end of this loan spell. Sorry Guys, Im gutted but who knows 1 more miricale for roeder to work shouldnt be 2 hard! OTBC [/quote]Can i just point out that you now say that you heard this on Radio Norfolk at 6.30pm.  but your original entry on this matter was at 5.50pm. CAN YOU SEE INTO THE FUTURE???? if you can,  can you tell us if we will win the league this season cos if we will i want £100 on it.  geeez.
  2. [quote user="Canary Nut"][quote user="djc"] How about a half-time "whip the fattest pie-eating supporters with a rolled up wet towel" competition....?  [/quote] I wonder who taught you that idea was a funny?  It''s not. Moreover I wonder what your attitude is to boozers, druggies etc.     [/quote]CanaryNutHere you are once again putting a damper on a bit of fun and a friendly discussion on a subject.  The guy was just having a laugh, thats all it was and if it offends you then just dont read it. please,  can you add something constructive to my threads,  thats all i ask and keep the friendly banter going.
  3. [quote user="Canary Nut"][quote user="jas the barclay king"] Drums (and drum sticks) are not actually prohibited in football grounds in this country. so expect to have it whipped off you by Jim Bowen the steward in the Barclay... when we play Pompey the stewards in the away end should really confiscate that bell... either that or remove Mr Westwood for a breach of safety... jas :) [/quote] The KC Stadium prohibits them as there are signs next to their entrances. While there may not be a statue law explicity banning drums at football grounds, people need to be aware of entertainment licences. Furthermore you are correct to draw our attention to the Health & Safety issues, how can a big drum be safe in terms of obstructing the exit route if there was an emergency. Moreover isn''t their a risk to people''s hearing and mental state etc.?    [/quote]Canary Nut,Do you constantly have to put a damper on everyones posts,  whats this about an entertainment license???  isnt that needed if you want to perform in the streets of norwich?  like the guy with the puppets etc? if you are right can you provide a link to the rule and regulation website and the paragraph, section, sub section and line?????  but please this is just an open discussion for opinions it isnt actually an appeal to bring in a drummer but if a guy turns up on tuesday evening with a drum then fantastic, i would love to see the crowd reaction as they get behind him. but please canary nut,  join in the disussion with light banter, like the guy who posted the Crystal palace article.  now that was bloody funny. lmao.
  4. This is the stereotypical person that phones in to Radio Norfolk.  Moan moan moan,  from the commentry i heard they played another superb game,  and the changes in the second half were positive enough to try and win the game. we were just unlucky and that is football.  but be happy with 6 points from 9 and lets stuff plymouth on tuesday. Im proud of those players today and the effort they showed once again on that pitch.  i applaud Roeder and his staff for another fine display. dont listen to the moaners and get behind the boys again on tuesday.
  5. I like the idea of the Cheerleader.  mind you what guy wouldnt.  Lol. Ok i agree not many do pay attention to what goes on at half time but there are stil over 24500 people in that stadium so someone must pay attention to it as well as the halftime scores. 
  6. So most people say that a drummer or Beller is a bad idea simply because they dont want it near them in the stands. Its quite amusing to be honest and i do agree,  having seen spurs on tv a few times, the guy in the studio always goes home with a headache cos the drummer sits outside the sky studio at white hart lane.  lmao.  So maybe we could put a Drummer/Samba band in the area where the hotel is. that way they are not in the stands but loud enough to be heard and annoy the hell out of the away supporters at the same time.  HEHE. maybe a drummer at the top and bottom of the Jarrold stand too and surround the away fans that way they all go home with headaches. LMAO
  7. HAHAHAHA according to skysports.com,  ipswich have a 30300 capacity and they are only averaging a 2/3 gate of 19000 thats poor for a now 5th place team.  mind you i wouldnt want to spend my saturday afternoon in portaloo road. who cares what they are doing and what they aint doing with attendance.  they are a town and full of sh**heads anyways. lol sing it loud, sing it proud, sing it for the green and yellow crowd
  8. where did you hear this?  on radio norfolk?
