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  1. most of the time Radio Norfolk phone in is utterly pointless.  its nothing but a chance for people to get on the radio and bleet about utter crap.  all those callers ever do is moan and groan, even when city win they still have to pick a hole in something and someone in the city team or management team. It is often people who havent even been to the match itself and they think they can comment on a incident they never saw. utter genious,  As for Neil Adams,  dont you think his hands are tied by the fact Radio Norfolk tell him to keep it on the fence and Norwich City who employ him who wont let him be open minded due to the fact Roeder sacked him with regards to comments he made previously.  IMO it would be better to have a non connected presenter on there for the phone ins side so that honesty can be voiced.  Neil Adams for everything is a good commentator for the match side.  but to damn restricted to do the phone ins.

  2. [quote user="a1canary"]My posts are coming out with all the code in the quoted sections. Is this a compatibility issue web team? Do i have to go back to internet ex-snorer or fire-crash?[/quote]This is not a browser compatability issue.  these message boards can be viewed clearly using IE5, 6, 7 and 8 beta 2.  also Firefox 2.5 and 3.0.  this can also be viewed in the new Google Chrome browser. Im guessing the problem is that you need to virus scan your pc as this can sometimes cause your browser not to view properly by turning off your settings.  if that shows up ok then maybe you have other pc issues you need to address otherwise try to update your Flash, java and macromedia software. if that fails then take a large hammer an smash your computer to pieces.  that usualy helps or you can do a full system back up and rebuild using your system disks. of course you can hire me to do this for you but it aint cheap. good luck....

  3. Fantastic for us that we finaly have a good proven BIG up front player. But is this deal good enough?  half a season and then what?  what happens come January when he buggers off back to Wigan?  im guessing we will have to go through this all over again to see where we go next. but for now I cant wait to see Anton in a city shirt scoring the goals we so desperately miss. 

  4. [quote user="Chocolatebuttons"]

    If he wanted a good reception from us, and he did, why did he not show respect and not celebrate when he scored?


    im booing him when he comes to carrow road.

    [/quote]Why boo leon?  you just 2 faced.  would you boo Hucks if he came here and scored against city???? no i dont think so.   Leon is still a good player and will always be remebered for his 2 goal debut against the scum.  theres no reason to treat him like an ex scummer.

  5. Hoolahan isnt here to be another Darren Huckerby.  if we wanted another hucks then Roeder would have kept him.  Hoolahan is here to be part of a team and win as part of a team. if he scores goals then fantastic, if he sets up goals then fantastic.  But Hoolahan is not and never wil be Hucks and if anything Hoolahan will make his own history and be a hero all by himself.  If not then he will move on and we will get someone else. simple

  6. [quote user="AndyJR"][quote user="Carrow Roeder"]The spurs fans took up more seats and the norwich fans, because all these spurs fans who live in norwich who have never even been to London come over to see them for the one and only time (so called fans...)

    The spurs fans were sounding like it was a league game, jumping for joy and sounding like their life was on the line... it was a friendly, most City fans went to see the new faces and see this new "in your face" Norwich team.

    When the league matches start the support will be back to normal, do not worry :)[/quote]Either there was plenty of Spurs fans who happened to be joining in ''lets speak with a Narfolk accent'' day, or they were just people who had decided to buy a Spurs shirt for some reason like they once saw a white rabbit and become Spurs fans.  You know who you are, your other shirts a Man Utd one and the closest you''ve been to London or the Mancs is Potter Heigham.

