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  1. Anyone chippin in with the volunteering at Carrow Road on saturday to do the painting?  apparently im one of 50 selected volunteers to go down there 1st thing and do some decorating....... dont know what areas or where in the stadium but sounds like fun and at least the club is saving some money.  and to top it off. getting a free ticket to one of the big friendlies.  bring it on. 

  2. Can someone please explain to me what the lower barclay are singing about Lappin? we have heard it a few times but cant quite catch what it is they are saying. Something to do with Spanish?  or is this the king of Spain thing?  someone please tell us, the ones who havent quite got it yet???? (save the idiot calling for another time please) lol

  3. Ive just got home from taking the mother in law to work.  the roads are the worst ive ever seen them. i dont even think they have been gritted.  It was like thick ice and snow with lots of slush.  Wheel spinning in 3rd gear. lol.  on the way back i drove past Carrow Road.  and the conditions there are really bad.  There seems to be a trend in the modern game to call off games due to fans safety.  Up until last night the only 2 games on in league 1 was City and Leeds. Both having under soil heating and both being ex prem. So the question is.  Do you want to go and risk a broken leg?  or would you prefer it be called off and re arranged?? 

  4. This was something that Neil Adams mentioned on radio (wingealot) Norfolk.  What way should city shoot at from kick off.  There was mention that the majority of football teams always play second half kicking towards there loudest fans, in our case its the barclay.  This has happened a few times from the coin toss, Norwich have switched ends and have always played a really good game. Yesterday was a great example in the second half.  Do we think that this should happen at every home game?  Do we think that this is a beneficial boost to the team?  Its clear that the barclay and snake pit make are the loudest so yesterdays second half was one of the best displays City have produced for a few years.  I personally think it is great and we should be doing that all the time.  What do you guys on here think?

  5. Beckford on seems to throw his toys out of the pram around transfer time.  i think hes hoping a championship club will make an offer for him.  or maybe hes arrogant enough to think hes prem material.  if he was then e would be there by now.  the guy is a drama queen through and through

  6. "I

    met some Colchester fans outside Morrisons after the Colchester 7-1 win

    against us and they told me it took Lambert a season to getting them

    playing like they did against us. If the style of fast football,

    playing the ball to our strikers feet is what we are going to end up

    then it cant come soon enough."

    That 7-1 wasnt colechester playing well,  It was City playing badly.  thats if you can call it playing.  so if its taken him 12 moths to get them that good then really they should be doing better than they actaully are.  am i right in thinking they havent actually won since beating us???Lambert has a better team than he had at colchester. They are only just begining to play as a team under him and we hope they continue to get better and better. But we really need a right winger. desperate

  7. Another example of the harsh way people at NCFC are dealt with. held on but a leash and then cast out without a care n the world. WHY couldnt this have been done in august when we could have gott at least 250k for him.  but no,  its done now.  Knock Doherty as much as you haters want to but the guy has been a loyal servent to this club and he doesnt deserve to be treated this way. i feel sory for him and i hope he goes to a club and shines for them. Good luck Doc.

  8. This is obviously gonna be a topic of mass debate.  Who should partner Holt.  Well heres the stats on all of Citys striker.                                                     Starts/     Player         Competition      Appearances  GoalsGrant Holt            League                 6              2                            League Cup          2              3Cody Mcdonald   League                  2             1      3 games on as sub                            League Cup          1              0     1 game on as sub

    Jamie Cureton       League                 3              0Chris Martin          League                 1              0     2 games on as sub                             Reserves              1              1                             JPT                      1              1Luke Daley           League                  1              0    2 games on as sub                            League Cup           0              0    1 game on as subGoran Maric         League Cup           0              0    1 game on as a sub                             JPT                       1              0Danny Kelly    No appearances in the first team.Wes Hoolahan       League                  3              0    1 game on as a sub                              League Cup          1              1        Technicaly Wes is not a striker and is a midfielder but        has been played up front, behind the front man and anywhere he chooses. So who will it be.  going on the stats, Cureton should not be playing up front.  he needs to be playing reserve games and be taught how to score again.  Chris Martin states a really good case by clocking up 3 goals across 3 competitions.  Cody Mac is also making a good claim to start with Holt.  Cody is clearly the fans favourite and immediatly makes an impact when he comes on.  Goran Maric is a similar player to Holt. A good target man for the long ball, big and strong but hasnt been given a chance to prove himself as a worthy consistant striker.  Again the reserves for him to get match practise.  Luke Daley and Danny kelly we know very little about, again, reserve games and late subs would be for them.  Wes Hoolahan...... I feel sorry for Wes.  He hasnt been given a role that has suited him and has been thrown around the pitch a lot.  Wes is not a striker but a very good left winger. He should be played there and told to stay there as well as instructed to get back and defend.  Hucks was the same, reluctant to get back into the hole when the ball was lost.So the question that has been put is WHO????  IMO Mcdonald should be the likely partner for Holt. With Martin on the bench.  replacing Cody in the second half.  Also Maric is the best replacement/sub for Holt. That leaves 5 substitute places for the rest of the squad.

