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  1. Yes I was there also , why on earth were you there? Lol bit odd would never find me even step foot in Norwich as a place (unless we are playing there) let along go to one of your games did you not notice that we were camped in their half for almost all of the second half ? Our goalkeeper was nearly on the half way line for chunks of the second half , they scored a 4th goal on the break as we were committing everyone forward. Talking about crowds how did it feel to see a big crowd ? 29,600 the type of attendance you could but only dream about
  2. I seem to revel in not paying debts ? Lol to my knowledge I don’t have any debts outside of my mortgage so not sure what you know that I don’t ?
  3. Well beaten ? Lol a one goal loss In a game that we had more possession , more shots and more corners than them ? You really love twisting reality don’t you ? McKenna felt we were the better side today personally I felt Leeds deserved to edge us out but considering the disparity in the cost of the two squads we have to Be very encouraged about what lies ahead this season
  4. How much did the Leeds squad cost to assemble? £50-£80million I don’t know but a lot they paid £10m for one player alone only last week , on their day if they get it right they will beat anyone in the league. I would still back us to finish ahead of you (interestingly so do the bookies still)
  5. Ok well let’s see , we need a striker and maybe one more defender this week on loan and we will be fine , £100 charity bet that we finish higher than mid table ?
  6. I’m here don’t worry , fantastic game today between two very good championship sides who are both likely to be in the upper echelons of the league this season , considering we were two leagues below them last season and they have £40 million worth of attacking players there was very little between the two sides today as the score and stats would suggest, I would say we should be even more confident than we were before the game of the season ahead as we know we can go toe to toe with the best sides in the league and I doubt we will play many teams as good going forward this season than Leeds Very good win for Norwich as well today I think you should also be in the top 6 this season and look to have some good attacking players
  7. I may not be in the majority on this but I don’t mind the odd binner coming on here but do have a couple of criteria I use to judge them. 1) are they here for genuine accurate and friendly debate? The jury’s out on this one so far. You do seem to have had a rush of blood to the head after scraping second place last season and winning your first three games this. Playing the “history” card immediately loses you 10 credibility points, as does claiming fantastic ticket sales which actually only happen when you’re winning. 2) only posting when things are going well. Will we see you again at the end of the season no matter how results have gone? If you’re not big (and confident) enough to commit to this, then you can do one. We will still be here, will you be? I doubt it. I will still be here don’t worry , we will be in the top 6 all season I would think anyway but if we’re not then fair enough ! I also think Norwich will make the top 6 this season , my reference to history is in response to being classed as a small club , simply stating that we have a much better history and bigger crowds now we are in the same league so therefore you must also be a small club ? In reality both clubs are big clubs for this division
  8. Where were we in league 1? We averaged over 26,000 at home in league 1 and sold out every away game before pre sale as we will do again this season
  9. We have signed him as a back up defender so as a squad player will be a great addition
  10. When you say Small club , I wonder how you would then describe Norwich who achieve smaller crowds both home and away from home and have had far less success than Ipswich in their respective histories ?
  11. We went up because we won something stupid like 14 games in a row , Sheffield weren’t good enough last season and clearly aren’t good enough this season and will almost certainly get relegated
  12. It was far to long ago I agree but I would be totally amazed if we don’t win at least one of them this season
  13. Best CEO we have had in the 30 years I’ve supported the town , top class bloke and very good at his job indeed
  14. 3 actually but not just this season but last , don’t worry they won’t go up there run will end , they still have to go away to Derby (win) , Peterborough (win) , Bolton (win), Barnsley (win) etc etc its true that somebody will beat us again one day , hasn’t happened since January this year but will happen again I’m sure
  15. You right we aren’t the same club at all , we now have the best owners , CEO, Manager & most importantly squad of players we have had since 2002, we sell out every game home and away and our away tickets don’t even make general sale anymore, thank you very much for braking the back of us it was exactly what we needed in order to reset and go again
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