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  1. like many other posts on here at the moment you all turn against Delia and MWJ. but why not turn on doncaster for holding the purse strings or the turners for being worth millions and doing F all of any significance when it comes to investment or even the rest of the board. Delia maybe majority shareholder but she isnt the only share holder in the club. why dont you all go after them too???? that includes the public shareholders.

  2. [quote user="Rasputin was a C..."]I am yet to see a single post suggesting people should turn on the playing side of the club. The players and manager have nothing to do with this and I would hope that there is not a backlash aimed at them. Roeder can only work with the money he''s given and so if the players are not of the standard we''d hope for its not their fault entirely. What I have seen is people asking questions of the board and Cullum. As suppporters I believe we all deserve to be told what is going on. Yes some things need to remain confidential but the interviews and statements given so far shed no light on why talks lasted for a day before grinding to a halt. I personally think its time for Delia to step aside and let someone else have a go. I''m not saying she should not get a fair price but it would seem she doesn''t want to let go for any price and that is not for the best. If she remains, with her husband, the main share holder and we go down she will only be remembered for that. If the board really want the best they will work damn hard to sort a deal out. If they let this opportunity slip away now it is very likely that we''ll be hovering arounnd the relegation places again. Is that good for Norwich City?[/quote]You havent seen a post asking to turn on the playing side???  dont you think the numptys asking for a protest at the spurs game is bad enough. the players have to listen to the piss poor supporters booing and hissing at the board.  Isnt that bad enough for the team. its been proven the fans lift the team so negativety is only gonna filter through to everyone at the club.

  3. [quote user="Grando"]If you feel strongly enough you can always cancel your season ticket - if you paid using their credit plan (unless they''ve tightened up the small print).

    Cancel the direct debit if they say they won''t let you - I doubt they''ll take people to court to reclaim cash for a service you haven''t taken up...[/quote]you hero.  what a way to put less money into your beloved football club.  what happened to wearing your shirt with pride? and what happened to supporting your football club????  if you dont want your season ticket then give to someone who supports Norwich City and put a real fan in the crowd next season.

  4. Here we go. another bad turn in the life of NCFC. so bloody what?. you people have been waiting for this since Worthington left. Your chance to emerge and try and get a name for yourselves or score a point by saying something against City.  Im guessing its now that you crawl out of the woodwork and start hacking away and the Carrow road foundations until they crumble because you have the right to say and feel what you want. Utter Crap.  Its safe to assume that a lot of people are unhappy and they have a

    right to be, but for once just shut up and SUPPORT your club and be a

    NCFC fan through thick and thin.Under worthington we won the league and had a play off final, then when it all went wrong up came the hate squad and the worthy out began. When chase left and Delia and Co came in you all loved them and sang their name from the stands, Now things go wrong and guess what. you turn on them. suprise suprise. what next??? Roeder gets a few bad results and you turn on him next??? that wouldnt suprise me in the slightest.  I dont care if you all come back on here and criticise me for this or say something codasending back to me. i just dont care. what i care about is supporting a football club, Norwich City and that is it. in my eyes a true football fan is someone who will stand by the team and club no matter what.  Look what happened to gretna. did they jump up and start hating everyone. No, did they start a ''get the board out campaign'' No.  so why should we??ps. anyone with a petition can shove it.

  5. [quote user="Hardhouse44"]Hate to say this but we''re all to blame. We sit and except everything that this board does to our club without question.We watch week after week of crap football without muttering a word and then as soon as we scrape a 1-0 win against some no mark we all make it sound like we''ve turned the corner again and everything’s coming up roses. Until the next game where we quietly watch another embarrassing defeat. Without question.Time it stopped. Time to show this board we''ve had enough. We need to turn up the heat on Delia and Co from the off this season. Not wait and wait until it''s to late and we accept another poor season of awful football. I say we give it until we go behind in the first home match. Then we let Delia and her ego have it with both barrels.[/quote]Typical. turn on the team and the club. read the article. heres your 2 factions. "lets turn on delia and co", " lets turn on the board."  its this behaviour that pushes this club into worse situation than it is.  Its safe to assume that a lot of people are unhappy and they have a right to be, but for once just shut up and SUPPORT your club and be a NCFC fan through thick and thin.

