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  1. I go to the game but sadly I had to disagree some points with you point 1 agree, they are poor in the first half and they are 2-0 up only because they take their chances. point 2 agree, yes and it was fantastic feeling, but also consider when the 2nd half clock start tick, Ipswich just don''t want to attack point 3, agree, blame the linesman too. The new law say if he intend to get the ball to attack and take advantage then you are offside, then why a goalkeeper clearence from half way is the same? Can''t understand that point 4, half agree point 5 agree point 6, agree but not sure Taylor, but Brellier for me is MOTM, new Gary Holt! point 7 agree, but he carry an injury or something quite early in the 2nd half and the bench did not know it point 8, how can you say? 200% agree point 9, disagree. He just use the same players we got when Grant had, also, we did not play an away game yet. point 10, disagree. Where are we now mate? Long and hard seasons to go yet mate
  2. Harsh to say if Jamie did not dye his hair on this week, that means he did not love the club anymore!
  3. A bit harsh to say that but sorry I cannot go to the training ground more, so I have to say in here and not to Cureton personally. Glenn Roedor said he need the 12th man, the fans to help them to lift up Carrow Road, but losing 7 of your 8 games before, it was impossible for human being to do that -- only if the fans really see something excited. I would say if Jamie Cureton will dye his hair yellow or green, it will surely, surely lift the fans up in the first 10 minutes even we are still 0-0, more than we know who''s the assistant manager and coach. Jamie, it''s your turn now to answer the question!
  4. We MUST keep Bryan Gunn at this club. Just give him another position to work for Norwich City. He had good relationship with many people around football and it''s very useful to us. If the board decide to make Bryan disappear, then the board should disappear first!!!
  5. http://www.itvlocal.com/anglia/soccernight/ Tomorrow night at 23:05, Soccer Night is back on ITV!!! As I know the guests will be Darren Eadie and Barry Fry! You don''t want t miss it...;-)
  6. Well, my sixth day at Norwich after arrive last Friday watching we played 3 games included one reserves and you know the result, I would say we played better than what I saw against Sheffield Wednesday and QPR, but goal did not win you game but good defense. How bad we are and I just cannot believe it. Let''s hope the remaining 2 weeks will be better. Also looking forward to see you guys at Carrow Road, in the game, in the shopping mall, or at Colney on next Monday and Tuesday when fans are free to come! See you then! XXL16
  7. Hi Alex, I am afraid the photos cannot be seen after I go back to HK...:( Yes I think I see you just pass Carrow Road on Monday night! :)
  8. [quote user="Powerleague"]I can''t believe I didn''t pick this up before, I''m assistant Manager at Powerleague 5-a-side football centre in Norwich. I can definitly get you a pitch for the 21st October, and I''ll do you a much cheaper rate than the Sports Park too. You get you own individual pitch too, we have a bar and proper changing facilities, let me know on 01603 748944 or email FAO Jez Davies at norwich@powerleague.co.uk anytime after 4 tomorrow and I''ll book you this. I know its short notice, but I''m sure it won''t be too much hassle changing the venue, I might even play as well!   [/quote] HI Powerleague, thanks for the offer but yeah, it''s just too late to change the venue now! I would say do you have any open game or open pitch for me to join during the weekday''s night? I won''t mind playing against any kinds of opposition, but if I don''t go to watch Norwich game, I just hope to play football! I will stay in Norwich from Oct 19th until Nov 7th!!! My e-mail to contact: cklee16@yahoo.com.hk XXL16
  9. This Sunday''s 7-a-side information Date: 21st Oct 2007 (Sun) Time: 1pm to 2pm Venue: UEA Sportspark, outdoor 7-a-side football pitch, Area A Cameraman: DJ Ginga''s missus and Aaron Admission: Fees: You need to pay 50p for the gate if you are not a member, and he rate of the pitch is 17 quids for 1 hour, so everyone had to pay 1 Pound LINES-UP: Special thanks to Dog''s idea!!! WOTB: NORWICH HOME SHIRT (1) NCFC4life''s brother (in goal) (2) XXL16 (3) conker (4) Brom (5) Yellalee (6) Alan (7) Dog (8) NCFC4life (9) DJ Ginga Pink''Un: DARK COLOR or NOT YELLOW SHIRT (1) mel (in goal) (2) Darren (3) Justin (Darren''s brother) (4) sdldjl (5) buddhaboy (6) The Penguin (7) Steveie (8) Steveie''s friend (9) Ross The name of the team just depends on the posters in the messageboard, let''s hope we will have a good game!!! Be on time everyone and see you all in 1pm!!! :) My e-mail: cklee16@yahoo.com.hk XXL16
  10. Date: 21st Oct 2007 (Sun) Time: 1pm to 3pm Venue: UEA outdoor football pitch Cameraman: DJ Ginga''s missus HOPE EVERY PLAYERS CAN BRING A NORWICH HOME SHIRT AND DARK COLOR SHIRT FOR SEPERATE TEAM!!! SQUAD: (1) XXL16 (2) conker (3) Brom (4) Yellalee (5) Alan (6) Dog (7) Darren (8) NCFC4life (9) Justin (Darren''s brother) (10) sdldjl (11) buddhaboy (12) The Penguin (13) mel (goalie) (14) Steveie (15) Steveie''s friend (16) NCFC4life''s brother (goalie) (17) Ross (18) DJ Ginga Who want to be the goalie too? Also who like to wear the dark color shirt to play? Be on time everyone!!! :) My e-mail: cklee16@yahoo.com.hk
  11. Hi DJ Ginga, actually can you help us to book the pitch? :)   
  12. Date: 21st Oct 2007 (Sun) Time: 1pm to 3pm Venue: UEA outdoor football pitch Cameraman: We had already! :) player-list: (1) XXL16 (2) conker (3) Brom (4) Yellalee (5) Alan (6) Dog (7) Darren (8) NCFC4life (10) sdldjl (11) buddhaboy (12) The Penguin (13) mel (goalie) (14) Steveie (15) Steveie''s friend (16) NCFC4life''s brother (goalie) Be on time everyone!!! :) My e-mail: cklee16@yahoo.com.hk
  13. It''s about the manager and the lack of players to choose, no, it''s about the manager won''t consider his option. Take an example of Otsemobor, he keep performed poor in recent game but Grant did take a look at Andrew Cave-Brown, who had strong performance at reserve recently. A right-back''s first job is to work on the defence, not making countless run forward but no end products, for me his defence was poor, chance to give ACB a chance now and let Otsemobor know he need to perform. Also in center half, Dion of course bring experience, but why Halldiay, another 6ft4 never give a chance? Mind you kids may not be the best on the paper, but again they all have more than 3 or 4 years to the club and they really want to play for the club. See Rossi Jarvis tonight, well maybe not one of the best game but at least he put his foot to tackle, which for some other players never did.  