  9. Does anyone go to carrow road and have some idiot sit near them who constantly bad mouths the team.  I do and he is relentless. i sit in the upper barclay and this dudes mouth is so over the top im suprised he hasnt got laringitis by now.  His hate for Jamie Cureton is so immense that he shouts and shouts constantly to get him off and puts him down all the time. then when Jamie is subbed he moves onto someone else.  Saturday he was on Nelsons case, then Hughes and also Askou.  I mean this guy is relentless all friggin game.  shouting, screaming and never has a good word to say.  its getting so bad that i think everyone near this guy should get up and start shouting,  "sit down shut up" to him. Does anyone else have something similar where they sit? 

  10. [quote user="matt crowhurst"] dont get me started on all that rubbish about your only a true supporter if you sing and shout all game!!!!!!!!!!![/quote]It doesnt matter what type of supporter you are. at least make an effort to create the atmosphere at carrow road.  If it wasnt for us lot in the barclay and snake pit, Carrow Road would be a grave yard. very quiet.  If you are at the game later today then who cares what you look like getting up and singing.  it might encourage others to join you in song. Prove us wrong and lets see you out sing us.

  11. Ive been at every home game for the past 10 years at least.  But consistantly The Barclay and the snake pit make all the noise.  Quite often i look over to the Jarrold stand and its like a photogragh over there, lifeless, just like the River end and most of the city stand.  It seems the only time that these stands actually move is when city score a goal or at half time when the pies are ready.  Ok i apologise if you are in these stands and you try to get things going but seriously, its not right.  You are there to support your team so how about you get up and make an effort like us lot in the Barclay/snake pit.  From the 1st OTBC to the end we are singing and chanting and yelling at each other, "Were the Barclay" "were the snake pit".  Today i reckon the Barclay and The Snake pit as a collective,  should now start to sing.  "SING UP THE SOUTH STAND" at least. or river end.  Lets try and wake the dead.  lol  

  12. You can stick your Gary Doherty up your


    You can stick your Gary Doherty up your


    You can stick your Gary Doherty,

    Stick your Gary Doherty,

    Stick your Gary Doherty up your Arse,

    Singing we''ve got Askou at the back,

    Singing we''ve got Askou at the back,

    Singing we''ve got Askou,

    We''ve got Askou

    We''ve got Askou at the back.

  13. [quote user="TheGoogler"]Look, John. We''ve seen since Lambert came in how important it is to have shape and structure in a side, coupled with the importance of having someone who can cross a ball and put in decent set pieces. Yet you want to forget all that for Huckerby is an old, injury prone, past his best has been.Let''s start living in 2009 and realise Huckerby is long gone and for the better.[/quote]It would just be nice for City give Hucks a chance to finish his career here.  it doenst matter if he doesnt paly week in week out.  Dion didnt play every game but his presence and influence was priceless to City.  even though we kept sinking.

  14. The deadline has gone, and he is still a city player.  unless things have happened on the quiet.  This i am very happy about. I feel he is a very good player and there should have been no doubt about his future at city.  with the right Lambert influence on Wes he has the potential to run the league 1 teams ragged,  All we need now is Hucks back in november.But,  things may still happen and as for new signing paraded tonight.  i dont think thats happening now.  im gonna be there tonight and i dont expect to be clapping any new player.

  15. [quote user="Lineo"]I''ve heard a variety of ways of saying Alnwick,from ''Aln-wick'' to ''Annick''WHAT IS THE CORRECT WAY!?![/quote]Annick is the correct pronounciation.  There is also a small town just north of Newcastle with the same Alnwick name and the same ''Annick'' way of saying it.  i dont know if its a geordie way but that is the way everyone is saying it. He aparently was born in the Northumberland town of Prudhoe which would explain the pronounciation being like the place name, Alnwick.
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