  6. [quote user="the1englishman"][quote user="up_barc_canary"] This is not just about the hear and now. £20 million pound has got everyone intoxicated but for me i want to know what else this guy has to offer beyond this first lump sum???? lets hear his future plan as Majority Shareholder.  I believe Delia and Michael wont back down until the future of the club is safe and has some security(although not brilliant at the moment) so good on them for being cautious.  lets see what happens.[/quote]

    So our year after year slow decline under delia makes you feel safe ?Makes me bloody depressed !![/quote]Hell no, im sick of this fiaco every time there a transfer window. As we stand we have barely touch the transfer market. theres 17 days before the first pre season game and we still dont have the makings of a first team. I for one am pleased about Wes Hoolihan but will not take him as a sweetner. we need something at Norwich. and Delia has run out of cash. All i was trying to say was that she wants a long term future for NCFC.  She loves the club as much as we all do and until now we all liked her. but dont get on Delia''s back because the money has run dry.  Dont forget it was her own personal money that got us Hucks in the first place and some others. But i want a fiture that has some financial security, not just a one of £20 million now.

  7. Is this what it has come down to? the desperation for money at Norwich City FC.  Dont get me wrong this is fantastic for us all and the club £20 million smakeroooonies.  BUT and i mean a big big but??? What is the future of NCFC under Peter Culum as majority shareholder.  has anyone stopped to look forward on this.  ok he is willing to plough in his money. and do everything that is said in the press release etc etc. (weve all read about it by now).  But what is the 3, 5 and 10 year plan that PC has for Norwich City.  does it stop at 20 mil or is there more in January? or next summer? and say we do make the playoffs at least this year? what then.  What will Cullum do with the club if we make the Premiership.  does he have another 30+ million to try and keep us there or wot?  This is not just about the hear and now. £20 million pound has got everyone intoxicated but for me i want to know what else this guy has to offer beyond this first lump sum???? lets hear his future plan as Majority Shareholder.  I believe Delia and Michael wont back down until the future of the club is safe and has some security(although not brilliant at the moment) so good on them for being cautious.  lets see what happens.

  8. Hands, raising hands, reaching out

    Touching me, touching you

    Oh, Wes Hoolahan

    Good times never seem so good

    I''ve been inclined to believe it never would.how about this. to the neil diamond song Sweet Caroline???????  everyone on their feet with their hands up singing this loud would be amazing.what do you lot think?  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=heKgZ6qP4S8 try this link for the tune.

  9. Ooops! We did it again.  Yet another player snatched from under our noses with the possibility Martin Paterson could be signing for Burnley.

    This is becoming a joke, We missed out on Paddy McCourt because he wanted to play for his boy hood idols, Celtic. Ok fair enough, but will he get the first team football he turned down Prem League West brom for because they couldnt guarantee it?????  I dont think so. Money, thats all he went there for.

    Yet again we get the usual in the papers,  Signing soon, be patient.  How much longer can Britney FC go without a squad to call its own. Pre season must be starting very soon and all we have is a reasonably good 5 a side team with subs.

    I think its getting to the point that so many City fans are soooooo frustrated that we are all bracing ourselves for a relegation fight. but lets listen to them all as usual and be patient. Im looking forward to the Spurs match, some of their latest signings look fantastic.

    Cmon on you Britney, Cmon you Britney. i mean City.

  10. As we all know there is roughly 5 weeks until City line up against swedish opposition and we have nothing we can call a team yet. Personaly im sick to the back teeth of hearing that theres signing coming this week, and F All is seen,  too many speculation, and far too much spoken on how much money Roeder possibly has to spend.  now the speculation that Ameobi will be all the eggs in one basket and break the bank.  So that means £2mil is all the cash inc wages for him. But isnt that less than a league 2 side??????This is bloody disgracefull for a club of Cits size and the support we put into it. 20000 plus season tickets once again and we will continue to fill those seats and for what????  Cos so far we have seen nothing, absolutely squat, and been fed the same bullcrap we always get. I dont know about anyone else but when i watch Sky Sports, i see good signings for other clubs and think,  they could have been here. Wheres this half mill buy out for Hoolihan and Gorkks??????  probably rubbish too. Oh yeh,  if we line up against Spurs with the players we have now.  expect a butt kickin like no other.

