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  1. How about everyone in the crowd sings,  "we want 3 points, we want 3 points" over and over again.or better still, how about we dont sing anything until we get a goal, or start to see some sort of football on the pitch.  i think the team and the staff need to earn our songs and prove to us that we wont get another colchester thrashing.  we need wins and we need inspiration on the field.  then we can all start to sing. "we only sing when were winning"

  2. This would be suicide by the board.  bring in hasselbaink with no managerial experience and we have a Grant and Gunny situation all over again. City need an established and experienced manager who knows what he is doing.  Only then can this current squad start to get 3 points per game and crawl out of league 1.  Hasselbaink and maybe Poyet? im sorry but in my opinion it has to be a big fat NO THANKYOU.  Could this once again prove that the board are simply no good at running this club and attracting the right people to do the job.  They might as well put all the season tickets into a hat and pull one out and appoint him as manager.  If you have experience of Champ manager then you already have more experience of JFH so put yourself forward.  Shocking, absolutely shocking.

  3. "After you''ve heard the chimes please stay seated"]make sure Otsemobor gets injured and cant play rest of season (:"

    You are a sick individual if you publicly wish a Footballer to be injured to the extent of being out for the season.  This is a disgrace to anyone who calls themselves a football fan and one that thinks he is a Norwich City supporter.  you should be ashamed of yourself.  it shouldnt matter what person puls on the shirt, you DO NOT wish harm upon him, you are sick and should be banned from this forum.

  4. [quote user="row"]shut up you dirty greebo your music stinks like your breath and hair[/quote]thankyou for ruining a perfectly good post with your sad pathetic remarks Row.  its people like you who should be banned for just criticising others instead of showing any form of intelligence.  well done and i hope you are proud of yourself.  no woder people dont post here anymore if this is what we face everytime.

  5. [quote user="DGC"]All this talk of run out music (be careful you''ll get done by the new thread police) is a bit of a nonsense i say. We''d be far better off knowing what the players would like to run out to and backing that. They''re the ones that we really need to be pumped up. If they are, we will be, simple as that whether its the cheeky girls or led zep![/quote]A very valid point.  i do agree with you on this.  But will we ever be able to find this out and have someone ask the players on the fans behalf?

  6. I was thinking that the run out music needs to be something with a bit more substance.  music that is harder than it has been and pumps energy into the home team and the fans in the build up to On The Ball City.. so heres my 10 suggestions to beef up the dross we have had.in no particular order:1.    Linkin Park - New Divide2.    Metallica - Enter Sandman3.    Foo Fighters - All My Life4.    Shinedown - Sound Of Madness5.    Green Day - Know Your Enemy6.    Guns N Roses - Welcome to the Jungle7.    Kings Of Leon - Sex on Fire8.    Fightstar - The English Way9.    Nirvana - Smells Like Teen Spirit10.  Linkin Park - Paper CutI also think it would be good if OTBC could be started off by the fans who pay to do it plus one city player each week.  that way it will give the players some extra pride when pullling on the sacred shirt.

  7. i want to see the norwich city like we had in the year we won the league.  Committed, dedicated and the players actually give a crap about our club and the shirt they wear. If gunny can instill any amount of NCFC team spirit then the fans would love that. and as for next season, i want the NEW team to give the fans something to cheer about instead of us cheering for nothing but nil points each week.

  8. if these players have been released, that means they are available on a free transfer.  we should go after Hahnemann and lita. then partner lita up front with Alan Lee and Mcdonald and Chris Martin on the bench.  then build the team up from there.  But then again im only dreaming and ive just woken up.  DOH!

  9. I was at the Legends match last night and i agree with your description of Huckerbys work effort.  But i dont agree with your assumption he was trying to impress Gunny.  I think he was enjoying the game and playing that way for the people who was there to watch.  Hucks will clearly be on a plane back to The Earthquakes and not returning to City as everyone wants. this is a fact.  Maybe and i say maybe there might be something happen in the summer but it a slim maybe and also depending on who has the reigns at Carrow Road.  Overall the Legends match was a great evening and above all else i had Hucks sign my partners Earthquakes shirt and get a photo. so good evening was had.

  10. Ok someone else has done the longest football names so why not have a go at the Funniest Footballer names. heres some to start off that i found.Brian PinasRazak PimpongDavid SeamanPaul DickovDanny ShittuBernt HaasJung Yoo SuckFreddy (this is his real surname)Blaszczykowski (pronounce this one!)Einer AasThomas MooneyMarcus BentOlivier De Cock M. BullockR. ScheidtC. KumD. InvincibileR. FuchsF. ArceL. Pusineri

  11. i am in 2 minds about this move by the city board.  I think Gunny should be given a chance. The problem is when it all goes wrong then the fans will turn on him and his legendary status is on the line not just his future with Norwich City Football Club.  If it does work out for him and he does manage to turn the team around and keep us in the Championship then that would be superb for everyone and the board will escape with a cheap and lucky escape and also they will suceed in getting the fans off their backs once more.  Which seems to be one of the things the board do well.  Obviously Gunny has accepted the job on a short term low paid salary as he is yellow and green through and through and we have to appreciate the fact he is doing this job for the fans, the club and those players not because he wants a stepping stone into a management career.  my biggest fear from now on is if this board can not only destroy the club as they have done up until now, but also destroy the legends that this club love and adore.

  12. I was just watching SSN about Kaka and his imminent 100m + transfer fee and the expected 500k per week wages.  What i want to know is? Is this a stupid move on Man Citys part by doing this deal or is it reckless over spending just to show financial dominance in football and buy anything and anyone they like. We have seen this with Chelsea and Abramavic, He chucked his millions around and went after the best players he could.  Shevchenko turned out to be a major flop in the Premiership and Drogba is seriously over rated. So in this case (correct me if im wronng)  i believe it is 130million offered to AC Milan.  In my opinion this is absolutely obsurd.  No one person is worth that much money.  Especially when there are problems in our country with homelessness, medical issues and rising unemployment. elsewhere there are children going hungry in the world and countries still recovering from natural disasters.  Clearly the world of Football does not need to spend this much money in one hit.  100m+ could save lower league clubs from administration.  as for 500k per week agaian this is money that is wasted. Kaka, as good a footballer as he may be may also be a major flop in the premier league. He is definately not gonna make this transfer for the sake of his football. He is proving himself to be a money grabbing idiot just like Robinho did. So what does everyone think about this ridiculous transfer fees and what would you think is a sensible cap on wages and fees???? lets try and be honest on this one as it is a debate that the  world is talking about.
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