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  1. Not only the result, what I am most pleasing is 3 academy players in the starting lines-up, and 4 on the bench. Youth players are so important nowadays and I was so pleased we have a manager finally will give chance to them
  2. 3 academy players start, 4 on the bench, very positive to the manager
  3. [quote user="hardley"]subscribing to canary world is the first thing. Watched Wigan highlights in real time, no buffering, no delays.[/quote] We can''t download the video now, it''s poor especially when the network was slow and I was liked watching the game at slow motion...
  4. [quote user="foggo7"][quote user="pliff"]Couldnt agree more jas his wages must be high which cock gave him a 4 year contract, the day i see him take the ball off the opposition I will convert to a Delia fan he has never been good enough imo we badly need cover although i think Lappin is good enough for that, I''ll give him a max of 5 games before he is out with injury[/quote] You think Drury is no good and Lappin is adequate cover, have I read that wrong. I''m amazed. [/quote] Drury already in Gunn''s first team plan already, just need him to keep away from injury. We will have a fine season.
  5. he use his budget well, sign free transfer player, give chance to the academy players to play, keep positive, give respect to every player in the team(I would say Doh, Lappin and Drury), sign Holt who can score goals for fun in this league. I would say he and we deserved a chance this season, to finish top 6 maybe
  6. Cannot disagree more, we finally have the winning feeling back! More importantly is you also need to praise the hard work of Crook and Butterworth too!
  7. Adam finally you have shaken off the injury  problem in last two seasons and have a normal pre-season, I am sure your experience would be very important to us. :)    
  8. Watch this space, news will be broken in next few days...;-)   HOLTY! HOLTY! HOLTY!
  9. If I don''t recall wrong, BR did make the new home shirt for every new season, but you know the color and the pattern of the shirt, NEVER CHANGE! The club was liked asking fans to donate money to them and errea...
  10. Don''t really mind how Curo miss the PK but he scored from the rebound and scored again later, his job is scoring goals for us and he did, well it''s poor opposition you still need to out the foot in, with Cody was not fit at the moment, Curo still had a very important role to play for this club, the only thing we need now is we need to get a tall striker that work with him very well.
  11. I don''t think last season player will change the number, just the new player to add in
  12. His contract was cancelled by Wycombe was not because he wasn''t good enough for the club, it''s only because Peter Taylor cannot guarantee he will start every game next season, so that''s why he leave. Experience player was what we are missing in last season after Dejan injured. Holty know the club inside out, desired to play for the club again, most important thing is free agent and looking for club. It would be a brilliant signing and I will surely welcome Holty to come back with both hands. Come on Gunny! He is the kind of player we miss!
  13. [quote user="Michael Bates"]By just having a Nike tick on Norwich shirts i think you would see an increase in sales revenue and other stuff such as training tops would also be more popular merchandise... Therefore i think it wouldn''t be such a bad idea to look into that option once the Xara deal has ended. Just my own opinion. Just the brand identity makes people buy these days :)[/quote] But the main point is...when did our deal with Xara ended? It seems....the deal is renew and renew again
  14. [quote user="ryan85k"] [quote user="bristol_canary"]do you knwo where the current shirts are manufactured? [/quote] I seem to remember, when we signed with Xara, that the kits were being made in a small factory in Scotland. If thats still the arrangement then I want to stick with Xara. British Jobs for British People and all that.   Why the hell we would want to all wear Nike ticks I dont know:- Scallies: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pqyU2z-FJr8  *Sponsored by Nike* [/quote] I think all the current shirt from xara is made in Eygpt as I know....
  15. I don''t think xara is cheap brand but if you compare with them to adidas and nike, xara material was poor quality, especially under the hot and humid weather, you will know it and feel it...:-( Change to Nike or adidas please Norwich City.
  16. IF Aussie player did fit Chippy''s bill, please sign Josh Kennedy, the kind of striker we needed
  17. [quote user="ohh uhh lee power"]Also see Big Malky is in the picture as well........true legend!![/quote] Yeah, we miss you Malky!!!
  18. The players we have can capable to play sweeper: Drury, he seems played a bit when Malky in the team, plenty of experience there. Spillane, seems he will have play the ball ability but lack of experience, worth a try
  19. [quote user="ROBFLECK"]He''s got experience and can be a good asset in league one. I would keep him on board.[/quote] Absolutely agree. Got to know we will have more young players in the team and he, Adam Drury and Darel Russell were much needed to stay at the club.
  20. Everyone let''s face it. Next season we are in the League One, please try to accept it, and don''t say we are too big in this league or we don''t deserved to be here. What we had to do is we had to back the club, back the team, back the player hopefully it''s the youngsters, and back us to going up in 2010/2011, or further later. Norwich City is playing in League One at 2009-2010 season, cannot change, accpet it please.
  21. [quote user="Jim Kent"]Surely the fact that he is releasing players early and planning pre-season tricks to Scotland suggest he already has the job. Also I simply cannot believe they would have brought in Crook and Butterworth for the sake of a few months. I understand most fans would like a new man appointed, but I think that debate is pointless, because Gunn will be allowed to carry on no matter what happens on Sunday.[/quote] I will fully support Gunny be the main man if he give the chance for the youngsters next season, and did not keep wasting money to buy other team''s reserves players
  22. The Hong Kong based Norwich City supporter club, "Hong Kong Canaries" will together listen Ipswich vs Norwich through Canaries World, on this Sunday start from 7pm (game kick off at 7:45pm) at the Mariners Club at Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong. After that we will watch last season season review together on DVD. Hope we will have some joy at the end of the night!!! :) I will keep update our function and photos on-line.
  23. Hi all, Hong Kong Canary there. It''s confirmed the derby will not be LIVE on TVP Payvision, the channel which LIVE all selected Championship game in Hong Kong. I doubt any TV channel or internet source will have this game LIVE. Listen the game on the internet is the only only source you can follow the game.
  24. It''s an old question but still who can give us a clear answer? Yeah it''s silly to compare with Hucks and Beckham, but we see Beckham did go on loan from LA to AC, and now will be looking for a permanent deal. Of course I never doubt Hucks''s loyalty to Norwich City, but what I think first is about the wages. Well we all know Hucks is the highest earner for Norwich City for last few seasons, will he able to earn more in the MLS? I really don''t know. Alright we bought it 5 loan players during last month, but I would think if we are bringing them and use this amount of money to bring Hucks back or loan or something else, would it be possible? Did the club of the board try their best to persuade Hucks back? Or did Delia ask Hucks, "the fans need you back to save us from the relegation dog fight!" Did she ask that?
  25. Everyone seems to slam the decision about the board appointed Gunny be the manager, but all we know he was inexperience and possibly no experience or coaching badges, he had the job only before the end of this season. If I didn''t remember wrong, Gunny did say one of the reasons he can get the job was because of Chippy. So, Chippy would be the more important man for us to stay up, or on the other way if we are down, he would be the main man to blame, but not Gunny... Think yesterday we did have patience to play passing football in the first half...
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