  9. sniffing the touchline?   wasnt that a Paul Merson P'' Take from when he was tested positive or confessed to being an addict or something.  Robbie Fowler got into trouble with the FA after his touchline sniffing celebration after scoring for Liverpool a few years ago.  very funny i thought,.  hes still a fat B''stard though.  LMFAO
  10. Does anyone think that the half time entertainment at Carrow Road Suck.  no wonder most people head for the bars and refreshment areas to sample Delia''s pies.  That roll the ball through the hole thingy is stupid,  I always thought the crossbar challenge was quite good.  At least most people got close. One thing is for sure, We dont want the dancers back, they we awfull. So does anyone have any suggestions as to what City could do for half time????? I saw something in the Prem last season where a fan from home and away supporters dribbled the ball around some cones from the halfway line, then run onto goal to try and beat the club mascot.  i cant remember what they won but its better idea than what they have at the moment.  lets hear your thoughts and maybe we can rally norwich to get things happening. lol
  11. Its great this has got some really good feedback,  Im not saying that norwich city fans need anymore encouragement in the noise factor.  Far from it,  Didnt the city faithfull score 2nd in a noise test by Sky recently???? anyways im there every home match and we have by far the best home supprot of any team in the championship and maybe even some of the premiership.  We have a 26034 capacity and achieve over 24500 every home game.  the shortfall is usually because the away fans cant sell all there tickets,  i said Sell all their tickets. but it was just an idea to keep the momentum flowing in the stands.  LMAO at putting a drummer in the N&P stand cos that place is like a morgue sometimes.  as for the incident at southhampton,  i think the blackpool drummer wasnt allowed in the stadium with the drum or something im not sure.  but they are pretty sad and boring down there anyways.
  12. There seems to be a trend happening lately accross Europe.  that teams at home with a Drummer seem to do well.  or maybe even a small band. Does anyone know if Norwich ever had a drummer and when?  would anyone be interested in starting a search to bring a drummer to carrow road to keep the tempo of the fans up???  maybe get one in the Barclay or Snake pit? Theres no doubt that the atmosphere there is fantastic already, ive been a season ticket holder in the Barclay for a few years now but i reckon a drummer might be good for the fans at this end of the ground.   So anyone wnna help me in my search to find someone or maybe volunteer in either of the Barclay or Snake pit?  lets hear your thoughts please????????
  13. It seems that  there is little to moan about these days so lets pick on Cureton.  ok hes not got Iwelumu this year to gift him the goals but now the rest of the team are becoming solid and Roeder is working his magic from back to front,  i say just wait and see. If we build it the goals will come.
  14. From what i understand, Taylor will return to Birmingham after the Sheff utd game at Carrow road on Dec 8th.  so that our chance to be vocal like hell.  lets get the barclay, tha snake pit and the south stand screaming his name and shouting to Delia and Roeder, "SIGN HIM UP" hes been an absolute gem for us at the back and what more can we ask for.  i believe hes even cointributed to the upswing in Shakell''s game too.  We need this guy and we need to sign him.  i fully agree with this thread so lets get this ball rollin.
  15. OMG.  did he say Robbie Keane.   you blithering idiot.  you think Ramos doesnt like the most inform player in the Spurs squad.  Be serious.  if anyone was in doubt at Tottenham it would be Jermaine Defoe. as it always has been for the last 3 seasons.  And how about none of the above.  And one thing for sure, we DO NOT want another over the hill Andy "the Goal" Coal coming here.  what will we do when the oldies retire.  if anyone will sign it will be another unwanted Geordie that Roeder had at Toontown.  but lets see what happens and lets get behind the boys at the coventry game no matter what.  but please.  Robbie Keane coming to Norwich.  thats sooooooooooo damn funny my ribs hurt... hehehehehe
  16. Any form of protesting is a cry for attention.  Whats wrong?  have you dropped your teddy and need someone to get it for you.   give it a rest.  this club and team and supprt has seen enough negativaty over the last couple of seasons.  we dont need pathetic protests to bring it down anymore.  Now is the time to stand tall and shout loud and raise this team back to the heights it belongs.
  17. It has to be said that no matter how good or bad norwich play.  Norwich City fans will moan, groan and whinge. its like they have nothing better to do.  the phone in on radio norfolk says it all. Last night was the tip of it all.  Watford for a start are a very good established team. and have worked well together all the way down from the premiership. They are by far the best team in the championship.  OK we are not doing so well at the moment but Roeder has only been here for one week.  give the guy a friggin chance. Norwich were absolutely amazing againt Ipswich on sunday and it was unfortunate that fixtures insist we played 2 days later.  We did play a resonably good game last night apart from Hartson was a waste of space and Jimmy Smith went walk about to often.  its no doubt that Croft should have started ahead of Otsemobor and Martin up front with Cureton. The proof is there to see with Roeder,  within a few days he bring in Martin Taylor.  Already he gets a man of the match award and if it wasnt for Russell on sunday would have got it then.   SIGN HIM UP.    i agree with the guy on Radio Norfolk last night,  Send Hartson back to West Brom,  theres a new Burger King opening up and they need a new Burger tosser. I think its about time that Norwich supporters stopped moaning about whats going on at city and start supporting their team, what happened to the days of Thick and thin.  good times and bad.?????  and those who threaten to give up their season tickets should bloody do it and give the real supporters a chance to get to the matches and sing loud and proud.  Its seams at the moment we have the happy clappers and the glory hunters in the crowd.  and for one thing WAKE UP THE SNAKE PIT.  Heres one thing for sure,  IF city go down.  I WILL BE THERE NEXT YEAR.  without a doubt.  but im positive we wont be down.   Play off places here we come. 
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