    [/quote]I was in the upper barclay as usual last night and i spotted a Man Utd shirt outside the ground and a Newcastle Utd shirt in the bar area.  now thats just stupid..  As for the bulgarians in the upper barclay, i have no clue what the was singing but it sounded like "take off the barcode"

  7. Im curious to know what you guys and gals would put out as your starting 11 for the start of the season??  take a look at what we have already and the maybe players we think might sign soon.  I wonder how similar you all wll be in your choices. I would Go for,                                     Cureton     Lupoli             Hoolahan       Fotheringham     Clingan        Croft            Bertrand       Shackell      Stefanovic      Otsemobor                                          Marshall.Bench: Omuzusi, Russell, Martin, Chadwick, Amoebe(if we get him)

  8. the thing everyone is missing here is the fact that Spurs have spent more money this summer than Norwich City are worth. they came here and played a masterclass performance with slick passing and 4 well taken goals. (although Curetons goal was excellent) Norwich were solid in the first half and managed to play some decent footy. come the start of the season they will face lesser opposition to Spurs and based on that first 30 we can get a few good results. The City side looked confident, focused and fit which more than can be said about last season. The main thing is the superiority of the spurs slick one touch passing and the pace of Modric and O''hara caused problems. City just kept chasing and worn themselves out to fast. Ok there are strong teams in the championship and City may get beaten a few times but i feel that Roeder DID NOT field his starting league 11 and we may yet see more players arriving, ie: Amoebe or better. everyone is entitled to their opinion of the game last night but lets try and look at this as just a friendly. thats it. If anyone wants to throw critism at the team then they should look at themselves first because the City support last night was poor. So what if it was a sell out.  the spurs fans took a huge amount of the tickets. apart from the start "On the ball city", there was nothing from the city faithfull.  the Spurs fans were vocal as always and made us all look like fools and that doesnt happen at Carrow road. I hope when the seats fill with city butts for the Blackpool game we will be back to normal and vocal and giving the away fans some abuse.  Overall i am disapointed at the score line but feel we have got the makings of a good team there and look forward to Blackpool on the 16th. 

  9. Rasiak, couldnt cut it at Spurs. then he became a goal machine when he left. this guy could be a great strike partner for Cureton.  dont think he fits the big strong forward type roeder is looking for though.  but still, great player for us to get.

  10. [quote user="Mr. Bump"]Fucking ridiculous. All the Norwich born Spurs glory hunters will be out in force, for their first Spurs game.[/quote]oh dear oh dear.  listen to the big tough guys saying they will have a go if they near a spurs fan.  really sad aint it?  its good to hide behind an internet forum.  geez get a life and enjoy the match FFS.

  11. [quote user="jas the barclay king"]

    so are u all Huckerby fans.. or just Norwich fans?

    Why not get West ham shirts with Greenos name on the back?

    I cant remember anyone getting a Gillingham shirt when Iwan Left...

    jas :)

    [/quote]you will find that like yourself no one is happy at the fact Hucks was S**t on by norwich and cast out.  just because people want a SJE shirt with hucks on the back doesnt mean they aint City fans etc. please dont turn a friendly discussion about purchasing SJE shirts from the USA into a hate squad debate.  thankyou.

  12. [quote user="up_barc_canary"]It looks like Huckerby will get the number 6 shirt at San Jose.  the current number 6 has been withdrawn and given another number. the roster doesnt have hucks on it yet but my guess is that 6 will be on his shirt again. [/quote]heres the breakdown in costs to buy a SJE shirt.  the shirt costs $64.99(£32.42).  the shipping costs from mainland USA to UK is                         $51.64(£25.76)Total to pay on the SJE shop.                                                   $116.63(£58.18)Prices based on todays currency conversion = 1 GBP = 2.00403 USDgood luck guys i may get one myself.

  13. it doesnt matter what anyone says about anything on this forum. peoples

    oppinion counts for s**t.  all we succeed in doing is getting the usual

    bunch of posters on here abusing you for saying anything of any relevance or having an opinion.  this message board has been over run by abusive people who have nothing better to do but give you s**t for saying something. who cares anymore???  and i guarantee they will abuse me for this. well heres my middle finger to them people.

  14. its just a matter of time before it made official. theres nothing on the San Jose website yet http://web.mlsnet.com/t110/ .if i remember rightly Hucks reads these forums so Good Luck Hucks with your new team San Jose Earthquakes.  Hopefully he will get his sacred number 6 as someone already has it on the roster. but lets hope he has a good 18 months and if he does come back to norwich it would be great to see him say Hi at carrow road. Does anyone know where you can watch mls games online?????

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