  11. [quote user="National Express super guard"]talk of new heroes, history being history. sounds like glenn has made his mind up and hucks would fit what those 2 things are. he was a hero in the clubs history. maybe I''m reading too much in to things, part of me hopes I am.[/quote]Im not sure what to make of the quotes by Roeder.  Doesnt make much sense to me because in the start of the article he refers to Hucks and Fotheringham and Doherty all at the same time.  Although Doc leaving would be welcomed by some fans,  I for one would like to see our Captain stay.  hes done a good job since getting the arm band.  But all in all a very sad sad day if Hucks is to leave.

  12. Where are the idiots now?  the ones who turned on norwich and said they was going down? those muppets who said roeder wasnt right for the job and the ones who said those players couldnt manage survival.  Well guess who is eating their words now?? Now that Championship Football is secured the people need to sit back and wait until the team walk out against Spurs on July 28th just to get a sneak peek at what Roeder has aquired for next year.  Now the clear out starts after Shef Wed, and the New City era begins but i guarantee that the moaning idiots will still not be happy. Well for everyone who believed, We were right to get behind Norwich and believe that the lads and Roeder would keep us up.  C''mon City. C''mon City.C''mon City.

  13. although i dont agree with the way this Jan window has gone, we have to give the loanees a chance. thats what we got and thats what we have to live with.  Im confident Glen knows what he is doing to help this club. as for going down??  You call yourself a city fan?? what happened to THICK AND THIN.  get over yourself and get behind the team whether the player are contracted or loaned. they still where the shirt and they still play for the Canaries.

  14.     ive just seen this on the Newcastle Utd website.   Says it all really.http://www.nufc.co.uk/page/NewsDetail/0,,10278~1229119,00.htmlKing Kev talking about transfers says,   "I cannot let anybody go out. I''ve had inquiries for three players - one loan and two to sell - but I can''t do it. It would be madness."It would be impossible to sell as I haven''t got enough players."No Taylor and No Ameobi so who is this 2 or 4 in the transfer close tomorrow midnight,  the ming ponder.  must be perm signings for a change?????

  15. Yep i hate to be another person saying this but i have to.  we have 2 days left in the transfer window and we still have no one to cooo over. no ameobe, no Taylor, No midfilder, no striker, no nobody. thats 29 days and all we have is pattison, (not bad), Evans(not bad) Camara(not bad). thats 1 signing and 2 extensions.  not a lot to be happy about is it.  but for me i have to ask, is there ever a player in the pipeline to come here? or is Doncaster, Roeder and the board just hanging the carrot  to keep us quiet for now.   Are they just pushing us to one side until the summer when the big clear out happens and the new look norwich with the new look badge appears for pre season training, with a brand new kit, that we have to pay 40-50 quid for, on top of the £365 season ticket we buy for next year.so i want to know if we are not getting any other payer in they why the hell dont we just pay the 125k for taylor and get him here????i also dont like the fact that evrey day another tale comes out of carrow road saying that another player joining today or 2 or 3 by the next game, thats this forum, radio norfolk, the evening news, or radio broadland news before anyone asks for sources. But it always turns out to be another story that isnt true. or it doesnt happen. This has even come from Roeders own mouth on the news on the radio, So if the deal doesnt happen then why doesnt City tell us who they almost signed so that we can get an idea on their ambition? and see where they are trying to go with the team and playing styles. Like everyone else i want whats best for norwich but i really dont see that happening right now and i see the 31 days of the January transfer window wasted.  but of course, 2 days to go and by midnight on thursday we never know. Finger crossed for saturdays game

  16. Where the problem on changing the crest? or in the re branding of the club.  its being done to symbolise the future of the club.  there has been many clubs up and down the country doing the same thign and moving forward with the time.  The current badge will become part of the history of the club.   I wonder if this same thing happened 37 years ago. did the fans moan and groan then when this kid won the competition and £10 ????  whatever happened we still go the current  badge out of it anf everyone lived with it.  how about we see what the club comes up with and then make a decision in wether we like it or not?
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