  14. He did try his best from what I see on TV, but just the team confidence is low
  15. Date: 21st Oct 2007 (Sun) Time: 1pm to 3pm, or TBC but will definitely confirm 10 days before the match Venue: UEA outdoor football pitch Cameraman: Needed! We need some brilliant people to take picture or video for us! player-list: (1) XXL16 (2) conker (3) Brom (4) Yellalee (5) Alan (6) Dog (7) Darren (8) NCFC4life (10) sdldjl (11) buddhaboy (12) The Penguin (13) mel (14) Steveie (15) Steveie''s friend (16) NCFC4life''s brother (goalie)
  16. Drury is one of the few players yesterday who put his foot in for the tackle, at least he gives his all to the team, defending side he was 10 times better than Otsemobor.
  17. [quote user="Sons of Boadicea"]Harsh, very harsh, I thought Drury, Spillane and Rossi J were the only players to come out of the game with any credit.[/quote] Absolutely agree, I think from the TV set I saw, only these 3 players go to ground to make sliding tackles and blocks, did Otsemobor does? NO! Bring on Andrew Cave-Brown!!!
  18. from what I saw on the tele yesterday, I admit Chris Brown worked really hard for the team, sometimes he even drop back to the right wing to receive the ball, and try make a cross, or in the second half, his "back-heel" bring Spillane to go for goal, but of course Spillane foul his man and the chance gone. For David Strikhavka, he can attract at least 2 defenders on him, he may not hold the ball but we still can get the throw in, in possession, also there is suddenly numerical advantage for us, let our midfielders to follow in through; more importantly he can go into the scoring position: see Cureton''s stupid handball and got booked, Strikhavka is ready to score with the diving header, but when Brown played 70 to 80 minutes for us, did he EVER, EVER go to that "scoring position"? I understand he is in the game for short time and maybe Wednesday defence was tired, but it seems will never happen in Brown.
  19. [quote user="Coelho"]Do you need a goalkeeper? I will be playing in goal for my Sunday team in the morning, but I might be able to play in the afternoon too. [/quote] Yeah Coelho, would you like to join? :)
  20. Still looking for someone to join, anyone interested? :)
  21. [quote user="ricky knight"]we only lost 1-0 to man city reserves, blimey we must be promoted for sure.[/quote] I don''t think not many reserves will included twoRepublic of Ireland international, an England international, a Greek international, and also a Brazilian international who scored against Manchester United earlier this season. They were not a weak side.  
  22. I see in this way. The youngsters you are saying should be Michael Spillane and Rossi Jarvis, they were offered contracts from the club so they are our first team players. If you played badly at Carrow Road, you are EXPECTED to be criticised by home fans, as all the first team players should faced that. If they are chosen in the starting XI to do badly, then they should receive the same treatment as anyone in the sqaud. Young Players learning curve should not be only about playing, also need to learn how to play under pressure too, also learn how to accept defeat.
  23. I admit I do not like Doherty since we signed him, but to offer him the captaincy yesterday is no wrong for that, because when you look at the side he was the most experienced player, so he should be made captain and I don''t think Grant will be continue with that with Shacks, Dion, Hucks and Drury not in the side.
  24. It''s 10am Hong Kong time and I am working in the office, but earlier at about 2:45am, I was up in front of computer and listen our Cup tie against Manchester City. I can expect I was a bit sleepy at this moment. We are head and shoulder over the Premiership side, but just need a regular goalscorer to put the ball into the back of the net. The performance, passion and commitment were 100 times better than what we got against Wolves. I should say our energy room was superb, Spillane and Rossi Jarvis displayed how Brellier and Russell missing this season: box-to-box, track back, put his foot to the ball and try to pass the ball; honestly both deserved a starting places on this weekend LIVE TV games against the Owsl at Carrow Road. If you are concern about quality of the MC side we played against then no, okay they may have made 9 changes to the side compare against playing Fulham on Saturday, but half of them were internationals, included an Brazilian international (Geovanni) who scored against Manchester United earlier this season, so our players were not playing against a weak side. Please, please Peter, learn from your mistakes! Don''t do it wrong again!!!  
  25. The interview in 2 minutes 45 miuntes, when Chris Goreham asked Hucks about, would you concern the squad and then suddenly Hucks asked Chris "If you saw that, would you be concern?" Then 2 seconds dead air by Chris Goreham .....;-) LEGEND! HUCKS IS A LEGEND!!!!!
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