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  1. Have a great time in the Notts bar all! Wish I could go.  I''m a Norwich fan but my dad is Notts through and through, so I follow them as well, great ground so should be fun.  Lovely to see my two clubs joining forces against Forest [:D] Hope we get the result to top it all off nicely.
  2. From the ''bird'' perspective I was over the moon when my boyfriend told me he liked football.  Turns out I like football more than he does (but he is a Wolves fan so I don''t really blame him) and he''s the one who moans when I disappear on Sat/Sun/Tues/Fri or whenever I can get to a game/watch on sky/follow online...So don''t pre-judge your ''bird''!
  3. Im with you Robert N. LiM, Gunny is my childhood hero too.  In fact he''s the reason im a Norwich fan at all, his ability and personality attracted me to football in the first place (over half my lifetime a go now!)  And no matter what has happened since i will always love him for that, i might be one of those people who doesnt like football if it wasnt for him....
  4. If this was a mix up with Notts County, it''s quite a mix up as the facts are nothing like those of Notts.  They owe 1.9 million to HMRC, not 8m, it''s not 8m even with other debts taken in to account, and their court hearing is on wednesday not thursday...(fingers crossed it gets sorted for them, my Dad is a Notts fan)  This is either the laziest journalism ever ''NCFC, hmm I dunno... Norwich, check the figures, nah'' or complete fiction based on our recent financial announcement.  Both of these are not good enough reasons and i''m glad Norwich have reacted the way they have.   
  5. YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEY!!! What a game :) Johnson looked great and the Norwich fans were so loud all the way through. Everyone who went you did us proud, as did the players.
  6. Done. Didnt mind any of the questions, Norwich haven''t had any really attractive players since Darren Eadie! :) Good luck with the degree, i graduated nearly 2 years ago and missing uni now.
  7. Brilliant blog, great to hear the players so happy, really made me giggle, and so did this thread!
  8. Regardless of what you did right or wrong Brendan, that was a great little story :) and i can totally sympathise with that feeling, had a similar experience at Southampton away 2years ago. Nice and brave of you to own up too!
  9. Two fish in a tank.  One says to the other ''You sure you know how to drive this thing?'' (sorry [:)] )
  10. Brilliant post, thank you.  Agree with other comments, please post again.
  11. I was nervous but my kitten has just curled up and fallen asleep on an NCFC scarf so now I feel much better [:)]  But as always it will come down to our less than water tight defence.  Hartlepool are not bad up front so defence have to be awake and midfield need to help them out by holding the ball up.
  12. To continue the theme, i''m going for 2-1 as well.  Nervy win, get ready to hide behind the sofa (or just move away from the computer) for last 10 mins.
  13. I work in Thatcham and its really nice to know im near other Norwich fans! [:)]
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